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Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-7)

I am very sorry guys for late reply and thank you so much for your comments.Here is the next part.

Swara still writing in her dairy….
I was still thinking,didn’t even realize when I get into the car.Seeing me lost in thoughts, Ragini asked,what happened???
I answered her,”nothing”.I asked her,”What doctor said,is everything fine”. She replied yes.I smiled and again indulged
in my own thoughts.Rain of my emotions in my heart.I was feeling happy, yet tensed.It suddenly started raining, it


refreshed my mood.I wanted to feel the touch of raindrops.I was about to open the window. But Ragini stopped
me.I asked,”why?? you like the rain too”………and she replied,”It’s not good for avyu’s health”. I said sorry and she replied,”Life can’t be the same Swara, and we should change with time”. My mind again started thinking, “You said
it right Ragini, My life changed, I changed, and changed to that extent even I forgot my dreams. But If I try I
can reach them even now….my family always support me.They will support even now.First, I have to say this to Sanskar”

Ragini enters the room.She is worried.Seeing her,Swara put her Dairy aside.”What happened Ragini?Why are you
worried?” asked Swara.”Laksh’s phone is switched off.I want to know whether SanSkar called you”,said Ragini.
“No,but why?”, asked Swara.”Why? Don’t you remember today is the last meeting with the delegates.I am
nervous whether the deal is done or not and you don’t even remember about it?”…Ragini’s phone rings before
swara answers and Ragini says,”I think its Laksh call, I’ll go and attend it”.
.Swara recollects Sanskar saying that he has presentation today..putting her hand on head,”how can I forgot

about it”, Swara regrets……..
Sanskar comes out of the conference hall,switches on his phone and thinks of calling Swara.His phone rings,
ofcourse its Swara.She asks him about the meeting.”Congrats, Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari.Your husband is
going to expand his company overseas,Some paper work is there.It’ll complete in two more days”,says Sanskar.Swara
jumps out of happiness and says,”Congratulations Mr.Maheshwari.Wait,I have to give this news to all…bye..”
Sanskar is about to say something but she hangs up the call.”No matter, in how much pain you are,you never forget anything
about me.SORRY for being selfish Swara..once this project work completes..I’ll spend time with you for somedays
and help you to come out of this mess….I LOVE YOU”,sanskar says to himself and thinks of something…………



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