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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 18 (Part 2) || LAST EPI LAST PART

Recap: Ritik breaks marriage with Sumo telling her Shravan was meant to b hers. Sumo is jealous watching Shravan dance with someone else
-Shravan’s side-
Hi guys. I have a lot to type nd u all have a a lot to read. !stly the ff then a boring msg.
So getting with the ff:
Epi 18 Part 2

Girl: Congratulations baby…Ur girl loves u
Shravan *confused*: Who loves me?
Girl: Wahi jise tum pyaar karti ho
Shravan: Sumo?
Girl: Yah yah. She rushed of the stage quite a long time ago. She couldn’t see u and me together…
Shravan: Kya!!!! Woh chaligayi? Then y r we still dancing. Let me go to her… *he clears his hands and was abt to leave when she stopped him*
Girl: Pagal!!!! No way u r melting for her so easily. Make her jealous to such a level that she’ll break the marriage with Ritik. Just keep on dancing
Shravan: par..
Girl: Just do as I say….


-Suman’s side-
Preeti: waise Shravan ‘jiju’ kidhar hai?
Pushkar: I don’t know
Suman *angry*: lagta hai uska dance abtak khatam nahi hua
Preeti: Di…kya woh Shravan hai us ladki ke sang?
Suman turns her head to the way Preeti was pointing. And it was enough to die for. Her Shravan..Yes HER Shravan was lost in that 3rd party girl’s eyes. He never even looked at her eyes with so much affection. He bend his head down as restfully as her arms grabbed his neck tip-toing her foots to maintain the same level. They were so close, sooooooo close that any sec, even a single step or the slightest movement would make both clash their noses against each other…

-Shravan’s side-
Shravan could see Suman staring at him with wide eyes. Her breaths were deep. He could see her collarbone clearly moving up and down with each breath. She was being affected. Wht did he want more? She loved him. His lady loved him. Not being able to stop himself, his muscles shrank to the hardest forming a huge curved smile. (Suman fumed even more watching him smile)
Girl: Kya hua itna khush?
Shravan: Tumhari trick kam kadgayi. Suman is affected by our closeness.
Girl: really? Toh abtak kuch kiya kyu nahi? She must come here, or cry, or do something… K lambu look…don’t mind but I’ll have to do it…sorry…
She moved her head upper and slowly tilted it, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Shravan was shocked. What just happened? He was clueless. His saint character was destroyed in this every sec. It was supposed to happen or not. Did he cheat on his Sumo. All his life, he kept girls far away from his thoughts, just to make him available just to her, and today, not did he just allow another girl to play with him, but make his character questionable. It was just not the planned. But then falling for Sumo wasn’t even a plan. Watching her dance with someone else wasn’t in the plan. Seeing her ignore him, ignore his motives of love all these years wasn’t in the plan. He had to jump out of the well-organized routine and get to do something out of the box. And now…was the time
Girl: Go…get ur girl.

Before Shravan could thank her, he saw a storm rushing from the drinks stalk to nowhere….and she isn’t there. It’s just Pushkar standing, staring at him with disrespect. Where is Preeti? And Sumo? What just happened won’t just break it all forever. Will it?
Shravan: Thanks so much for whtevery u did. I don’t know wht Sumo feels for me. What u did affected her badly and I knw that very well. This might end our relation too. I’m afraid of her rejection as she can question me now. But I won’t blame u till the very end because u made me realize, I love her. I don’t care it’s obsession, possession, stupidity, crush, or anything. I’ll confess.

