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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Raja dances with Rani among the bunch of students. Rani wants to speak to him, Raja curtly says she herself said they have nothing to speak. He leaves.
The next morning, in palace guests were asking about Raja and Rani. Bari Rani Maa makes up that she has gone to get ready. Kaal murmurs if Rani doesn’t come today, he won’t leave Raja and Rani alone.
Raja puts a phone receiver aside, and tells Jeewan in the room if wife has to convey something to husbands they never need a lawyer. Rani was worried for Amrita, and wonders if she must go to palace or fulfil his promise with Raja.
Rani arrive at the palace, Kokilla greets her at the door. Rani goes to get the thaal of pooja, Raja regrets this from upstairs, he drags her aside and ask why she came here. She tells Raja


she had to speak to him, Raja tells her if she wanted to say she miss him too. Rani tells him she didn’t come for him, she came for Maa. She is really injured, there are a number of bruises over her forehead, arms and back. There is surely something wrong with her. Raja tells Rani to leave, her husband doesn’t need her; they had already promised not get together till exams. Raja leaves. Rani’s hand had been dipped in a bowl of henna.
Raja headed towards Kaal’s room, where he was disgracing Amrita and was about to slap her again. Raja hold his hand from behind, Kaal questions if he has turned into a man and would stop Kaal? He couldn’t stop his wife even. Raja slaps Kaal over his face, and warns him not to raise hand over his mother again else he would have to lose his life. A wife isn’t a slave, she is a companion; there real man is one who gives her an equal status rather than beating her. He takes Amrita along. Bari Rani Maa and Jeewan also leave the room. Kaal thinks Raja would have to hear the echo of this slap all his life.
In the hostel, Rani watches her hands colored in henna. She recall when before her wedding she was upset about henna, Raja had assured to be with her whole of her life. Meenu brings her food to break the fast, Rani denies as she doesn’t want to. Raja speaks from the room that relation of husband and wife is that of heart, he heard what’s in the heart. Rani asks Meenu to leave, she doesn’t want to speak to him. Raja questions why is she fasting, he comes to terrace and warns Meenu she must leave, else she would really be ashamed of what he would do with his friend. Meenu leaves at once, Raja holds Rani back saying nobody should come between a husband and wife. Rani reminds he had brought a third person between them. Raja assures that right now, there isn’t a third person between them right now. He requests her to eat, he was touched she is fasting for him in spite of all the pains he gave her. Rani denies having fast for him. He asks if it’s for Jeewan then, Rani slaps him. Raja stares at her, then allows her to slap on the other cheek as well. She then hugs him wondering why he tease her. Raja cups her face, and kiss her forehead as he has a right over her, to tease her, make her cry and would love her as well; because she is his wife. He gets closer and kiss her. Rani tells him she is still very angry at him, he kiss her shoulder saying he know. They hear some girls laughing outside the window, Rani moves towards them. Raja holds her behind telling her nothing changed between them, they can begin this fight all over again but for now he is really hungry. He tells Rani he hasn’t eaten anything since morning, Rani opens her mouth to speak when Raja stuffs a bite into her mouth.
Raja turns to leave, Rani says he can go from the door as he is her husband. Raja says he would return where he came from, she must let her friends guess what he has done to her.

PRECAP: Kaal comes to take Rani home. Raja announces that Rani is an innocent girl, she won’t listen to a man who harasses his wife. Rani was shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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