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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The episode start with Sanchi family discussing about someone’s family. Just than sanchi’s father come and announces that Aryan and Sanchi marriage is again fix. Bua says that how can he do that? He says that I knew that family will not take help from anyone so I helped them with loan amount and they have morgaraed their house till they return money. Bua says that he helped them for one thing but not all time. He says that i do not run behind money but behind values. And request everyone not to tell anything to anybody. Sanchi says that I told my heart thing to you Papa and you did this?? Viren says that when my daughter is happy we all are happy and thanks god while celebrating with sweets.
Aryan’s dadi explains the meaning of maariage in India with Ek Rishta


Shajedari ka. Everyone discuss about the problems they are facing in bussiness and will work as Mittal ji wants and will return money with interest. And thanks God and give examples of Ramayan.
Sanchi and Tannu discuss about Sanchi-Aryan and reason behindd all this. And adding that all misunderstandings are clear. Aryan calls sanchi and they talk about how life is beautiful and all the things happened till now and praises both fathers and families. Aryan quotes that after fight meeting increase love. And ask about meeting but Sanchi denies and say good night to each other. Tannu listens all the talk.

Bua gets call from other family about relation of his boy and sanchi and bua hestitaley says yes and think what to do now? Sanchi informs that she has to go to city mall for knowing about the work. Her brother stops her and ask to do head massage and than everyone gets emotional thinking about her marriage. Sanchi’s brotheer says that either he will go and get it done at her in- laws house or she will come. And everyone smiles with tensed face of bua.

Aryan and his brother discuss about work with e-retails like online sales. Tannu call aryan and informs about being sanchi in city mall. His brother ask him to go, but he denies. Than his brother cutely scolds him and sends. Aryan reaches mall and try to find sanchi. Sanchi strikes with Rishi and they talk about. Rishi talks about their marriage indirectly but Sanchi is unaware of all this and get confuse; and did not get what is rishi is talking about. Aryan sees them and get confused.

Precap- Rishi and her mom buys jewellary for Sanchi and Aryan’s Parents listen to them and get shocked.

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