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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bindu sat beside bed where Raja was asleep and caress his head saying he can do anything to be with him.
The next morning, Kaal was getting his photo shoot with the reporters. The minister says their photos will send a positive message. Amrita joins them, Kaal calls Raja and hugs him. Raja reminds he is left with 12 days only to name the property after Rani, else he would call another press conference. They ask about Rani, one of the reporters share they have heard Rani left the palace two days after wedding, she came to palace for Teej but left without participating in the Pooja; how would Kaal keep a country united if he can’t handle his family well.
Jeewan comes to classroom and asks Rani what condition is she in. Rani replies she only wants to focus on studies during


exams. Raja enters the class from behind, Rani looks towards him when he doesn’t, then he watches Rani when she isn’t. He then sketches Rani’s portrait. The exam begins, Raja mocks Rani calling her Champu. Rani forbids him to speak at this time, Raja keeps a finger over his mouth. Rani’s mouth drops, Raja holds it for her. She speaks to Raja complaining, the teacher comes to taunt Rani about doing their personal talk in the class, the class can wait. When the teacher leaves, Rani complains Raja for not telling her that the teacher was there. After the class, Rani goes to hide somewhere no one can find her. She comes into library, Raja drags her behind a wall while she resists. He says watching her this way makes it more difficult to stay away from her. Rani says she doesn’t understand what he wants, he wanted her to leave the house first, and now wants to get close to her. Raja utters he has been close to her, as he removes her glasses, and undo her hair braid. He speaks, she looks beautiful in any condition.
There, Kaal comes to college, he asks Meenu about Rani. Meenu tells him she went towards library. Raja tells Rani he would have to punish her if she teases him again, his punishment would be… he bends to kiss her. Jeewan drops some books nearby, withdrawing their attention. Raja curtly leaves Rani, then turns to see no one was there. Shashi comes to talk to Raja.
Kaal enters the library, Rani touches his feet. Kaal says today it’s a father who came to meet his daughter in law, he feels no matter what the issues are but wives should stay at home and try to solve it. Rani apologizes as she can’t return. Kaal tells Rani that people are laughing over them, people use petty matters of royal families against them. Raja comes from behind saying this would never happen. He walks towards him curtly asking what he is speaking to his wife about. Rani would return home only when her exams are over, and all the conditions of her return have been fulfilled. Rani reminds Raja that Kaal is his father, he must behave with respect. She complains that Raja doesn’t value any relation, not just the relation of wedding. Kaal asks Rani to return soon, but Raja tells him Rani won’t listen to someone who beats his wife. He announces in front of everyone that the bruises over Amrita’s body are actually gifts from him. Rani confirms if this is true, Kaal leaves without replying. Rani holds Raja’s arm which he jerks to leave.
Rani stops Raja outside asking if his childhood was so tough, he has witnessed so much pains when others were playing. Raja curtly replies she has nothing to do about it. Rani says she has to, because he is involved. He turns to leave, Rani assures he isn’t alone in this fight. Raja shouts she left him alone, she loves him when she wish for, then she moves away. Rani asks if it’s she or is he making her worried, he had promised to stay away but last night he came to trouble her… Raja asks trouble, when he moved close to her she didn’t back up. Today, he also promises from today he won’t trouble her, hug her or come close to her, until she begs him for it. He leaves.

PRECAP: Kaal comes to crying Amrita asking if she think Raja can save her. He holds a stick to beat her, Raja points a gun towards Kaal and pulls the trigger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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