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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sumo says Sharavan and I got married. We were anyways going to marry. It is good this way too. She heads upstairs. Mami ji and everyone is puzzled. What is saying? Preeti says I too cannot understand anything. Pushkar tells them how Shravan called them in court without disclosing anything. We too came to know this in court only. They all cannot figure out as to why Shravan did this. Pushkar says what had to happen, has happened. We will see what Bhaiya will do now. mami ji says Sumo will go to her home as she is married now. Mama ji tells Pushkar to inform his family about it. Pushkar nods.

Aditya is still haunted by Shravan’s words. Nirmala ji asks him what he is thinking. He says nothing. She says you know whatever I thought for you till date was right. He calls it a correct fact.

I only disappointed you. I made people raise fingers at your upbringing. Nanu respects you so much. She says you did wrong. No one can justify it under any circumstance. You have apologized and have been punished. You lost Sumo. I only want you to learn from this mistake and forget this incident. Sometimes, some incidents only add bitterness in your life. I don’t want it for you. Our work here is done. We will go back to Mumbai today itself, never to come back. Delhi is not right for both of us. He agrees to join her tomorrow. One last thing is left. She asks him if he will go to Shravan and Sumo again. he tells her to trust him. I wont do anything which will hurt her. She agrees.

Ramnath is speaking to someone on phone happily. Peon informs him that a lady has come to meet him. She dint tell her name. Ramnath tells him to send her in. Ramnath dismisses his staff. Nirmala ji walks in just then. ramnath holds his head upset. God! Aren’t you even a little ashamed to show your face after what your son did? I thought you would have left this city like you did earlier? She replies that it is his way not hers. He tells her to stop it. She tells him to stop it. How much more will you ruin Shravan’s head? They both speak about Shravan and Aditya. Ramnath tells her to stop thinking about his son. I told you to leave this city for forever. She says you have forgotten to make him differentiate between right and wrong. You are filling his head with all the wrong things. Why did you keep him away from me if you couldn’t take care of him? He reminds her he is his son only. I am very proud of him. She says the same. But he is showing your colours. Aditya and Shravan met for the first time and what did Shravan do. I worry that we will be punished for it in the end. Ramnath refuses to pay heed to her words. She tells him to keep his eyes closed then. You don’t want to see what he is going through. You will recall my words when you will see him being caught in that only. Your arrogance will break then only. But maybe it will be too late then. He assures her that day wont come. Just leave us and go. She leaves.

Sumo informs Prita on phone about the wedding. The ladies at PCT are confused. How can this happen? The marriage was fixed already. Prita nods. I too cannot understand this. She wanted the wedding to happen, followed by all the rituals and traditions. No one knows why Shravan did this. The ladies wish to go meet Sumo but Prita speaks of her vidaai. All the ladies get back to their work. Prita notices Aditya at the door. He gets to know Sumo married Shravan. Prita says should she have married a man like you then. She married a good man, her childhood friend. Good things happen with good people. You stay away from Sumo now or we will show you what you deserve!

Kamini ji orders servants to make proper arrangements to welcome their special guest. Lala ji asks her about the guest. Vandy also wants to know. Kamini ji says I wanted to make too many arrangements for them but they dint give a chance. Varun tells her to end the suspense. Kamini ji shares that the new DIL of this house is coming. Shravan’s Sumo is coming. Ramnath enters just then and stops in his track in shock! Lala ji too is confused. What are you saying? Kamini ji notices ramnath at the door. Kids these days don’t know how to be patient. Same is the case with Shravan. He went to court and got married. You can ask Shravan the rest of the details. They are on their way to Malhotra House. Lala ji decides to pull Shravan’s ears and question him why he rushed into this. He dint even take us. Kamini ji says he couldn’t take a group of people to court. She acknowledges Ramnath’s presence before everyone. Sumo is Shravan’s wife. He must have thought about it before taking this step. We should forget everything and welcome her like a DIL of the house should be. She goes to make preps. Vandy follows her. ramnath stands alone tensed.

Aditya is drinking. He cannot stop thinking about what Prita said to him. He angrily throws away the bottle. Shravan, you dint do right with me. You broke my marriage with Sumo and married her. It was your game plan, right? I wont let you be happy ever now. I will bring out your truth before Sumo.

Nanu says what Shravan did. Court marriage? There is no concern of families. What was the rush to marry stealthily without all of us? How did Sumo agree for it? It is very wrong. Call Sumo here. I want to talk to her. Pushkar tries to say something but Preeti stops him. She goes to bring Sumo. Nanu asks her if what he has heard is right. Why did it happen that ways? We were making preps for your marriage. Sumo begins to say when Shravan enters. It was my decision. Sumo is not at fault here. Nanu asks him reason. Shravan says you are planning our wedding where a few days back Sumo and Aditya were going to get married. Marriage is a new start but if it happens in old place then old memories linger on. Right Sumo? Sumo wanted a simple marriage. I felt court marriage is a very simple solution for both the concerns which is why I took this step. I am very sorry if you feel I am wrong. I dint intend to hurt your feelings. Nanu says maybe you are right. We dint think this way. You proved our decision to unite you both was right by this act. You both used to go away and play stealthily. You got married stealthily too. Tell me what hungama you are going to do now? Shravan says I know you all wanted to be a part of Sumo’s happiness. You also know she wanted a small wedding. Don’t worry. This wont happen now. She promised me we can do whatever we want once she becomes Mrs. Malhotra. He walks up to her. Am I right Mrs. Malhotra? She looks at him. She thinks he made such a big thing like marriage a formality for his ego and anger. Epi ends on her sad face.

Precap: Shravan tells his papa he should be proud of him. I did it for you. Ramnath asks him to come home right away and talk to him. Shravan tells Pushkar he has an important work. You reach home with Preeti and Sumo. Shravan sits in the car when someone hits him on the head. The man puts a kerchief on Shravan’s mouth so as to make him unconscious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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