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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Saachi goes to a shopping mall and gets excited seeing Rishi there. She strikes a conversation with him. Seeta and Neelima with Sushanth also reach there for shopping and are surprised to see Saachi with Rishi. Saachi asks Rishi his address as she will send him her engagement card. He says he has some important work and leaves. Saachi thinks what happened to him. Seeta and Neelima meet her and she touches their feet. Sushanth gets a client call and leaves. Neelima and Seeta tell Saachi that they will use her designer capabilities to buy curtains today.


Sushanth reaches office and sees Prabhath looking at accouns. Aryan is also there and asks Prabhath how he does so monotonous work daily. Prabhath says everyone does. Sushanth asks Prabhath to send Mansour to

pick Seeta and Neelima from shopping mall and says even Sachi is with thim. Aryan insists he will pick them Prabhath says he will and do even shopping. Aryan gets sad. Prabhath says he can go. Sushanth says he will go and meet Diwakar and check accounts.

Viren silently keeps someting in cupboard. Kusum catches him and asks what is he hiding. He says Saachi’s favorite items and he wants to treasure them and she will go to her in-laws house soon.

Aryan reaches shopping mall and smiles looking at Sachi. He brings them to parking lot and says someone has to sit on front seat with him. Neelima says she will sit. Aryan gets sad. Neelima says she is joking and asks Saachi to sit on front seat with Aryan. Saachi sits and Aryan stats driving slowly. Saachi says he rides bikes so fast, why is he riding car so slowly. He speeds up and Seeta asks him to slow down. They reach Saachi’s home and Saachi asks them to come in. They say they will some other day and leave.

Sushanth checks accounts and says Diwakar and Prabhath they are under huge losses. Diwakar says accountant made mistake and says he asks account to correct it.

Patni tells his wife that he will destroy Diwakar Sethia by forcing his creditors to recover debt, then Viren Mittal himself will get Sachis alliance for Rishi. Rishi hears that and says he does not want anything illegal as he knows he hates it.

Family drama continues at Sachi’s house. Pandit ji comes and fixes Sachi and Aryan’s engagement date. On the other side, Prabhath informs Diwakar that their Germany client canceled order. Diwakar calls his agent who informs that he is canceling all Indian export orders as his comany is going through financial turmoil. Diwakar says he has made huge investment and will incur huge losses. Agent disconnects call. Prabhath says they are destroyed now. Diwakar says they lost everything. On the other side, Sachi’s family is seen celebrating.

Precap: Diwakar’s creditors give him 1 week to return their debt or they will auction his properties.

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