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fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 33

Thank u so much guys… for the constant support… without doing much bak bak lets start wid the episode…
The link of previous epi:

Episode 32


Epi 33:
Kunj gets out of the car with the lady and twinkle was shocked…. the lady was kinda “chipku” wid kunj… twinkle cud hardly see her face..bt it was evident that she was close to him..
T: now who the hell is she??..pata lagan a padega.. par itni raat ko…kya karu… ummm maa se bolu.. nhi… i guess i will do something tmrw..
She goes inside…
On the other hand kunj introduces the lady as his old friend..who is now his business partner….her face is revealed… (vrushika Mehta…sharon from D3)
K: bebe..maa she is kritika …. kritika… ma and my bebe..
Kr: Namaste aunty.. Namaste bebe… (goes and touches feet)
Bebe: khush raho..

K: bebe… kritika will stay wid us for few days..since she is having problem in getting a proper house…
Usha: no problem..
Bebe: yeah..its good.. dono ek saath kaam kar pauge..
Kr: jee (smiling)
Usha: kunj..jaa use uska karma dikha de…
K: haan..
They all leave…
Meanwhile twinkle was peeping from the door and listening to them….
T: ab yeah kya nya drama h?? Twinki kuch toh karna padega..
The next morning..
Kunj and kritika were leaving for office ..twinkle saw them from her balcony… then she nodded her head…

A few mins later twinkle is shown entering sarna mansion… bebe gets excited to see her..
Bebe: arey..twinkle??
T: ji bebe
Bebe: puttar tu aagyi..
T: haan bebe..ghar ki bahu kab tak ghar se bahar rhegi..
Bebe: bahut achha kiya.. chal aja..
She comes in
Later that day (evening)
Kunj enters his room.. not realising twinkle was sitting there…he carelessly goes in.. opens his cupboard takes out his night clothes and was about to change when he sees twinkle…
K: aaaaaaa…. tum??
T: chilla kyun rhe ho??
K: tum yaha..aise.. i mean..

T: haan toh yeh mera bhi ghar h…
K: ghar chor na faisla bhi tumhara tha..
T: haan…par mujhe samajh nhi aarha tha maa ko kya bolu.. isliye..aur vaise bhi…2 maihine tak i can stay here right??
K: yeah…as u wish…
He goes to the washroom…
Twinkle sits down on the bed…and thinks…
Screen freezes…

No precap

Guys i knw m late and the epi was short too… bt please comment… i will try to post more updates this week end… and… next week i have my practical exams so i will be busy.. hope u understand…do cmmmt love u all.. stay blessed

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