He realized he loves her,she realized she loves him but still why they are going on with thier deal,kunj thought.



Last night when he and twinkle met in the rose garden they both expressed to each other thier true feelings,that they love each other.

Twinkle was the one who said it first,she said that she loves kunj and wants to marry him and then After knowing that his feelings are not one sided kunj also admitted that he loves her.

Kunj took a rose from the garden and gave it to twinkle,but when he was giving it to her a thorn pricked his finger but ignoring it he proceeded and gave twinkle the flower but again the same thorn pricked twinkle’s finger.

What was the indication he thought at that time but putting aside the thought he hugged twinkle and said to her that Tommorow they will marry each other and after that they will see what to do with alisha and yuvraaj.

-Flashback Ends-

Twinkle was in her haldi ceremony but she seemed unhappy,becouse today she will not be marrying kunj ,they will follow the deal,why this is happening with her when she realized her true love,its being snatched from her.

She remebered how yuvraaj called her and kunj to meet him and what he said still shocks her.


When kunj and twinkle went to meet him yuvraaj told them that he knows about thier confessions and the plans kunj and twinkle are having for thier little paradise after marriage,But he won’t let that happen.

Twinkle gets shocked and asks yuvi how he knows about it?

Yuvraaj said that He know her each and every move.

Twinkle says now yuvi as you know everything so I would like to make it clear that I want to marry kunj and I am very sorry but I realized who my true love is.

Yuvraaj started laughing loudly and says Do you think I would let that heppen twinkle,he holds her by her shoulders and says You are only mine,Kunj comes inbetween and removes yuvraaj away from twinkle.

Kunj says Yuvraaj stay from twinkle and why don’t you understand that She loves me not you.

Yuvraaj says It dosent matter if she loves me or not but she is mine and I will not let her marry you,and if she marries you then I will destroy twinkle’s family and shows kunj some papers which have twinkle’s and her mother’s signature.

Kunj takes the paper and reads them the papers states that all the property of Taneja’s will be tranfered in the name of luthra’s.

Kunj is shocked to see the papers,twinkle comes and takes the papers from kunj she is also shocked to read them.

Yuvraaj says twinkle if you want to save your family then you will break this marriage and you will marry me and the time you will marry me I will burn these papers.

-Flashback Ends-

The haldi ceremony gets over and now its time for twinkle to go and get ready for the Not to be completed marriage.

-After few hours-

Kunj was now ready but he felt empty inside,he must have been happy but whatever yuvraaj said to them and after the decision he and twinkle took collectively,they have to do this.

They cannot let twinkle’s family sufffer due to thier life,they cannot be selfish.

Now kunj realized what was the meaning of the thorns pricking him and twinkle ,the rose was the symbolism of love but the thorns conveyed that not every love story gets completed.

Every story has roses some without thorns but this love story had thorns.

Kunj took a deap breath and left for the venue even after bieng aware of the Storm that was coming.

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