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Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-11)


Swara replies, “Yes, deal…………….”
Shivam looks at SwaSan confusingly. And says, ‘You both, husband-wife, go aside and do romance. Don’t block my way. The flight has arrived. My boss and his wife must be coming and I should be attentive’. ‘They have already arrived Shivam, I am your boss’, replied Sanskar. ‘You started your drama again, I said you I am so intelligent and you cannot fool me. And your wife even admitted that you are trying to fool me’, shouted Shivam. Sanskar immediately looks at Swara; she is trying to control her laughter. He smiles a little thinking- finally, I am seeing smile on your face after a long time. You know how soothing it is to my heart.


I can lose throughout my life to see this smile. But now, I should win this deal, I cannot lose it……
Swara waves her hand before Sanskar’s face and says, ‘what happened? I know you realized that you cannot win, but your ego is stopping from admit it, right?’ ‘Wait for a while Princess, your Prince will definitely win, get ready to follow my orders’, Sanskar replies. By now Shivam went few steps forward. ‘Now where he has gone’, sighed Sanskar and ran after him..
Swara still standing there like a statue…. She still can’t believe what her ears just heard…. Her soul is overjoyed…. He called me PRINCESS… Yes! He called me…. I am feeling it very special…. I am not this much happy even when he called me for the first time….. I am so happy my Prince…. I am so happy today….

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