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Hey guys sriya here sorry for the delay for tat compensation I am giving u an os on shraman….!!! It is a special gift for my aru di for such wonderful journey of her ff which came to an end…..keep writing more di we all love u & ur writings so much stay blessed and be happy take care….!!!
Dosti ya takraar
One shot:
We were best friends from childhood till now….they all always stood by each other in many difficulties sorrows and each other happiness…..!!!!!! but one day changed everything in their life…..!! they broke apart….the boy left the girl with his family to abroad….!!! but he gave a promise to her before leaving that when he will grow up he will surely once come to meet her….!!!! the girl waited him for whole 18 yrs….!!! now she was a grown up well self respected independent girl suman tiwari who still now remember the promise by her long lost friend…!! shravan malhotra….!!!

One day:
She was driving the car and was going to deliver the all Tiffin boxes to an office….!!!! another car was also coming in that direction……there both car dashes with each other…!!! suman gets up from the car…an young handsome dashing boy comes down from his car….!!!! their hearts start beating faster like a rhythm
Sumo: hey aandha hai kya dekhe nahi gadi chala sakta????….!!!
Shravan: hey u how dare u tumna apni aukat me raho
Sumo: how mean how dare u to talk to sumo like tat???….!!!!


Shravan (thinks): is she my childhood frnd sumo??? No she can’t be my frnd my sumo is so sweet cute and beautiful not like her and she is a big moti……!! this person toh patli sukhdi si types hai…!!
Shravan: oh just stop ur nonsense I m not at all interested in talking with u..!!! urghhh I am leaving I hate u sumo just don’t ever show me u r face…!!
Sumo: hate u too I m not interested in talking with u…!! bye now I m leaving…!!!
They both left in their car in opposite directions….!!!!
At office:
Shravan was doing with so much of concentration and confidence…!! one when knock comes may I come in sir???? Shravan says yes come in…!!! he sees her….!!

Shr: tum phir se mera office mai aane ki himaat kaise hui tumhari ha tell me dammit..!!!
Sumo: ohhho mujhe koi shok nahi hai samjhe aise hi bina bulaaya mehmaan ki tarah tumhare office mein ghusa ne ke alwa bhi mera pas bahot se kam hai samjhe mr khadoos…!!
Shr: how dare u ek toh meri hai office main aati toh ho aur mujhe attitude dikha rahi ho??…..!! Ms jhalli…!!
Sumo: how dare u to call me jhalli u mr phatoo sadu bewakoof ghadda most irritating person useless nonsense and big zero..!!
Shr: how mean u jhalli patli sukhdi besharam girl…!!
Sumo: I m not besharam jhalli patli sukhdi okay u r mr khadoos sada hua stinky gobar….!!
She keeps the Tiffin box and stamps his foot and left angrily from there……….!! shravan winces in pain and shouts ouch….! he eyes her angrily and sees his and sumo childhood pic…..!
Shr: sumo I can’t wait to confess my feelings for u I waited for this moment from 18yrs…! soon I will confess the time came now the moment I meet u I will confess my love for u….!
Sumo comes and sees her family talking with another family…! she greets them,
She asks preeti…!!
Sumo: preeti what is all this???
Preeti: arre suman di aap ka rishta dekhne ke liye ladke waale aaye hai???…!!!
Sumo: but itna jaldi kyu abhi toh shaddi ke liye bahot time haina
Preeti: aisa kuch nahi di sab apki khushi chate hai iss liye shaadi karwa rahe hai aur waise bhi apke bachpane ke dost shravan ke liye puri zindagi toh akele nahi reh sakte na kabhi na kabhi toh shaadi honi hai
Sumo: ok tikhe aur ha main humesha usse pyaar karti rahungi….!!
She left from there teary eyed…!!!

The next day: –
Suman was returning from pcd at late night..!! when some people came there in between blocking the way…!! she gets uo from the car
Sumo: hey tum log aandhe ho kya hai jo ese beech sadkon pe bike laga kar rasta block kar rahe ho??
They come near her and start touching her sensually..!!
Sumo shouts: koi bachao please inhe ghatiya aur besharam logo se please koi hai bachao…!!! ahhh help me plz…!!
She closes her eyes..!! the next moment they were lying down in a pool of blood..!! shravan beat the goons blue and black…!! they ran away from there..!! shravan offers her his coat…! sumo thanked him and he smiled…!!
He offered her to drop her home she readily agreed…!!

@ car:
Sumo: thanks once again for help and sorry for fighting with u..!!
Shr: no problem frnds?
Sumo: yup sure why not?
They reach the home…! sumo bid bye to him and left…! he too left to his house in his car…!
Sumo: that person is not too bad he helped me and now we r frnds..!! I should have asked him his name no problem I will ask him in next meet…..!
She thought about him and slept…smiling!
The next day: –
They again meet in the garden..!
Sumo: hi how r u?
Shravan: I m fine and u?
Sumo: I m also fine and what is u r name?
Shravan: I am shravan…! shravan malhotra…!
Sumo (on cloud9) : oh u r shravan malhotra…! yippee
She jumps in happiness…!

Shravan: what happened?
Sumo: no nothing….!!
She left from there…! shravan felt strange from her behaviour but ignored and left to office….!
Sumo: yes I finally found my long lost frnd I can’t believe whom I used to fight and hate the most is my childhood frnd my love…! today I will propose him my love…!

She calls him and asks to meet him @xyz place at sharp 6pm…! he agrees…!
He reaches that place and shocked to see a candle light dinner there arranged properly with all the roses and all..! sumo was wearing a black strapless gown with silver border..! with white heels and white earrings and light makeup looking perfect and breathtaking…!
Shravan: sumo what is all this?
Sumo kneels down in front of him and took out a ring and said: I don’t know how and when I fall for u shravan our these many years frndship don’t know when turned into love yes shravan malhotra I love u till the eternity my day starts with ur face and ends with u…! u r my dream my passion my everything u r drug like me and I am addicted to u without shravan sumo is nothing will u become my life partner for seven years..! will u be there when I need a shoulder to cry and someone to with whom I can share my happiness? Will u marry me?
Shravan don’t what to say tears continuously fall down his eyes he says: I love only my sumo suman tiwari no one else…!
Sumo: arre buddhu I am only ur sumo suman tiwari…!
Shravan (over helmed ): I love u too sumo….! Sorry I was not able to recognize u…! u can give me any punishment u want…!
Sumo: punishment toh milenga…! shravan puts his head down sumo continues mujhe puri zindagi jhelne ki shravan hugs her in happiness and cups her face and looks at her lovingly and kisses her forehead and puts the ring…! they have candle light dinner together enjoyed two souls became one sumo and shravan become shraman now and forever…! they married and lived happily ever after with their one year child ariana shravan malhotra ( a small gift to my aru di love u a lot)

The end

So guys how was os?…..! it took one hour I did with so much hard work for u all mainly for my aru di we want u back di u r fabulous writer plz come back soon with lots of love sriya~ signing off…!

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