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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: One Reason [Two Shot by Nikita] {Pt2}


Hey guys… How are you all? Okay I know that you’re excited for the part, so there you go… And ps- this is freaking long, so bear with it..


-Next Day-

Suman wakes up.. To her surprise she sees Shravan sitting beside her bed, just looking at her in aww, and smiling..

Suman: Shravan?
Shravan: hmm?
Suman: why are you sitting over here?
Shravan *gets up and sits in front of Suman in her bed, as she got up and is resting her head in the wall* wo… I found a reason, why you can’t marry him…
Suman: why?
Shravan: because…. He has a mother…
Suman: so?
Shravan: so you’re gonna get a dangerous mother-in-law, who’s gonna make you work like servant day all night, just like here, mami makes you work..
Suman: sshh.. Don’t say that. They’re my family.. And about my mother-in-law, what can I do?
Shravan: you can marry someone like me! I have no mother, so no mother-in-law problems…

At this point, their eye-lock just deepens…

Suman *did he just confess indirectly? Did he just propose me for the marriage? What does this guy want?* *she looks at Shravan’s hand, that has been tightly wrapped around her fist, and her hand is covering it*

Shravan: I mean, what if that lady turns into those dangerous TV-Shows mother-in-law..?
Suman: that would not happen Shravan, I’ve
talked to her, she’s fine with me working at PCT, she’s fine with me not working at home..I’m pretty sure she’s not gonna be those typical desi saas from TV..
Shravan: oh…

He removes his hand and gets up to go

Suman: don’t go please..
She says holding his hand while his back faces her..
Shravan: let me go…
Suman notices sadness in his voice.. She gets up and stands in front of him…
Shravan: Sumo
Suman: what’s wrong?
Shravan: I don’t know.. I just don’t know…
Suman: maybe, I could help you..
Shravan: no… None of you can..
He walks away… But couldn’t as Suman was still holding him..

Shravan *how I wish I could confess.. But dad, it’s always been him.. Why doesn’t he like this beautiful face, I don’t know.. At times it’s just enough of him*

Suman: Shravan, please…
Shravan: I can’t… None of you would ever understand.. None of you would ever get.. Especially you and your family.. You praise my dad so much..
Suman *annoyed* my family might, I don’t
*she had reasons*
Shravan: why?
Suman: you had to go, na?
Shravan *nods and leaves with a tear in his eye*

Suman’s hand just drop down with a thud.. She never wanted this.. Any of this.. Yet she had to get ready.. Today was her engagement..

Preeti: di, why wouldn’t you tell Pushkar all about Ramnath uncle?
Suman: cause none would ever understand..
Preeti: di, me and Pushkar would fight for our love, just like you did… Di, everything would be fine…
Suman: I can’t

Preeti * if you won’t I would*

*PreeKar ain’t married here*

Preeti goes slamming inside the door of Pushkar’s room..

Pushkar: Hey, we aren’t married yet.. You don’t have the right to slam inside my room like that..
Preeti *angrily* Shut up!
Pushkar: what’s wrong Preeti?
Preeti: don’t you know what all is going on..
Pushkar: Sumo?
Preeti: you were the one who used to tell that there’s something between Shravan and Suman di!
Pushkar: I know..
Preeti *angrily* so would you not even care? You knew there’s something, you know Suman di’s getting engaged today!
Pushkar: I can’t.. I just can’t
Preeti: I knew it, waise toh humare matters mei itne tez ho.. When it comes to them, you’re as good as nothing!
Pushkar: it’s not that I don’t care..

Preeti: now you would.. Listen to me..
*she narrates everything from nirmala, to why she agreed for adi’s marriage, to accepting PCT to Ramnath’s promise*
Pushkar: WHAT?
Preeti: yes! They love each other, and they jusst can’t stop…
Pushkar: I need to do something..
Preeti: happy realization..
Pushkar *gives a huh? look*
Preeti: I’m telling you.. Agar aaj 7 bajne se pehle agar di ki engagement ke pehle shravan aur suman di saath nahi aaye na, toh phir I won’t marry you
Pushkar: what?
Preeti: because I love my family!

Pushkar: nahi nahi.. Wo dono saath honge..
Preeti: good..
She walks out leaving a confused/tensed Pushkar in his room
Pushkar: kya karu? Kya karu?


Pushkar: try to understand.. You guys are destined to be together…
Shravan: NO!
Pushkar: remember, that day when you were running, and you were mad at Suman, you just unknowingly reached in front of Tiwari Killa (remember this episode? Suman then felt his presence and came, but till then he had left?) …. Don’t you see, wherever you run from, whatever way you take, you’re gonna end up on Sumo.. Sumo is your destiny..

Shravan * how did he get to know about that run, anyways, Pushkar he is, it’s possible with him *
Pushkar: You stayed back, instead of leaving for London, for her, her house… She made you suffer so much, and you did too, yet you both remained together, as 1.. That’s what LOVE is bhaiyya! Now don’t tell me you don’t love her.. What about that rose you took for her when you went to propose her, but you met Nirmala Aunty? That rose is still in your drawer.. That letter you wrote to her,still is in that crossword book.. The letter she wrote to you still remains in that box with her.. You love each other bhaiyya.. You always have, and you always will..
Shravan: I don’t know what to say..
Pushkar: I LOVE YOU!
Shravan: what?

Pushkar: look, it’s 6:30 right now.. 7:00 pe uski engagement hai.. Go get her before anyone else..
Shravan: what?
Pushkar: dhanya ho aap bhaiyya!
Pushkar walks out leaving a confused Shravan behind..


The Malhotra’s left for her engagement.. Except for Shravan. How can he even see her love of her life getting engaged? He had made an excuse of not being well.. This whole thing freaked Pushkar out..! *what if I and Preeti don’t get married… C’mon Shravan bhaiyya! Don’t do this!*


Mamiji: Suman, come outside after 5 minutes..
Suman: okay..
Dabboo: Suman didi..
Suman: Dabboo, Shravan aya hai?
Dabboo: Nahi..
Suman: okay..


Preeti: di chalo!
Suman: you go, I’ll come..

Preeti walks out…
And as soon as Suman is about to go, someone holds her hand from the back..
She turns…


Shravan smiles..
Suman notices him, still in his sweat-pants and a plain-tee..

Suman: Shravan? I have to go.. They’re waiting for me..
Shravan: I have to say something!
Suman: what?
Shravan: I found the ONE reason why Aryan is not apt for you!
Suman *smiling sadly* because his name sounds weird..like he’s ssending away a fly?
Shravan nods in no, Smiling..
Suman: because his mom is gonna be a deadly mother-in-law to me?
Shravan nods in no again..
Suman: then what? What is that ONE reason?
Shravan: Because I LOVE YOU jhalli!
Suman: What?

Shravan: that’s the reason, you can’t marry him.. You don’t love HIM, you love ME! That’s the perfect ONE reason, right?
Suman nods crying and Shravan pulls her into a bone-crushing hug…

Suman *finally Shravan realized that ONE reason*



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