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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shravan and Sumo are not comfortable with the idea but they comply for the sake of elders. Mausa ji tells Sumo Preeti will come with her clothes and jewellery. Preeti comes just then. She gives Shravan and Sumo their clothes. Mausa ji also leaves to change. Shravan asks Sumo if she finds reasons to see him. She tells him not to give so much importance to him. I would have made excuses to not come here had I known you are here. He says you agreed so easily for photos. She reasons that she married him for Nanu’s sake. photos are no big deal. She leaves to change. Mama ji asks Shravan to change in his room.


Preeti compliments Sumo. Mami ji notices her empty hairline. I told you to get vermilion by Shravan. Where is vermilion box? Sumo tells her to let it be. How does it matter? Mami ji

speaks of their tradition. It is said that if husband puts vermilion then it means he is safe otherwise. Anyways, ask Shravan to do it. Shravan comes to ask them if Sumo is ready. Mami ji nods. She leaves with Preeti.

Shravan asks Sumo to come outside fast and end this drama asap. Sumo tells him about Mami ji saying that married woman’s hairline should be filled with vermilion. Shravan tells her to do it then. She adds that husband has to do that. Shravan stops in his tracks. You have already gotten me into too much. I wont be able to do this. do whatever you have to and come outside.

Mausa ji guides photographer about the photo shoot. Photographer assures him he will click the best photos. Shravan looks at the arrangements. Photographer asks for Sumo who comes just then. Shravan looks at her. She has filled her hairline with vermilion herself. Rachna compliments Sumo on her beauty. Mami ji says she is bound to look beautiful. Shravan filled her hairline with his hands. It is showing its effect. Shravan thinks how unnecessarily Sumo involved him in this.

Tiwari family sits down to have photos with newlyweds. Photographer asks everyone to say cheese but Dabbu points out that it is old now. Now we say Paneer. Everyone smiles. Everyone clicks photo with the couple one by one. Sumo and Shravan turn to go but everyone tells them to stay. It is time for your solo shoot now. They insist upon the couple to stand close and pose. Shravan says I am in a rush to leave. I am already late. Nanu tells him to go later. I have to have your photo with Sumo. Babu Lal has made special arrangement for you both. Mausa ji nods. Photographer asks Shravan to pose with Sumo in titanic pose. Shravan looks confused but then does it. Next, photographer tells them to look in each other’s eyes. they see each other which makes everyone happy. Shravan leaves while still wearing his Sherwani. He takes everyone’s leave. Rachna asks them if they are tired. You look upset after such a great photo shoot. Sumo denies. we should leave.

Shravan and Sumo come home. Pushkar asks them to join them for dinner. Everyone is surprised to see them wearing clothes of wedding. Lala ji says you surprised us today by marrying in court. It seems you really got married today. Preeti shares how Dadu kept photo shoot today. Kamini ji asks them to show them the album too. You both look really cute. Lala ji agrees with her. That court marriage dint make me too happy. I feel they should be married following all rituals properly. Vandy happily cheers for it. Shravan says it is good to make such a mistake once. Who makes the same mistake again knowingly? Everyone laughs it off. Kamini ji says no one knows of your hush hush wedding so I invited some of my friends over. Dress up like this only. Lala ji too says the same. Shravan tells other family members to invite their friends too. Pushkar says everyone knows Sumo. Shravan points out that they don’t know Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. I will call her Mrs. Malhotra only. Sumo looks at her pointedly. Sumo asks Kamini ji if she can request her friends to come in evening. I have to go to PCT for some important work. Kamini ji makes a sad face. I will have to ask everyone. It seems difficult but it is ok. Sumo requests her to try. I cannot avoid work. I will have to go to PCT. Shravan angrily says what’s this PCT. You are Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. You don’t have to go there anymore. How much do you earn there? Everyone looks at him in wonder but he finds it ok. Husband and wife can discuss such things before everyone. He turns his attention to Sumo once again. Tell me how much do you earn in a month? Sumo replies that she earns around 60-70k. Shravan says I will give you that on the first day of every month. I know it means a lot to you because of your mother’s name. Hand it over to Prita. She will take care of it. You have the vermilion of my name now. Act like Mrs. Shravan Malhotra.

Sumo replies that no one becomes a servant of anyone by putting the vermilion of their name. I have my own identity too. You said you will give me that much money? From where will you give me? Will you ask your papa? Your papa only enrolled you in Oxford to study Law. He set a successful law firm for you there to work. He still helps you in your cases. This means you have nothing of your own. You have 0 earnings. Basically, the money you want to give me is your father’s. I started my PCT from scratch. I took it to the stage where investors want to invest to earn money out of it. every penny is my hard work. I appointed every staff member and supported my family till date. Biggest thing is that I am independent. She gets up. I might not have to change my identity for someone else as it is enough. But what’s your identity? Mr. Ramnath Malhotra’s son! This is it right? The way my business is going today, it might go ahead than yours tomorrow. It will be better if you start working hard from now only. Till the time you start earning yourself, don’t ask me to leave PCT again! She tells Lala ji and Kamini ji she will be happy to meet their friends. Please request them to come in evening. I will have to go to PCT in morning. She leaves for her room. Everyone sits there tensed. Kamini ji tries to say something to Shravan but he leaves from there angrily. Ramnath sits worried.

Precap: Shravan says life is turning worse. I will drown all my pains in this. He pours alcohol for himself. Ramnath stops him. There are other ways too. Shravan asks him about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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