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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Kamini ji says even we are shaken up by what happened here yesterday. I am sure no one slept here today and neither did I. I kept blaming myself for it. Mama ji says why. Kamini ji says it has happened because we dint bother to look carefully. Our families are so smart and sorted yet we couldn’t clear out darkness from our kids’ lives. Our families share very old relations which has taken another turn today as in-laws. None of us could understand Shravan and Sumo. No one knows when Shravan and Sumo’s friendship turned into love. Everyone is taken aback. Kamini ji says Shravan and Sumo love each other a lot. It is true love. Preeti looks happy while everyone else is in disbelief. Kamini ji says we overlooked this fact because of which we and Sumo had to face such bad days. She turns to


Pushkar. Tell everyone about it. Pushkar replies that he isn’t sure. I did feel that ways earlier but then. kamini ji says you could have told us once. Anyways, Preeti will tell. You feel that there is something more than friendship between them? Preeti replies that she never noticed. We should ask them first. Kamini ji nods. We will surely do. I had a doubt already but the way Shravan beat Aditya proves his love for Sumo. No friend does that for another friend. I wish I had taken this step earlier but I wont sit quietly now. I feel we should return the kids their happiness. Unite them int he bond of marriage so they are happy. people don’t forget such things in our society. We might not think this way but society keeps blaming girl even if she is at fault or not. It is difficult to find good grooms for such girls. It will be good if house matter does not go out. The best thing is that they both love each other. I would request you not to tell Shravan about us coming here. He will get upset. I want the kids to be away from any bad feelings, fights or anger. They nod absentmindedly. Preeti hopes her Dadu agrees. Hope Di finds her happiness.

Nanu calls Shravan. I have to talk to you and Sumo asap. Come to Tiwari House right away. Shravan cooks up an excuse. I will come in evening but Nanu insists. He also does not share anything on phone. I will tell when you are here. Come fast.

Sumo wonders what it could be. What must be so important? Prita says it might be related to your wedding. Sumo says Shravan has also been called in. Anyways, I will go. You manage the delivery. Prita assures her about it.

Sumo and Shravan reach at the same time. Shravan asks Sumo what she did this time. Why am I called here? She replies that she also knows nothing. They begin to go in. Shravan is sure he only will be blamed like always. You can do anything but it is shravan who is always wrong. Mami ji asks them to come in as Babu ji is waiting.

Nanu asks Sumo and Shravan to sit. Shravan again asks Nanu what happened. Why did you call us here like this? Nanu says I am more sad than worried as you both never thought me to be your own. I have always told you what’s in my heart. I am Nanu but I always tried to be your friend. I dint know it was all one sided. Sumo denies. what has happened? Nanu says I want to ask you both something. I want direct and honest answer. No, I want to ask something from you. Will you give me? Shravan nods. Nanu says you both never told or showed this but I have come to know this that you both love each other a lot. Sumo and Shravan are shocked. Nanu adds that he knows they keep fighting but elders say love is where fight is. Don’t try to go away from each other because of your silliness. Your bond cannot be broken just because of fights. It still isn’t late. Forget everything and be with each other for life. Get married. Shravan looks at Sumo who is all lost and too shocked to reach. Nanu asks them if they will give what he has asked for. Shravan says you are misunderstanding. There is nothing between Sumo and me. Sumo seconds him. We are only good friends. We were actually. Nanu says I know you both well but you don’t understand that the fights you are giving too much importance today will turn out to be silly ones in future. You will only laugh at it when you will think about it in future. No fight is bigger than love. all my hopes broke down after what Aditya did. Thankfully, God brought your truth before me and stopped me from ending the pious relation you both share. I want you both to understand and respect this fact that you both are made for each other. They try to say something but Nanu leaves the final decision on them. It is your life after all. You will have to keep the bitterness and anger away from your hearts while taking this decision. I am not in a rush. Take your time and tell me your decision tomorrow morning. Sumo and Shravan are in a dilemma.

Sumo and Shravan come out of the house feeling all awkward. Sumo thinks marrying Shravan when we are not even good friends. Will it be right to take such a big decision? Will we be able to make it work? Does he still have the same feelings and respect for me like before? She looks at Shravan who is all quiet. Seems like I only will have to initiate a talk. Shravan leaves in his car before Sumo can say anything.

Kamini ji is speaking to someone on phone. She is anxiously waiting for Shravan to come home. How would I know what he is thinking? Shravan comes in just then. She notices him all lost and worked up. Is everything alright? He denies. She says you can try as much as you want to but you cannot hide it. What happened? where have you been? He says Tiwari House. It is so strange. I don’t know what happened to Nanu suddenly. He called us today and spoke of my and Sumo’s marriage. I was shocked but couldn’t say anything before Nanu. Kamini ji knows how much he loves Sumo. He tries to counter but she does not let him. I read it on face and maybe Tiwari ji also noticed. Point is, two people who love each other should be together only. He tells her to stop. You very well know what I think about Sumo. Don’t start now. I don’t want to talk about her at all. He storms in his room. Kamini ji prods herself to think before Shravan ruins her plan.

Nanu is reading some book when he gets call from Kamini ji. She shows concern for Shravan but Nanu says it is an important decision. I gave them time. We can hope they take the right decision as they only have to be together. She gives him another idea. Shravan respects his father a lot. He never goes against him. He must be thinking about his father’s reaction. He will be able to come to a decision if you will talk to Ramnath Bhaisahab. Nanu says I know. I tried talking to Ramnath first but he is not in town. I will talk to him as soon as he is back. Kamini ji is thrilled. Do talk to him and convince him. I guarantee you Shravan wont say no to you. Nanu agrees. Kamini ji thanks Nanu in her heart as he helped her somehow in achieving her mission.

Precap: Sumo calls Shravan hesitantly. We should talk as we have to announce our decision tomorrow morning. Nanu seeks a promise from Ramnath in Guru-Dakshina. You wont come in between if Shravan and Sumo say yes for the wedding.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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