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Endless love ff 4

Thank u guys for ur support. Lets go to story….

The new few days had ups & downs. All the days r miserable. The down was nightmares. They were getting worse and worse. It makes me awake screaming from them. This result in me sleeping through classes and almost every break. Now i spent my times with Abhi, Ishani and Ranveer. Tey were starting to get worried abt me. Although Abhi semed more concerned & worried the most. “Wat’s wrong with u, pragya” this was his most said lines i these days. Ranveer used to flirt with many girls. He used to laugh at my helplessness so i didn’t considr him


I was always sleeping and i rarely talk to ishani. She consider me as her frd. As usually i was sleeping in my art class. The nightmares came and awoke up in started. I was shivering becoz of the dream. Abhi is siting near me. A: r u okay? I noddes sleeply. A: will u tell me wat’s going on-wat is bothering u?. P:u know, u don’t always need to know wat is happened. I didn’t like to tell him wat was happening with me. It was annoying. Then i continue my sleep but i am afraid of dreaming the nightmares. He laid his hands on my shoulder. But i remove his fingers from my shoulder. My eyes r struggled to keep open. The only thing i could wish for is tat i won’t hav one of my terrifing dreams & wake up screaming during class. I leaned down and laid my head on the desk. I struggled to keep my eyes open and i heard someone calling my name” Pragya arora, answer my question”said teacher. She was waiting for my answer. A: group of seven. He whispered quietly near me. Teacher: answer my question or leave the class. P: i think i’ll leave the class. ur class is boring or else i would hav been paying attention. I pushed my chair and went outside. All r seeing me in surprise. Abhi observed me with wide eyes. He knew me better tan any one else her since he’d been hanging around me.

I ran to rest room and wash my face. But i feel dizzy and feel on the floor. I felt some one holding me from falling down”pragya pragya”. It’s abhi.
A: pragya r u okay?
P: abhi. He looked at me in surprise.
P: wat r u doing here abhi. U know tis is girls rest room.
A: i don’t see any other girl here besides u. Wen i saw tat u didn’t go home afr class i thought something might hav happened to u.
P:tat doesn’t make a difference. I really don’t know why u r so concerned abt keeping me out of rouble. It’s not hobby worth. I am telling u right now don’t worry urself over me. I can take care of myself.
A: oh,yes i can tell from ur wounss. U got urself beaten up half to death.
P:why does tat matter? Iam alive or not.
A: no tat’s not all tat matters pragya, u can’t just roll over and take things like tat even if u choose not to fight get someone to help u.
P:but i hav no one. If i yell for help no one would answer. Ihav no frds no one like me not even the staff would help me if i screamed for help so as u can see Abhi. I hav no one. A:u hav me,Ranveer,Ishani.
P:u guys r not my frds. There r many popular guys in the clg. U shouldn’t hangout with me becoz u should be popular. U will leave me as dust. I hav no intention of getting to attached to u tat u will leave me anytime.
A: i’m going to be ur frd pragya whether u like it or not.
I don’t understand first. Then i realised tat abhi has slowly pulled me out of my depressed state. I slowly got up and went to my car & drive to my home. There r many emotion flowing in my mind.

I supress my emotions and I entered home and saw sindhu was angry on me. S: how could u say tat to ur teacher. She didn’t care abt it but she was just happy tat she finally has reason to take all her angry on me. She slapped me across my face. The punches and kicks really started to rain on me. Since there r many wounds everywhere. She was beating me to bl**dy pulp. I felt extreme pain& dizziness. Blood was coming from nose and mouth. She kicked harder and fell down. I was pressed against the bottom of stairs. There was severe pain in my ribs. My breathe become uneven and find difficult to breathe. I fell unconsious there itself.

It was morning. I looked at my state and it became worse. I slowly crawl to my room. I fell difficult to walk i searched the pain killer tablet and swallowed five tablets. It was little relief to me. I saw myself in mirror. I carefully and slowly lifted my top which is sticky to my body. My eyes got widen as i lifted it higher & higher. I stopped it just bfr chest. I took a tensor bandage and roll over my rib cage. I tried not to make a sudden movement or give pressure. I should becgoing to doctor. But wat reason i could tell him. I should tell them i fell from stairs. They won’t believe it and many complications r there so It’s better i roll my whole body with tat bandage. Now it’s time to clean my wounds. I was done trying to make myself look presentable. I thought to take pain killers with me but it is over. I hav to go clg bfr tat i hav to go to shop to buy medicines. I moved towards my car & it took 15 minutes to reach my car. I started the car & went to store. I got the 5 bottles of medicines. He was looking at me strange.

I arrived the scl parking. I got out of my car. Abhi & ishani came near me. His eyes were focusee on me & he was looking a little confused. Ranveer is fliting with a girl. Ishani was looking little upset . The pain was over powering me so i thought to take some more pain killers. He tried to see my face but i turned my head in opp.direction. he stopped me and stand infront of me but he was cautious to not touch me. I had my arms wrapped around me tightly. A:pragya,r u okay?his voice reflect the worry abt me. P: can we plz start walking again? Don’t make a scene. I sais in angry and threatening

A:i won’t make a scene if u tell me wat’s going on with u later in privacy.
P:right see u later. He said something in ishani’s ear. She nodded to it. She went away.p: why aren’t u going witg her?
A: i don’t hav to go to with her. U hav something to tell me.
P: i hav to go to office. A: i need to get form so i will come with u.
P:i am going to rest room so don’t follow me.
A:i will wait forvu here u go to restroom it was awkward but thee is no way otherwise he will find the truth. I went to rest room & drop my bag & took pills & gulped it down. Suddenly i heard a voice”pragya, wat r u doing here?”it is tina. P: wat do u think i do in the rest room. Mind ur own business. Leave me alone. I am warning u. I waz surrounded by her gang. They pushed me forward roughly into another person. I guess no one had a heart. The rate they pushed me is faster & faster & harsher & harsher. The pain had started to become unbearable. I feel down in the floor. My breathing came rough. I found i couldn’t getvany air to my lungs. I began to choking . “How dare u” a voice heard behind me and all of the sudden a sound was heard tat something hit the floor hard. “Wat du u do to mi?” I heard tina speaking as if she was drunk. I was fighting to breathing. “Pragya,pragya” someone screamed my name but i couldn’t open my eyes. A:ishani,wat am i supposed to do? U know i can’t do tat…..iam afraid tat it i’ll.. I:move over. U can do it. We don’t hav time to argue. Do wat u how to do. I felt someone lift & kept me down.A: try CPR. I felt ice cold lips at my mouth & air enter my body & the hands started pumping my chest ups & downs. I was little concious.
I: call the ambulance. A: just lift up her sweater. I could hear my heart slowing. There won’t be enough time. A: hold on pragya. He whishpered fiercely and sadly in my ears.
I:if u can do tat. .
A:no trust me(he said it in anger)watever i need to see the wound.. unwind the bandage. Tis would be really humilating if i was in concious. I felt tat last of the bandage was unwind and i heard wat i expecting. A surprise and disgusting sound was heard. I felt a hands stroke my face softly, the cool ice fingers feel nice in my hot skin.”wat happened to u” he whispered. Tat’s wen i think my heart gone.

No precap. Hav a nice day. God bless u all.

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