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Endless love ff 1

Hai guys. I am silent reader of ur ffs. I am inspired of ur ffs. I read a story i like it and so i thought to write tat story as a ff with slight change. My inspiration is suha si i misss u very much sister. I know she is always with us. I dedicate it for u di. Thank u surbhi di for ur information. I do not know to write a ff so i make a mistake pls forgive me. Let go the story.

The windows r opend and a girl is seen sleeping in her bed. The clod wind enter the room and the sun light is seen lightly. The girl is no other than our pragya.


I woke up everyday by the cold wind and warm climate. We r living outside the city. I like it very much. But 2day i hav no mood to enjoy. Now my life is nothing to me becoz the only person i could talk to is no more (my dad) . He was passed away few months back. He was saviour from many things. Mainly my mom Sindhu. After his death my life became horrible. I stopped grieving over my papa’s death few months before only. My mom is like evil in stories. She usd to scold me and beat me from my childhood. She told me tat i spoiled her life. She thought to do abortion wen she got to know tat she is pergnant but my papa stopped her. So she hate me to core. The one person who save me from her is also no more. It become very easy for her to torture me. I streched my body it pains becoz the wounds r tender. I went to fresh up. I like to hear music, read books and going to school. So tat i can escape from sindhu. I jumped into my warm bath tub & releaxed myself. The wound ached but i used to it. Then i changed my clothes & put eyeliner and covered my wound and rushed outside. My room is smaller than the kitchen. I rushed outside bfr i get scolding from sindhu. I started my car & rushed to school.

Though i drive fast i reach late to school. My favourite class r art, english & biology. First class is english. Already mam was there. I go inside & sit in my usual last corner seat. The class started. I bored to these class becoz i read all these class books.

Then a new boy entered into the class. He came inside & sat near my bench. I was surprised becoz no one like me. I hav no frnds and all teaae me and i don’ t cared abt it. He was staring at me weirdly. I hate tis attention. Tina saw us. She was one of the spoil brat. Many boys r after her. She hate me for no reason. I also agree it becoz i do not like attention. Till the end of the class he was staring at me for every 5 minutes. I was angry of him and waiting impatiently for the class to over.

Atlast class was over. I ran to canteen got my food & sat at a corner place & startd to play with my apple. The new guy entered into canteen. Tina stood came befr him , “hai Tina”. He said ” Abhi”. Tina,”could u join with us”. Abhi,” yes sure”. I feel pity for him . She dumped many boys now he was her prey. My thoughts r end by the sound of the scl bell.

Then i went to my art class. I sat in my corner last bench. He sat with Tina. I thought tat i escaped from him. But he continue to stare at me. I took a paper & began to scribble something. Teacher asked me question i couldn’t answer the question becoz I didn’t listen his teaching. She asked me to concentrate on class. But i ignore it and continue to draw. I thought he will not stare at me. But i was wrong. He stared at me while he was with Tina. Tina got angry on me.

Next class is my biology. I was standing in the lab. Tina came near me. Tina,”what r u doing?”
Pragya,”what r u asking?”
Tina,” why r u staring him?”, Pragya,”who?”, Tina,”Abhi”
Praģya,” I am not staring him”, Tina,”don’t pretend to be innocent. I know everything Pragya”. Pragya,”u know my name” & laughed smirkly. Tina,”don’t change the topic. Don’t ever come near him. Better stay away him”. Pragya,”don’t worry Tina, tat won’t be a problem , trust me”. Tina,” fine”. Then they started to continue their biology class.

Guys tat’s all for today i think u like it. If possible comment to tis ff all ur rotten eggs and tomato r welcomed Hav a nice day. Love u guys God bless u with all happiness. Stay happy and make others happy.

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