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Finding my Angel: Episode 25

Finding my Angel: Episode 25
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song later in the episode!

Suhani’s PoV:
Finally, my family is happy, I get to be a part of their happiness, a smile of pure gold on each and every one of their faces- Rag’s di and Saurab bhayha, are officially the cutest couple alive, then shone bright red after their first kiss… Their innocence is admirable, I would’ve ran after the three idiots, but why waste my energy explaining to each of them the beauty of marriage, I doubt I will ever see Rags again after this- well hardly see her anyway… I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn around to see the tigers… Our little group who fought with me through thick and thin all of them equally as beautiful.. then I see a new member tagged along and she was shy as first, but I got to talk to her and her name was Shreya- she was a writer, song writer, author you name it she writes it! I am glad to have made such amazing friends on this wild journey in Allahbad; I am distraught it might be coming to an end…


Radha: Suhani! You are looking soo hot! Did Yuvraaj woo you yet!
Shilpy hits her arm playfully: Shhhhh! She doesn’t know look at that look on Suhani’s face! Full of naiveness- if that’s even a word
The whole group laughs, Suhani still numb at Yuvraaj and woo being in the same sentence… Trying to shake off the thought she tries to change the topic.
Suhani: Guys! I didn’t expect you lot to turn upp, it seemed as f you forgot all about me (she pulls a puppy face)
Ayushi and Sana fake gasp and covers their mouth: Offo Suhani baby! We wouldn’t miss this for the world!

They all group hug, and start bickering between them- till Yuvraaj comes and grabs Suhani from behind and rests his chin on her shoulder…

Yuvraaj: Soooooo, can I listen to this gossip (laughing at the sight of suhani, her blood rushing to her face, making her light up brighter than Christmas lights)
Napsha: Suhaniiii, why are you red….

Suhani trying to regulate her breath, and her heart beat, but before she could Yuv sings a song seductively in her ear

(AUTHOR’S NOTE Please play the music, it will give you the feeling that is needed!)

~I saw you talking on the phone~
Making Suhani’s eyes light up at the word’s coming out of his mouth… It clicks to her instantly…

~I knew that you weren’t on your own~
Suhani smiles widens, her cheeks still flustered, she turns her face to Yuv, their noses brush

~But Your stealing my heart away, yeah your stealing my heart away~
She slowly rocks to the lyrics and looks down and his arms tightly wrapped around her waist, her hands automatically over his, their fingers intertwined

She whispers back: “You’re acting like you’re on your own”
Hearing the beat of the song in the background, making her turn her attention to the tigers, who pretend to whistle, making her smile goofily

~But I saw you standing with a girl~
Yuv’s eyes widen in terror and opens his jaw wide, but smirks as he feels Suhani’s hand hit his lightly

~Stop trying to steal my heart away, Stop trying to steal my heart away~
Suhani lifts her head up to Yuv’s looking at him, having the daintiest smile on her face

~I don’t know where we are going, I don’t know who we are~
While saying that, Yuv untwines his fingers with hers and rests his hands on her shoulders, and looks up to the ceiling, with a beautiful diamond chandelier… They both felt as it they lost something when their hands left each other making them both shiver- with cold… But Yuv smiles brightly as he sings the next lyrics out…

~I can feel your heart beat, I can feel your heart beat~
He spins suhani around and lifts her chin up whispers ~He said to me~

~I can feel your heartbeat (Running through me)~
When he said the last part he ran his hand over his chest and moved a lock of hair behind her ear.

~Your heartbeat, feel your heartbeat~
He puts his hand under his blazer and mimics a heartbeat…

Suhani then sings…
~I can feel your heartbeat, I can feel your heartbeat~
She puts her hand over his bopping “heart” a spark runs through both of them making Suhani and Yuvraaj look into each other’s eyes…

~I can feel your heartbeat (running through me), Your heartbeat, feel your heart beat~
Yuvraaj curls his arm around her and pulls her into him, her head on his heart, beating uncontrollably…

~Maybe it’s the way you move… You got me dreaming like a fool, that I could steal your heart away, I could steal your heart away~
He rests his chin on her head, smiling at the trance they are both in…

Suhani them whispers:
~ No matter what it is you think, I’m not the kind of girl to blink, And give my heart away, Stop trying steal my heart away~

She twirls away from him, and struts in a circle around him, Yuv’s eyes darting around, following her like prey…

*Both together*

~I don’t know where we are going, I don’t know who we are~
Suhani then sticks her hand out trying to reach out to Yuvraaj, but Yuv steps towards her and places her hand on his chest, and traces his finger along her jawline singing

~I can feel your heart beat, I can feel your heart beat, I can feel your heartbeat (Running through me)~
Suhani looks down shyly and sings her part to the chorus,

~I can feel your heart beat, I can feel your heart beat, I can feel your heartbeat (Running through me)~
They both look up at each other, Suhani gets his hand and makes him place it on her chest, red leaked into his cheeks as she nervously smiled and bites her lip

Both of them harmoniously sing
~Stop stealing my heart away, stop stealing my heart away, stop stealing my heart away, You’re stealing my heart away~
Their hands link back with each other as they sway and spin to the music, forgetting the words to the rest of the song to the crowd that has gathered around then- singing instead…
~I don’t know where we are going, I don’t know who we are, it feels like we are flowing, high above the stars…~

The rest of the lyrics are sung by the crowd, following lyrics that had been handed out to them by the tigers, giving an atmosphere of togetherness, and most importantly love…

The song comes to an end with the final lyrics sung by the lovers, whispering into each other’s ears
~Your heartbeat, your heartbeat~
Suhani slowly rests her forehead on Yuv’s shoulder and lets out a sigh through a warm smile…

Thank you she whispers and her eyes shut, making Yuv push a small smile through his lips, the crowd starts clapping wildly and the tigers come running up to them and give them a group hug…

Rags: well guests hope you enjoyed the show *she looks over at the group hug* well now.. the bouquet throwing ceremony!

Everyone cheers in excitement…

Precap: The bouquet throwing ceremony…

Well guys, A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG episode, just before my school starts on Tuesday, I hope you lot enjoyed! I actually really like this chapter as it has one of the most amazing songs by one of my favourite artists~ Enrique Iglesias!
Please do comment opinions, hopefully u didn’t skip through the lyrics lol xD I will include Yuv’s PoV of the dance in the next epi!

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