He broke their position and rushed towards the drinks stalk sharing a glace to every corner of the hall. No trace of her… Pushkar…his savoir…
Shravan: Chote Sumo kaha hai?
Pushkar *shocked*: Bhaiya woh kya tha?
Shravan; maine pucha Sumo kaha hai
Pushkar: Aur maine pucha woh saab kya tha?
Shravan: okay fine I was trying to check whether Sumo gets affected seeing me with someone else or not. Now, woh kaha hai?
Pushkar: Seriously bhaiya? What I have been saying u for all these years wasn’t enough? Damn she left crying. U kissed someone else in front of her eyes.
Shravan: No. I didn’t kiss anyone ever!!! And that girl kissed me on my cheeks like mom does, like chichi does, like anyone else does. I need to talk to Sumo. Where is she?
Pushkar: I don’t know. Maybe Preeti does. Wait I’ll call her….*calls* Bhaiya phone toh nahi utharaha
Shravan *tensed*: Music loud hai. Msg her. *Pushkar follows*
Pushkar: Done. Waise bhaiya woh kyu? When u saw her leaving the dance floor u should have understood. And okay fine, dance tak thik hai. But…Y did that girl kiss u?
Shravan: Chote, forget it. Now answer my question honestly. Pls…
Pushkar: Mai toh bhuljaungi par Sumo? Anyways question kya hai?

Shravan *blush*: What do u think about us?
Pushkar: We r good brothers. Actually awesome ones. Nd humari choice bhi toh ekdam same to same. Tiwari girls *wink* We r seriously thug Malhotra bros
Shravan: Oh god!!! Mai tera aur mera baat nahi..mera aur..mera aur *breaths* Sumo ke bareme
Pushkar: Oh u both *smiles teasingly* U guys r best friends right?
Shravan: Chote pls be serious
Pushkar: Okay Chote is serious

Shravan: Now say wht u think of me and Sumo
Pushkar: U r a very handsome, charming, UNROMANTIC, angry young man. And Sumo toh SUMO hai. Jhaali, pagli, musibaat, par firbhi mature, sensible, bubbly, and responsible. So idealistic!!
Shravan: So do we fit in together?
Pushkar: Nope. U guys just don’t fit in together *Shravan looks down in disappointment* Relax. U both r one. Together one. And how can u both fit in? Is there a complete puzzle nd u both parts of it? No!!! U guys r the complete puzzle, and each of ur qualities r the parts of it. Those qualities join together to form ShraMan. Shravan and Suman.
Shravan: Toh humdono kya eksath…?
Pushkar: Honestly, u and Sumo, were never two individuals to us. It wass always like Shravan and Suman. Always. As if “Suman yaha jao. Shravan beta tum bhi Suman ke sang jao” or “Shravan yeh kaam kardona. Suman, Shravan ki madat kaddo” We always counted u both together.
Shravan: Will everyone accept us? Everyone took us as friends till date. U knw it’s a huge step in our relationship.
Pushkar: Seriously Bhaiya? Even when u were in London, Sumo always took the title of “Shravan aur Suman” without any hesitation. Badi Mummy (Nirmala) even made Sumo help her out in family rituals, as if she was always a part of the family. Bade papa (Ramnath) shared his workloads with her and always admired her workaholic quality. She use to cook Papa’s fav food and help Vandy Bhabi nd Mummy in the kitchen. And as for Varun bhaiya, she turned into his business partner as she helped him deal with his new business clients. Aur meri baat toh mujhe Sumo bhabi ke roop mei humesha manzoor tha. *winks*

Shravan *scared*: Chote…What if we don’t work out together. Our friendship…Agar Sumo mujhe pyaar nahi…Iss dosti ka kya hoga?
Pushkar: Aap yeh kya soch rahi hai? Sumo loves u even more than anyone else does. Even Bade Mummy doesn’t love u like the way she does. Ek ma aka pyaar uske samne hargayi. Imagine how much she feels for u. I knw bachpaan me woh todi teri thi, but bhaiya woh apko tab bhi pyaar karti thi, *Shravan looks at Pushkar in complete shock* Aap pana pyaar koh pahchan liya tha, use thoda waqt laga. Varna bolo aap donoki dosti ki baad ekdin bhi aap dono ek dusre se dur rah payi? Okay physically u guys did, but ur memories always tied u guys together. Aap dono ek dusre pe itna dependant ho that there is no chance of this relation of not working out. *Pushkar’s phone beeps* Yeh lo Preeti ki msg agayi. Woh dono pool ke corner par hai. Jaiye apke Sumo ke paas
Shravan: par chote…

