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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shravan comes to his room. Sumo is sleeping. He looks at her and recalls his convo with Little imaginary Sumo a while back. Title track plays as he keeps looking at her emotionally. He sits down near her. He extends his hand towards her but stops. He lies down and falls asleep.


Next morning, Kamini ji notices the liquor bottle. She scolds Bahadur as to why it is still messy. He apologizes for coming late. She asks him if he was drunk last night that he came late. He looks down. She warns him to be careful or she will fire him. He shares that he never drinks. Last night Shravan Sir insisted. She understands that he drank here with Shravan. He apologizes to her. Shravan Sir forced me so I drank a little. She finally leaves him with a last warning. I cannot stand this! She notices Preeti

coming just then. everyone is doing things as per their wish. Preeti apologizes. Pushkar had to go early out of town for some client meeting. I fell asleep afterwards. Shravan had to go but he just got married. Kamini reasons that the one who was supposed to go should have gone. Pushkar also married recently only. Wake Sumo and Shravan for breakfast. Preeti goes. Kamini thinks it is enough Shravan. It was ok till you were spoiling your life but it is about Pushkar now. You will have fun while he will toil hard? I wont let it happen!

Preeti knocks at the door. He asks Sumo to check. Sumo is not there. He thinks it must be Sumo only. She would have gone outside and locked herself. He opens the door and is taken aback to see Preeti. Preeti asks about Sumo. Shravan says she might be in bathroom. He shouts for her but gets no reply. Preeti knocks at the door but the bathroom is empty. Where did she go this early? Shravan is also clueless. Preeti asks him to get ready. I will find Di. Mummy ji looks a little upset. She goes. Shravan wonders where Sumo went.

Shravan joins Preeti and Kamini ji on dining table. She speaks of his last night adventures. Bahadur also came late. Shravan asks about Pushkar and Papa. Kamini ji replies that your father left for office while Pushkar had to go to Agra to go for some meeting. You got married only for a day. He only will have to go then. He has not been married for even a week though but he had to go. Shravan says I will tell papa and Pushkar not to let anything come between my work. Kamini ji appreciates it. When it dint come in Sumo’s way then why should it come in your work. It is her first day after wedding and she is at work. Preeti shares that she just had a word with Sumo. Kamini ji does not find it right that Sumo went to work the next day after marriage. We have given her all freedom but we too have some traditions to follow. Everyone ate breakfast separately and left for work. Shravan apologizes to her. Kamini ji says I meant such a happy family comes together after a lot of difficulty. I want everyone to be happy together. I want to give all my 3 DIL’s their responsibilities but situation seems different here. Shravan assures her things will happen her way only. I will make sure about it. Sumo will have to walk on the right path. He excuses himself. Preeti is in thoughts. Kamini ji smirks.

Shravan comes to his room. He calls Sumo but there is no reply. Ridiculous! One day of marriage and you already showed your colours! She again does not respond to his calls. You don’t care about anyone but you. You don’t care about anyone’s feelings. Fine with me!

Ramnath is in office. He thinks of Shravan telling him he married Sumo for his sake (in return of his Guru Dakshina) and of Nirmala ji’s words. He is really tensed and is sweating heavily. He receives call from a client. The client is worried for his case. Ramnath tells him not to worry. Shravan is handling your case. It is in best hands. Client tells him about Shravan’s marriage. Ramnath explains that Shravan’s personal life is separate than professional. You can count on him. He is my son after all. Client agrees but also reasons that Shravan’s life is too unplanned. I want you to handle my case. Ramnath tries to convince him but the client refuses to let Shravan handle his case or he will go to another lawyer. Ramnath agrees. Client thanks him. Take care of Shravan. He has changed a bit. Ramnath nods. Don’t worry. I will. He ends the call. There is a knock on the door. Peon brings water for ramnath. Ramnath asks him to ask Shravan to meet him here. Peon shares that Shravan isn’t here yet. Ramnath is taken aback. It is almost noon. He is still not here? Peon leaves. Ramnath sits there worried.

Shravan gets Tiwari ji’s call. Nanu says it is the first day of your and Sumo’s life and I am disturbing you. Shravan says you are our Nanu. You can call us anytime. Nanu is missing Sumo. I am not used to staying without her. I thought you will be together on the first day of marriage. Make me talk to her if she is around you or ask me to call her. Shravan lies to him about some puja at home. I will make her call you as soon as she is free. Nanu agrees. Tell her I miss her a lot. Shravan feels bad. Ramnath ji hears their convo. He asks Shravan to come in. How are you? Shravan says I am ok. You look tensed. Ramnath asks Shravan why he lied to Tiwari ji. Where is your wife? Shravan replies that he does not know. She is not at home since morning. Her phone is also not reachable since morning but that’s ok. Why do I care where she goes or does whatever! I have no interest in it. Ramnath ji calls it wrong. Earlier it was different but now you are married. Truth wont change. Sumo is today Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. It is your responsibility to make sure she is safe wherever she is. Shravan says you know I only hate her. I cannot stand her. our relation is only of hatred.

Precap: Kamini ji asks about Sumo. Shravan is taken aback. She is still not home? He tells Pushkar Sumo left for PCT early morning. I had a word with Prita afterwards. She said she left in the morning only after she got a call. She is not home still.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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