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Does everything change with time?!! : A SwaSan ff (Part 2)

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The silence is still present between the couple.While swara is busy in playing guitar,Sanskar is adoring her and waiting for a chance to speak with Swara.After sometime,Swara leaned her head on Sanskar’s shoulder.As Sanskar knows,whenever she does this its a gesture from Swara that now she is fine and wants him to speak. Sanskar caressed her hair.Swara slowly raised her eyes to see him and smiled.”Your love filled eyes always make me feel secure sanskar they never fail to ligthen my mood”,said Swara.A sigh of relief appeared on Sanskar’s face.As Sanskar is about to talk, his phone rings.Sanskar excuses himself and attends the call.Swara waits for him and after sometime,seeing sanskar still busy in his call she decides to go downstairs. She signs him the same and leaves from there….. Sanskar comes to the room and finds swara in deep sleep. He says to her, “I am sorry Swara.I am busy in building my career and fulfilling my respons -bitility towards family.I am not giving you time to share your pain.Once this project completes,I promise that I’ll help you to get out of this mess”. After saying this,he dozes off. Swara wakes up in the morning,smiles seeing Sanskar and kisses him on forehead. She goes to fresh up.She comes out of washroom while pinning her saree pallu. She sees Sanskar who already woke up and is busy in laptop.”Somebody said it right that time changes everything”,said Swara.Hearing her voice,Sanskar steps out of the bed and forwards towards Swara saying,”Madam,I have presentation today. That’s why I woke up on my own today”. He is few inches away from her now,clears her hair off her face and kisses on her forehead.Swara closes her eyes while he kisses and opens them after a while.Her eyes are filled with tears now…….


To be continued………
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