Pushkar: Bohat sadi question kadlia. U should spend time with her now, convincing…
Shravan: Lakin
Pushkar: Do u love her?
Shravan: Yes
Pushkar: Do u see her with u?
Shravan: In every step of my life
Pushkar *smiling*: Can u imagine a day without her?
Shravan: Nope
Pushkar: Can u see her with someone else?
Shravan: Never…not even on the worst nightmare
Pushkar: Agar mai bolu aap Sumo ko choddo toh?
Shravan *confused*: I’ll leave her. U guys r everything to me
Pushkar: Will she leave ur heart?
Shravan *bold*: Never
Pushkar: Agar Sumo ne boli aap ko apki family ko chodkar uske pas rakhne?
Shravan: She will never say so

Pushkar: And u trust her that much, know her that much, love her that much. Problem kaha hai? Don’t delay anymore. U have been waiting for 15 years. Bhaiya everything is either good or bad. No in between. If time is on ur side, it’s good, if it’s too late or too early, it’s bad. Don’t wait for the “too late” moment coz trust me, that moment, two souls which r meant to be together forever, till the very end, will split into half. Shravan ka Suman nahi rahega aur Suman ka Shravan bhi nahi rahega. Do u want that?
Shravan: NO
Pushkar: Then go.
Shravan excitedly turned around when he suddenly looks back nd smiled saying..
Shravan: Chote…U r the best brother..I love u…I seriously can’t imagine how horrible I would have been with my love life without u.
Pushkar: What!!! 2nd line Sumo ko kahna tha. But fine, since u love ME *smiles* mujhsei shadi karlijiye.
Shravan: Kya!!!
Pushkar: Bhaiya Go!!! Bhabi ko lekar hi ana. Aur pls meri pretty preeti ko bhejdena. I’m missing her

(NOTE: The following part is more like a narrated story than a script. Don’t get confused)

Shravan rushed through the crowd in the dance floor making space, and went to the pool side. There was so sign of anyone. His heart took a long pause until he heard a soft voice of concern. “Di pls don’t cry. Shravan aisa nahi hai.” It was Preeti. Standing at the very end hidden corner of the pool side covering a figure who would probably invisible to anyone’s vision from every angle as she had hidden the last thread of her body perfect behind the pole wall. Slowly, he stepped forward and signed Preeti to leave indicating her lover is waiting for her. *Preeti leaves blushing but concerned* finally, after a long time, he got time to see Suman carefully. She was seating on the floor rubbing her back to the wall and head down her knees, sobbing. Her hairs were all in a messy bun by now and those lilies which were so fresh were now dull and nearly dead like her soul. Shravan didn’t have the courage to confront her but if not today, then never….

“Sumo?” He tried saying way more but this was what managed to be out of his mouth. For a moment he realized, his voice, it wasn’t usual; it was husky yet lack in confidence. He saw her tilt her head upwards, trying to look at him. Her face was all watery. She might have been sobbing forever! Her liner and mascara smudged creating dark spots around the eyes and somewhere on the cheeks. The make-up was all mixed into a ghostly appearance which was still ‘cute’ to him. It showed how much she cared. There was no presence of the charm which she generally carried. It was all dull and broken. Indeed, her soul was hurt this time.
As she looked up at his guilty face, her eyes grew wider. This time there was no love, concern or care. It reflected much of anger, disrespect, disappointment and frustration. She knew she had to leave. She didn’t wish to encounter him ever again. Quickly she stood up and was about to go to which he denied. So she broke through him for an exit when her legs tangled with her gown causing her to loose balance. It was so not the right time for her to fall. But she didn’t fall either. Her hero, as always, managed to grab her by her waist, bending his head down as she involuntarily surrounded her hands around his neck. After days, for the 1st time, both looked into each other’s eyes. This time they didn’t wish to say unspoken words but just wanted to find answers of their ancient questions. The moment was just too perfect. No anger, no words, no quarries, just them…lost in each other.
Realizing their position, they broke the contact. While Suman was annoyed by her last moment stupidity, he was proud for breaking her ice shield. She decided to leave and stay away from him…forever onwards…. She took the stand to walk out when realized his hands were still around her waist, holding her hard. But she didn’t care. She indicated him to remove his hands which he disobeyed boldly, leaving her enough angry to push him far to make a clear route. Walking passed him, tears rolled off her eyes even more than usual especially after what she did now, but he didn’t give up so easily. It was his last chance and he knew the ending wasn’t a sad one; the ending was of them…together, forever…which stood no less than a paradise.

