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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Everyone asks Sumo where she went to. Is everything alright? Kamini ji acts you could have atleast told someone. Everyone was so worried. Mama ji asks Sumo about her disappearing act. Sumo apologizes to them. I couldn’t tell the reason. I took a mannat after Aditya’s incident. I will do Radhe Krishna’s aarti in Vrindavan if everything gets fine. I went as I am married now. Kamini ji says we could have accompanied you. Sumo adds that she had to go alone as per the mannat. They all buy her logic. They all sit down to eat dinner.


Shravan and Sumo look at each other. I can see the flutter in your eyes whenever you lie. I have seen it since childhood. You can fool everyone but now me. I know you are lying!

Sumo and Shravan are in their room. Shravan asks Sumo to tell him truth.

You lied before everyone. You can tell me the truth now atleast. She tells him to relax. I came to talk to you only. Don’t worry I wont lie to you. I cannot understand why my lie is bothering you. You yourself are so used to lying. He says what you are saying. She shares what he told Aditya. We did everything that husband and wife do? Shravan asks her if she went to meet Aditya. She asks him how many of his friends know this then who will tell her. Important is if you did say this or not? Tell me the truth. Should I take your silence as yes? He leaves it on her to decide. I don’t care. She says fine. I got my answer. I am ashamed to have trusted you so much till date. I thought of you as my friend and you would have insulted me so many times before your friends. I cannot believe it that you can do so! Actually no, I know you can do this. The person who has no respect for women can stoop to any level. I am pained that you joined your name with mine and lowered my standard. I wont even look at you in reality. You can dream on about me but you wont get me. Now that I know your thinking, you are free to say anything to anyone. I don’t care. Remember two things. One, Sumo is no more for you after today. you will only call me Suman. Two, you married me for your father. Understand that I have no interest in seeing you as my husband. I too married you for my Nanu. Pray that he lives long as the day I lose him I will leave this house! Remember this. He walks out of the room. Sumo cries.

Next morning, Kamini ji asks Preeti to call Sumo and Shravan. She asks Ramnath to wait for them. Sumo wasn’t with us yesterday so it is her first day with us logically. We will all eat together. lala ji appreciates her thought. Preeti goes to call the newlyweds. Shravan joins everyone for breakfast. He looks angry. Kamini ji asks him why he looks upset. He smiles and says nothing. I was just tired. Nothing important. Lala ji jokes that it happens with everyone after marriage. Kamini ji nudges at him. Lala ji says it happens with someone else comes in your life. Shravan is about to eat but Kamini ji stops him. We will wait for Sumo. Where is she? Shravan says she must be getting ready. Let’s eat. He asks Pushkar to pass him apple. Sumo joins them. I am sorry to keep you all waiting. I was ready but I switched on the shower wrongly. I had to change. Vandy laughs. Kamini ji tells her to sit down. Shravan gets up and excuses himself. Sumo wants to go to PCT but Kamini ji tells her to have breakfast first. Ramnath is in thoughts.

Nanu is in his room. Mausa ji brings tea for him. I know I look different than Sumo but you will have to accept it. I only made tea for you as everyone is busy. Try it. Nanu says it isn’t only about tea. She used to light up my mornings. She is lighting someone else’s house now. Mausa ji nods. How are they? Nanu says they are fine. But you don’t feel satisfied even if you meet them again and again. I cannot go there every day. Mausa ji says memories wont bother you when you will go to USA. Nanu reasons that memories are made by people and not places. it will all be inside me. Shravan and Sumo married in haste. There is no photo or video. I wanted to hang their wedding photo in my room. It would give me peace that they are atleast before my eyes. Mausa ji tells him not to get upset. I will become your genie. I will do it for you. Nanu wonders how it will happen now. Mausa ji assures him he will bring smile on his face. Enjoy tea, forget everything. Nanu smiles.

Shravan is driving. He thinks of Sumo’s words and suddenly applies brakes. what do you think of yourself Suman Tiwari? How could you think you will decide the future of our marriage? Only I will make decisions related to everything that’s related to me! No one else will do it. He receives a call from Mausa ji. Mausa ji asks him to come to Tiwari House right away. Nanu asked me to call you for some important work. Shravan agrees to come. Mausa ji tells rachna ji to call Sumo too.

Prita asks Sumo where she was yesterday. Shravan also dint know anything. He seemed upset. Sumo says I had some urgent work. Prita nods. He is your husband now. Think of your responsibilities too. Sumo replies that she wont change. It is marriage and not jail. I wont change. Let anyone have any problem with it. I wont change. Rachna calls Sumo, asking her to come home asap. Babu ji said so. Sumo asks her if something happened. Rachna does not tell her anything.

Mausa ji welcomes Shravan. Shravan wants to know what happened. Why Nanu called suddenly? Mausa ji tells him to wait for Sumo to come. Shravan is not at all happy to see her. shravan and Sumo stare at each other unhappily. Mausa ji notices their faces. Nanu asks Sumo why she looks worried to see Shravan here. Did something happen? She denies. actually I dint know you called him here too. I am bit surprised. Why did you call us here all of a sudden? Is everything fine? Nanu asks them to come in. They all go inside.

Everyone is dressed nicely. Sumo asks them about it. Nanu tells Sumo it is your wedding today. what couldn’t happen nicely because of some reasons earlier will happen by these pics now. Only difference will be that the mantras will be replaced by camera clicks. We will bless you in the pics.

Precap: Shravan asks Sumo to come outside fast and end this drama. Sumo tells him about Mami ji saying that married woman’s hairline should be filled with vermilion. Shravan tells her to do it then. She adds that husband has to do that. Shravan stops in his tracks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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