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Does everything change with time?!! : A SwaSan ff (Part 3)


Her eyes are now filled with tears. Sanskar got used to her teary eyes these days. He is missing his Swara who used to smile with eyes. He is missing her pure smile which used to relieve him from all tensions. Swara quickly wiped her tears and said in a shivering voice, “Sanskar go and get ready. You must be getting late”. She is about to leave, Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Swara cups his face saying, “I am fine Sanskar”. Then Sanskar hugs her as he knows that more than his words, his hug pacifies her more. To be honest, he, himself neither has solution nor time to find a way out. She looks into Sanskar eyes and nods her head. She forced herself to smile to make Sanskar happy. She gradually breaks the hug and heads to leave…….


Someone knocks the door. Swara opens it and the person is Sujatha. Seeing her Swara feels tensed thinking that her Mom will scold her for not attending the aarti. But Sujatha doesn’t even utter a word. She rushes in to the room in search of a thing and finally she finds it. She calls the servant and pointing at that thing, she orders,” Take this and I don’t know what you will do with it, but I shouldn’t see this in my house again”. Servant follows her order and leaves. Sujatha too leaves from there without even bothered to see SwaSan’s reaction…….
Swara stands there like a statue. She neither has any words to say nor is surprised by Sujatha’s behavior. Sanskar keeps his hand on her shoulder. She turns towards Sanskar and asks, “Is this life which I wanted to live, Sanskar??!! I totally feel lifeless today”.

To be continued……

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