Shravan clutched her hand tight being proud of his manhood. She turned around facing him as she tried releasing herself; he applied more pressure on her wrist bone making her shrink in pain. Tears were continuously rolling off her cheek, for both physical and mental pain, but now it was time for him to not care. Coz if he did now, rest of his life he would regret.
She hand went red, so did her face. She couldn’t believe the Shravan whom she loved so much, the one who cared about her in every single step ever since they met, was now so harsh. He didn’t care about her hurt waist or her hurt….soul. Managing to form words, slowly and politely, she warned him to leave, only to be denied with more force to shake her up. “Shravan pls!! Jane do” she gowned again, this time it turning into a fair request, but it had no effect on him.
He clutched even harder, ensuring she went enough weak to loose balance over her body, then finally pulled her close making her land safely on his chest. This was what it is. What it should be. Suman under Shravan’s shelter. Leisurely, he leaved her hand moving his ones around her shoulder, hugging her slightly.“Aj nahi jane dungi. Kyuki aj agar tum chali gai, humari sari rishte khatam. Humesha humesha ke liye. Coz I won’t chase u. I will never force u upon me. Today, I’ll just let u knw what I feel, and then it’s up to u. To leave… or to stay…. under my shield being my queen.”

Suman succeeded freeing herself from his hands. She craved for his warmth, wanted to be in that state forever. Being his queen? Could she ever afford being so? But it was not the time to melt. It was time for answer to what she witnessed. She had to know, every single bit of what happened. If she owed the slightest right of being his queen, she must know. Boldly, she looked into his eyes, those light brown, almost hazel eyes. It spoke so much. It tried seeking apology with dangerous amount of love and care. But she was not to get effected this time.
“Of course u won’t run after me. After all u got an alternative now.” Suman smirked on finishing her words. He knew she would raise this incidence up but he decided it was better to confront it than running away. But her statement was wrong. She had no alternatives. It was either her, or none. He smiled. Looking how much someone else in his life affected her. Forming a husky tone he begun, ”Yup, I do have an ALTERNATIVE now.” Her eyes went wide as her cheeks dropped down following her mouth. She wanted to be proven wrong but it sounded so simple for him to admit she never mattered much. “It’s either my princess Sumo, or my queen Sumo. Option is urs. I’m sooo not leaving u. U have always been my princess, whom I adored so much. It was always a flawless friendship and even if u leave, it won’t break. Now, do u wish to be my queen taking some responsibilities? To stand by me forever, boldly, like MY SUMO?”

Her eyes finally found hope but she didn’t wish to rely on that. “U kissed someone else and requested me to be ur princess.” “I didn’t kiss her” he claimed before she could even break after her words. “Jhut mat bolo Shravan. U said our friendship is flawless, then y r u hiding. It’s okay. U kissed her. Make her ur queen. She deserves it.” She broke his smile with her words. “Who deserves being my queen is up to me. And a kiss never decided ur partner.”
Suman smiled as if she won the battle. “I’m glad u admitted the fact u kissed her. Good for u. And sry, I can’t be enough mean to take away her spot.” Shravan’s confidence was lost. His eyes were being more aggressive with each of her words. He knew she was tough but never knew she could neglect his love like that. He did confess. Direct, indirect, doesn’t matter. But she? Still playing with his feelings.
“Have a wonderful life ahead Mr. Malhotra” These words were harsh. Very harsh to use for the person she lived her life for. But she had no other options. The only thing that came in her life before her love was her self-respect. She could have lived a happy life with him but now…there were insecurities. It was a better option to walk out. He even ensured their friendship will last forever so no fear. Following her thoughts, she attempted to leave and this attempt was finally successful…

