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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shravan says Sumo has promised me we can do whatever we want once she becomes Mrs. Malhotra. He walks up to her. Am I right Mrs. Malhotra? She looks at him. She thinks he made such a big thing like marriage a formality for his ego and anger. Mami ji says it is ok. Take blessings of elders. Shravan asks Sumo to join him. Sumo and Shravan seeks blessings of everyone. Nanu blesses them to be happy and together always followed by Mami ji and Mama ji. Nanu asks them what they have planned next. Is another shock left? Shravan replies that a lot is going to happen now that the marriage has happened. I am talking about vidaai. He tells Sumo to pack her bags. Sumo looks pointedly at him. Mami ji sends Preeti and Sumo to pack.


Shravan gets a call from his papa. I gues he got the news of marriage.

He goes aside to talk to him. Ramnath asks him if he really had court marriage with Sumo. You could have spoken to me once. What are you thinking? Shravan says relax papa. It was important to teach a lesson to the girl. she has to understand what you mean to me. Ramnath is confused. what do you mean? Shravan says Sumo did her self-respect drama again. She wanted a simple wedding. I had a court marriage. Tit for that. I wont let her be happy. she will think twice before doing any drama with me. You should be proud of me. I did the right thing for you. Ramnath says I cannot understand what I should say. Come over and meet me. I have to talk to you. no one should know you are coming to meet me, especially Tiwari ji. he would otherwise think I am not happy with this alliance. Shravan agrees.

Shravan tells Pushkar he has an important work. You reach home with Preeti and Sumo. Pushkar tells him to do this ritual as it is important. Shravan says how it matters. Nanu says it does matter. Sumo will bid us farewell. We will send her with a faith. Anyone can be close but he or she cannot take your place. How will the vidaai happen without husband? Shravan replies that he does understand him but I have to go urgently right now. Only I can do this. Mami ji asks him what’s more important right now other than this ritual. Our faith is associated with it. Vidaai cannot happen without you. Mama ji and Preeti second her. Pushkar offers to meet the person on Shravan’s behalf but he insists that only he can go for this meeting. I would have sat idle till Sumo does her packing. I will be back in 2 hours max. Nanu holds his hand. Go but go with a promise to be back soon. Shravan promises him.

Shravan sits in the car when someone hits him on the head. The man puts a kerchief on Shravan’s mouth so as to make him unconscious.

Sumo is looking for something. Mami ji gives her her clothes. Take your time for packing. Shravan went out for some urgent work. Babu ji tried to stop him too but he dint stay. Do you know what it was? Is everything fine? Call him. Sumo thinks what Shravan is doing and why. You have troubled everyone enough already by doing court marriage and now you left just like that. You neither worry about this marriage nor for the people.

The goons inform someone that they have the man (Shravan). It will be good if you do your job now. Ramnath tries Shravan’s number but in vain. Peon comes to give him a file. Ramnath asks him if Shravan is here. Peon denies. Ramnath again tries Shravan’s number.

Shravan is still unconscious. The goons are sitting next to him. Shravan’s phone rings. One of the goons is about to pick the call but the other one throws it on the floor. Ramnath gets tensed. Why isn’t Shravan here yet? His phone is also off now.

The second goon scolds the first goon for not using his brain. If you pick the call then this guy’s father will trace the phone and reach here. The first goon is scared that they might get caught. the second goon is sure of the person who gave them this task. He is not an ordinary man. He is a big shot. That old man (Ramnath) can do anything he wants to but our boss is ready with an answer. The second goon wants to meet the boss. Aditya enters just then. He looks at Shravan and drinks liquor. Goons get up seeing him there.
Kamini ji is in thoughts. Vandy shakes her out of her reverie. You are very weird. You should be happy as everything is going as per your plan. Why are you sad? Kamini ji says I cannot feel the happiness. I feel something somewhere is stuck. Vandy says you dint even have chicken today. Should I get water? Kamini ji points out that she is speaking about feelings. They should have been here by now. Is something wrong? Vandy tells her not to take tension. Call Pushkar to find out what’s happening. Stay relaxed. Kamini ji appreciates her for the idea. It is my effect on you. She calls Pushkar next. Pushkar tells her that Sumo is packing while Bhaiya has gone out for some important work. We will come as soon as he is back. Kamini ji says what’s so important that Shravan left the ritual in between. Pushkar says we all tried to find out but he dint tell us. He dint even agree to stay back. He said he will be back soon so we are waiting. They end the call. Kamini ji thinks what could be more important for Shravan than Sumo’s vidaai.

Aditya looks intently at Shravan. He is still sleeping. He calls out for Shravan to wake up. He also shakes Shravan’s face asking him to get up. Open your eyes. Look around and see who is before you now! You were acting like a lion before everyone that day. What happened today? Tonight I will settle all our past accounts forever. I trusted you. You are Pushkar’s elder brother but you broke my marriage with Sumo and married her. You have destroyed my life very much! You have insulted me before my loved ones. You proved me wrong. You insulted me before my mother. You thought you will be safe even after doing all this? I will take revenge for every little thing. He makes one goon hold Shravan’s face and throws water on him. Shravan begins to gain conscious. Aditya says you married your best friend Suman Tiwari or the one with whom you did everything that happens between husband and wife. You knew I will do something that will make me look after hearing this all and your way will be clear. You played a big game but the tables have turned. It is my turn now. I wont leave you so easily.

Precap: Shravan is conscious. Aditya picks up a stick. I will break your ego today and even out for whatever has happened. Shravan tells him to hit him. My hands are also tied. You have a good chance. Ramnath warns Nirmala ji on phone. To hell with your son! If anything happens to my son then I wont spare you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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