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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Saachi thinks why can’t Aryan tell reason, why he behaved so well, what must be the reason, etc.. Aryan also thinks about Saachi and feels guilty for breaking alliance without telling her a reason.

Diwakar looks at his house and feels shattered. He reminisces his childhood where his mother tells that house is made of family and family values and not by just brick and mortar.

Vaibhav gets ready for his office and Pooja asks if he is fine now. He says yes. She asks what happened at Sethia’s office. He says after meeting Arya and Sushanth, he realied Sethia family is a good family, there must have a strong reason for not telling a reason of breaking alliance. Saachi hears their conversation and thinks what must be the reason, she needs to know.


sees Diwakar in distress and tries to calm him. He says because of him, they are losing a shelter. She says his presence is most important than a house for her and soon their problems will vanish. Aryan hears their conversation and thinks he has to get family out of their financial turmoil. He gets ready with formal blazer. Priyanka with Sushanth enters and asks where is he going well dressed. He says he is going to meet some online business representatives to see if they can sell their products. Sushanth says his idea is good and says his brother has grown up now.

Aryan leaves home in his car to meet online shopping websites’ owners. Saachi also leaves hhome on her scooter. She stops Aryan’s car and says she needs to talk. He says he cannot and is in a hurry. She asks if he does not have time for her now. He drives car a bit and stops seeing Saachi standing in the middle of road. Rain starts. Aryan comes back and Saachi asks if her family and she did any mistake. He says they are very good people and cannot make any mistake. She insists to tell him reason for breaking alliance then. He finally tellls that they lost a big contract and incurred huge losses, so his family does not want her to come and suffer with them. Saachi is shocked to hear that. Her family get worried for her that she went out without informing in rain. Saachi reaches home and says she had been to meet Aryan. Viren asks if he spoke. Saachi informs his family about Sethia family’s financial turmoil.

Prabhath informs Diwakar that they cannot arrange money by any means to pay their creditors. Diwakar asks to sell their highway land. Prabhath says who will buy it and even if it is sold, they cannot repay creditors much. Family ladies bring their jewelry and asks Diwakar to sell them and repay debt. Diwakar resists. They insist with heavy emotional dialogues. He agrees and pawns them. He repays some of his debt and informs family that creditors agreed to postpone house’s auction for a week. Viren enters and meets everyone with his jovial nature. He then asks Diwakar why did not he tell him about his financial turmoil and broke alliance. Diwakar says he does not want Saachi to suffer with them. Viren says money cannot decide relationships and offers him money cheque. Diwakar says he cannot accept. Viren says just like he considers saachi as his daughter, he cosiders Aryan as his son and is gifting his son. Diwakar does not get convinced and Viren continues convincing him with his emotional words. Daaadi says people will badmouth that Sethia family took dowry. Viren says he will not tell anyone. Diwakar says he will accept money only with a condition that he will keep their house as mortgage and will return papers only after returning money. Viren hesitates but finally agrees.

Precap: Aryan insists Saachi to meet him. She says she cannot. Aryan is shocked to see Saachi with Rishi in a mall.

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