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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Priyanka and Aryan chat sitting in a lawn. Mansoor gives earring and says he found it in car. Priyankya says it is not hers. Aryan says it is Sachi’s, she must have dropped it when he dropped her home. Priyanka taunts Aryan that he notices Saachi’s earrings, bindi, payal, etc…well, what else did he notice. Aryan asks to keep it and send it to Sachi via someone. She says he should keep it and give it to her personally. He says okay. She asks to inform Sachi that her earring is with him. He says okay and picks phone. She says if she should go. He says okay. She laughs and leaves.


Saachi discusses about her meeting with Tanu. Tanu pulls her legs. Aryan calls her and informs that her earring is with him and ask to meet him tomorrow at a mall.

Saachi tells Tanu her earring’s pair is with Aryaan. Tanu jokes earring’s pair is with her pair. Saachi gets shy.

Neelima and Seeta inform Sushanth Diwakar and Prabhath are not at home and looked tensed yesterday. Sushanth says they must have gone to office. Nishanth says he saw papa and tauji going to office and calling someone over phone. At office, Diwakar tries to confince his credictors to lend him some more time to repay loan. Creditors say if he does not repay loan in 1 week, he will be considered defaulter. Diwakar pleads, but they ingore him and leave. Sushanth enters and sees all this. He gets angry on Diwakar why did not he inform about business problems and kept him away from his problems. He starts his emotional dialogues that dad always scolds him and he sees dad’s love in it, but today he made him stranger. Diwakar apologizes.

Saachi and Aryan meet at a mall. Aryan shows her new earring pair. She says it is not hers. He says it is his gift for her and then gives her single one. Their chatting starts. They discuss that they will become sajhedar than couple. They both then walk and see an old sketch artist who says he will sketch their portrait for 200 rs. They stop and ask each other if they are thinking same. Sketch artist says he will sketch them for 150 rs. Aryan says he will give 500 rs if he sketches well. Artist asks them for a titanic pose. They stand and then saachi says why are they standing like old couple, they are sajhedhars than couple. Aryan says yes and stands looking at her face holding her finger. Artist says this is much better and starts sketching.

Sushanth tells Diwakar they should not hide their problems with family members and should inform them.

Precap: Diwakar informs family that he has taken a decision and hopes they will agree to him. Prabhath informs Mittal family that his family has take a tough decision and he came to inform about it.

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