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The epi starts with,
Ranveer and pragya reach the next day evening . They come home where they see a small note on the table saying come to Stanford hospital as soon as possible there reading it there wondering and scared where without a second thought they rushed to the hospital …

******At the the Stanford Hospital******

Ishani has been given defibrillation because her heart beat was decreasing second to second…..
That was the movement ranveer and pragya entered the hospital where pragya called abhi and said: hello!abhi where r u? Why did u call us here?
Abhi:did u come to the hospital?he asked while crying
Pragya:ya we came..but abhi y r u crying? But he replied I will come and tell wait there saying this he cut the call..where pragya was thinking if something was wrong with ishaani..but she didn’t not show it out as she knew ranveer would feel more bad where where she turn to see ranveer who was depressed with the thought of that ishaani was in trouble and he was the reason where pragya went to tell something to ranveer where abhi came towards them…ranveer quickly ran over to him and asked,

Ranveer: did u find ishaani? Is she there?y did u call us over here?
Abhi:ya I know where she is…in a sad tone
Ranveer: where is she?
Where abhi leads him to the icu ward and shows she is over there…

Precap: After a week…

Note: Reji wanted me to tell that she won’t be able to write her ff as she has her exams…and her exams will be over on the 20th of this month..

And ya this is Duvaraksha as per of you all know. And this is not my story. It is harisha’s story she will not be able to post so I will be posting it

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