He stood there stationary watching his lady leave. She walked off but…each step…the least of what could be measured in scale but yet very longest ones mentally. The souls which were meant to be together as one forever were now physically splitting out. It was the worst moment. All he decided to do was to close his eyes. Witnessing this moment would scatter his scientifically four chambered heart into zillions of pieces in terms of literacy. But then all his eyes did was dug deep into the best memories they made. It was always so full when she was around. His ears got surrounded withal those words which made him the king of happiness. “It was always like Shravan and Suman/U both a one. Together/She was dying to meet u/it was never just friendship/Time won’t stop for anyone/Did u really move on Bhaiya?/ Don’t wait for the “too late” moment coz then Shravan ka Suman nahi rahega aur Suman ka Shravan bhi nahi rahega/U kissed her/Have a wonderful life Mr. Malhotra” All those words flew in and out his ears. Pushkar was right. He couldn’t afford losing her. The only way to live a wonderful life was to to live it with her…
Opening his eyes slowly, knowing that fact it took him forever to realize he can’t let her go, coz by now she might have left. But she didn’t. She was still sobbing and taking those minor steps lost in her thoughts. She hardly moved across him. He knew she didn’t wish to leave either. “I ain’t no saint Sumo”

By the time his voice echoed to her ears, she was already been pinned to the pool pole aggressively as his chest pressured her shoulder to stay still and his lips rushed against hers. It took her a while to cooperate with the atmosphere but soon she reciprocated fully. All frustrations, disappointments, confusion, everything drained away for a while. Time did lose in front of their souls. It was the moment when the world moved on, the time continued, the water still flowed, but nothing was so consistent as them. If perfection didn’t exist then now it does. They formed it, together. Finally setting her free, he cupped her face, rubbing away the last drop of tear, opening his heart. “If kisses were to decide partners every single day today onwards I’ll make u feel how much we were meant for each other. I can only have a wonderful life ahead, if I can hide in ur shadow. I’m sorry. We make mistakes and we learn from them. I didn’t kiss her. I really didn’t. It was she who kissed me on my cheeks just we do to a kid. I didn’t dance with her for enjoyment. Every step I joined her, my heart imagined her as u. I wanted to know what u feel for me. It was enough of mixed signals we gave to each other. I really needed to know what I mean to u. And I am successful. Look, u don’t have the chance of denying to the fact u love me, coz if u did…”His words were interrupted by her soft broken voice. ”I never denied”
She was still sobbing. It was the first, and possibly the last time when he smiled at her tears. His smile made her. “And u don’t have to be insecure. All these year, ever since we met, I reserved myself to only one lady. U know who she is? My Sumo. I can never, NEVER imagine a second of me with someone else. Sumo u own me. I’m all urs. All of me. Pls don’t leave, pls. I’m nth without u. I lived 10 years away from u and trust me, those were the worst days. I tried hating u, forgetting u, but some impossibles r just impossible. No i’m-possible. I can hate u but not myself. U r me. We r parts of the same soul. We always were, and will always be.”
Those questioning eyes had deep words hidden. It reflected the excitement for the bright days when they’ll wake up smiling at each other but also exposed the horror of her reject. She could feel ever bit of him growing weaker and weaker with each word he spoke. It showed his fear. Breaking through all her negativities and wars of mind-brain, she smiled. “I love u.”

These were just three words. 3 simple, easily constructed words, but had great value. It costs so much that even the richest person couldn’t afford it. But now….he could. After all these years of patience, he got his reward. His lady loved him and fearlessly admitted. “I love u too Ms. Suman Tiwari. Not from today, not from any day between our friendship, but from the very 1st sight of urs, I’ve been in love with u deeply, madly, obsessively. It was Love-friendship and then….something more. I have always loved u. Always. Just couldn’t afford losing u so way I could have u was as a friend. But with time, the love went possessive, uncontrollable. It isn’t love any longer. It’s something beyond all feelings in existence.”

