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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: One Reason [Two Shot by Nikita] {Pt1}


Hey guys.. Okay, so this is another two-shot based on the recent facts that took place in Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

[Note: ShraMan are friends here, and their marriage proposal is not yet shared.. This is after Shravan saved Suman from Aditya.. And no confession has taken place, yet they know that they love each other]

ps: language, like nick-names different ho sakte hai, as I always had a wish that Shravan called Suman ‘jhalli’

She sat there.. Crying.. Of course what could she have done.. What Aditya did to her, what Shravan did to him…!

She did not know whether to cry over what took place, or to meet him, and thank him..

Her deep down confused thoughts broke when Mami entered…

Mami- Suman, What you have gone through, I wish that no one has to go through that ever… But now, its very difficult to find a guy for you.. But yet, this guy named Aryan Makhija is ready to marry you..

Suman *What the hell’s wrong with her? Give it a break.. But who cared.. She just wanted to leave all this and move to USA.. The only people who’ve noticed that she’s not even left the room, or has eaten anything, is Daboo and Nanu and she was sure if Preeti was here, then Preeti too.. Of course, other’s never knew that she existed, until or unless they needed her..*

Mami: Suman, where are you lost?
Suman: Mamiji, don’t you think it’s too early?
Mami: Early? My son is there suffering from typhoid alone, and you’re thinking it’s early? Suman, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you care about me or your own brotherr Anuj?
Suman: *family pressure again* I’ll meet him tomorrow.. But Mamiji, with Shravan..
Mami: *hesitantly* Why with Shravan, beta?
Suman: I want to see if this Aryan is happy with my friendship with Shravan.. I’m not gonna leave my best-friend.. I don’t want this guy to turn out like Aditya, who does not accept my friendship with him..
Mami: uhh..umm..okay beta..

Suman *calling Shravan* hey…
Shravan: hey!
Suman: can we meet?
Shravan: right now?
Suman: yes…
Shravan: where?
Suman: I’m coming over…
Shravan: I’ll be waiting..

Suman drives to Malhotra Mansion..

She sees the whole Malhotra family sitting, but Shravan’s not there..

Lalaaji: ayye! Suman puttar.. Tu yaha? Woh bhi iss waqt?
Suman: woh Shravan se milne aayi thi..
Kamini: woh apne kamre mei hai
Suman walks up to the stairs

Ramnath gets upset, while PreeKar smile and hi-fi

Suman enters the room.

Shravan *without looking at the door* aa gayi?

Suman: how do you know it was me?
Shravan: you’re the only one who enters my room without knocking..

Suman smiles faintly…Shravan notices

Shravan: Sumo, have you been crying?
Suman nods in no..
Shravan: Would you now lie to me also?
Suman: Shravann….

Suman starts crying again..

Shravan pats her back, and hugs her.. Ramnath sees this and fumes, and goes away..

Shravan: what’s wrong Sumo?
Suman: Mamiji has got another alliance for me?
Shravan: again? After all this?
Suman: I don’t know.. I don’t have the strength to marry someone after all that happened..
Shravan *holds her shoulder and pulls her of so that she can look at him* hey, you’re SUMO! You’re bold enough to face everything.
Suman: I don’t think now I can..
Shravan: of course you can.. You’ve been through a lot Sumo.. A LOT.. Now it’s your time to stay happy…
Suman: but I don’t think I would be happy with that Aryan..
Shravan: how can you judge him without meeting him? How can you say that he won’t keep you happy?
Suman: because he’s NOT YOU !


Shravan: of course, he’s not me.. And that’s my he would keep you happy Sumo! He will not misunderstand you, by listening to half-said things, nor he would hurt you ever like me!

Suman: but he won’t even understand me, without asking me what’s wrong, like you do!
Shravan: because I’ve known you since childhood.. We share that bond, that we can understand each other without words.. Give him time, you never know if he can !
Suman nods..

Suman: you come tomorrow, and we’ll meet him. I don’t want to repeat what took place before..
Shravan: sure…


Suman: you love me… Why can’t you just admit it Shravan?


Shravan: I love you, but circumstances have made us stand at that point, when it either stands for friendship or nothing.. I can’t love you, and confess you, knowing that you’re gonna marry someone else!


Suman: if you say just once, I’ll forget the promise I made to your dad, I’ll forget everything, every relations, every promises, and just be yours.. Yours Forever….


[This was a conversation, that neither of them witnessed.. But it took place, unknowingly, it did.. This might happen a several times here]

-Next Day-

Aryan Makhija and his family comes to visit Tiwari family.. Everyone loves the guy..
Shravan-Suman then talk to Aryan alone.

Shravan: are you fine with my and Suman’s friendship?
Aryan: what is exactly between you two?
Shravan: we were best friends since childhood, but due to matters, we were seperated.. Then I returned and we became friends again..
Aryan: nothing other than that?
Suman *looking at Shravan* no..
Aryan: then its fine..

ShraMan smile and Aryan leaves..

Shravan: I don’t like him..
Suman: why? What’s wrong with him..
Shravan: he’s weird..
Suman: how?
Shravan: he agreed for our friendship..
Suman: so? If he had said no, then too you would have said that you don’t like him…
Shravan: his height is equal with you.. You won’t call him Lambu, like you do to me..
Suman: if he even was lambu, I wouldn’t have called him lambu, like I call you. That’s name reserved for you..
Shravan *smiles* but still..
Suman: but still What, Shravan?
Shravan: his name is weird.. Makhija.. Feels like someone’s sending away a makhi.. Makhi-ja
Suman: seriously Shravan? You would tell me not to marry someone because his name’s weird…?
Shravan: imagine yaar.. Ms. Suman Tiwari into Mrs.Suman Makhija..
Suman: that does not sound so bad
Shravan: c’mon Sumo..
Suman: please don’t say No, until you have a valid reason Shravan…

Shravan nods, and walks away…

Suman: you could not even give a proper reason, Shravan..
She sighs..
Shravan: like you could’ve given a valid reason, Suman..
Suman: if you would’ve told me, I would’ve.. Of course there is ton of things that’s good in that guy.. But I can’t marry him, cause he’s not YOU.. And this one bad factor, can never make up to millions of good things about him…


How was it guys? Next part probably on 16th.. My exams are on, that’s why..
Hope you liked it!

Do give your reviews !

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