Her eyes were all filled with emotions she carried. How can life be so nice to her. Giving her every happiness one can have. She was a simple middle-class girl. Can she afford so much of happiness? Can she hold on to it? What will life take away in return? But she didn’t care. As long as she had him, she didn’t care of losing. “I’m sorry…Pls forgive me. I kept u waiting so long. Y did u wait so long for just a yes?” Finally she spoke breaking her wonders of the perfect guy who waited years after years just for her.
“Just a yes? U mean JUST a yes? I’ve been dying for years for this moment nd u label it with a ‘just’? Well u r worth waiting for. No regrets. But if u regret for keeping me waiting for soooo long then u need to give me something in return. U need to pay for keeping me waiting for so long. And u pay me till the very end…” He said, no longer husky, but with sarcasm and naughtiness. After all he needed to enjoy a bit of his manhood.

Fear stroke her as he progressed with his words. What did he want now when she gave her soul to him? She couldn’t afford much. What if she couldn’t give him the only thing he asked in return? She would be a loser forever. He loved watching her perplexed, but didn’t wish to suffer his lady longer. “Be with me, forever. U can never leave me. Never. U’ll have to stay with me, being my queen, my Sumo wrestler. And like in the game of chess, u will defend me like the queen defends the king. The world is wrong. Men protect women physically, but a woman can only secure a man from heart. U’ll have to do that. U have to protect me. Fight for me. U have to be the happiness of my life. I’m a lawyer and I do fight cases to win, but u….u should win over me…always. And u can never leave ur job. Coz now…our souls are connected.”

As his words ended with a pause, she jumped into his arms hugging him together than ever. He was taken with a shock but realizing his lady on his arms and feeling her warmth made him feel like the king. “I’ll be urs till the very end Shravan. I’ll be ur queen forever”

It took them long…very long indeed to connect the souls ut the increasing hunger made them unite stronger. There were no complaints any longer. Both knew life could never be perfect but having each other by the side will form something beyond the lines for perfection. Physically their relationship was white. Pure, clean white. Plan and simple. But looking through a spectrum showed how colourful they were. It was the white which turned into a rainbow. In order to see those rainbows, life took them through rains, storms, beside sunlight, but both played well. The king protected the queen while the queen secured him. And this lifetime chess carried on…it the very end. And so did ShraMan stood by each other…forever

So finally I am ending my ff here. I don’t know how was the epi nd how was the ff. Though I’m feeling very sad coz I’ll miss all of ur sweet comments, but don’t worry I’ll be back. Now coming to the weird part:
This was my 1st ff nd it did actually go very well compared to what I expected. Not what I wrote but what I got as responds. I still remember how u all commented on my intro being like “great. Pls post soon” and I replied with a simple “thanks” It was so formal!! And then over time all of ur comments grew into small essays and my replies into paragraphs. The way I named u guys different things. And how our friendship grew. Honestly we never meet, never interacted but our bonding is so strong. Even my besties don’t praise me like u guys do. I do feel a lot of buttering nd I’m sure I did gain invisible weight for tht. Sometimes my days went horrible, but after reading ur sweet comments nd brilliant ffs, I smiled so much. U guys did turn on the light of my heart. If I had a boyfriend for sure he would have been jealous seeing how much I blush when u all praise me. (just kidding no bfs) So thanks…for everything. Starting from the very beginning till today, I’m grateful of what u all did for me. U guys read my boring ff, commented to make me happy, supported me, wished me good lucks and even blessed me. I felt so loved! I’m sorry but I won’t mention any name as I’m pretty sure my dumb brain will miss out someone. So thank you guys. Every one of u who even read a single line of my ff. If u r a silent reader and I have no clue who u r, then also a big thanks to u guys.
I’ll be here, reading all of ur sweet ffs nd commenting nd hopefully will b back soon with another boring shot/ff to waste ur time.
Stay blessed forever and keep rocking.
I guess exams r coming up so study hard!!
Advanced Eid Mubarak
Love u all……my sweet little family
Take care

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