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Do you want season 2 of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat ?

Hi readers…….
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is a serial based on the life of Ashoka. The childhood story of Ashoka was shown for 1 year and 3 months. That time the show was in its highest TRP line due to the fabulous acting of the child actor, Siddharth Nigam. He has got a large number of fans due to his acting skills as young Ashoka. Other actors like Pallavi Subhash, Manoj Joshi, Sumedh Mudgalkar, Tunisha Sharma, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Reem Sameer Sheikh and many more increased the charm of the show. This show had a high fan following when Ashoka was young.

But after the imaginative death of Chanakya was shown, this show lost its lot of fans and the TRP level also went down. Still people loved the show as the other actors did their best to hold the show’s fan following.


But after the 12 years leap, most of the actors were changed and there was a drastic change in its TRP level. The fans took time to accept the new cast and get adjusted with their acting. After this also people continued to see the show and its TRP level was OK. But after the imaginative death of the loving and sweet character of Dharma, many people got irritated and its TRP level went down. Again many people believe that Mohit Raina and Saumya Seth’s Jodi was not good. The director is not portraying Ashoka as Chakravartin Ashoka but as lover of Kaurwaki.

CAS will go off air on 7 October 2016 as per TOI. But a lot of things are left to show that were not shown like Devi’s children, crowing of Ashoka as a king, other wives of Ashoka, Kalinga war and Dharmashoka.

Hope the production house ends this season by crowing Ashoka as the king as not much time is left to show all other things and make season 2 of it.


Thanks all of u for reading…….. Pls comment…….

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  1. ashoka serial is only one show that liked by me you colors channel stop this show in mid of story why i am very sad i cried in my room please start season 2 to see kalinga war Buddhism and devi childrens please please

  2. you colors fucking bitch you start next season of ashoka samrat you asshole

  3. Yes we would like to have season 2. Ashoka serial has become our life. We cannot live without seeing Ashoka. Season 2 is must. We are liking current star cast as well. Obviously we need to know Ashoka as a lady lover also of Kaurvaki. This is a must st serial.

  4. yes three should be ashok season 2 ,,what a great king and his love story is was best.please continue

  5. Hey plz start ashoka samrat season 2 this is the best show much more good or better or best than any other shows including TMKOC and biggboss…..I wl please u plz get Ashok samrat 2 this year only plz

  6. Yesss. We want a next season
    Some shows doesn’t need trp they just need the love
    CAS is the best serial..
    Plz colours make a season 2


  8. Yes i want to see second sesson

  9. yes three should be ashok season 2 ,,what a great king and his love story is was best.please continue

  10. yes there must be ashoka season 2. I want to know his story, struggle and ideas. After all he is considered as one of the best rulers in the world.

    and I found the entire cast, set
    and costumes were awesome. The creative team of CAS was awesome.

    just because of trp how can they neglect the fun on the set and those moments when they feel royalty in this prajatantra system.

  11. yes, i also want there to be ashoka season 2 because i want to know the entire story.this is my favourite serial and i cannot stop watching it.

  12. i want ashok samrat season 2 back because this is my fav showe

  13. i want season 2 please

  14. Please start season 2 of ashoka
    I live my whole day in order to see ashoka
    at 9pm Please please please start ashoka season 2

  15. Dear all,

    I request Colors channels and Production team of Chakravartin Samrat Ashok not to stop it ro make Season 2. All would like to see.

    It is such an amazing show depicting history and now you people decided to stop it without showing the Kalinga war properly and its consequences later. How Ashoka laid the foundation of modern India, how he adopts and spread Buddhism, we will not be able to see it. It is very sad. All actors are doing such an awesome job.
    TRP rating should not be the only consideration.

    Everyday me, my family eagerly wait for Ashoka on Colors at peak time.We all are expecting to see complete story ASHOKA life,during Kalinga War and after that when he adopted Budhism and spread over all over the world including CHINA. I have few good friends there, they people also heard about ASHOKA, our greatest emperor. They are following Budhism.

    There is a lot in history about Ashoka samrat and a lot of story is left that must be continued. It’s telecast should not stop because of ot low TRP only.

    You can also check the customer interest by online pole/SMS pole even, No problem with all of us.

    It’s time could be changed but it should not stop please.

    I am expecting favorable feedback. You can check others’ request on same .Please consider it.


    MBA(IB& Marketing)

  16. this director will even not complete in second season. all these days wasted our time.

  17. Mohammed Ayaz Quadri

    Please colours start next season and show the last episodes properly again. I wait the whole day for 9pm and only watch this show. Please start it back maybr after big boss but start the next season. The story is not over.

  18. Chakravarti ashoka samrath is the only one and only one tv show that was being liked and seen by me I very much cried when shows goes off the air so I request colours to start season 2 of chakravartin ashoka samrath and show the kalinga war properly again and also devi sons ,ashoka wives and their sons , ashoka adaptation of buddhist, and all other things related to life of ashoka
    Please start chakravartin ashoka samrath season 2 shortly
    A Lovingly fan of chakravartin ashoka samrath

  19. yes i want i really very love this serial and i want to see whole story about ashoka samrat and in play of serial mohit raina is best for ashoka role and in devi’s role kajal srivastava is best……….??❤?

  20. Most important thing is dharma ashoka story is most important. because some people who dont know what after kalinga war. and Ashoka samrat what good deeds after kalinga war. So please make a season 2 of Chakrvartin Ashoka Samrat. and please dont change a mohit raina as charactor of Ashoka.
    PLEASE come soon Ashoka.. we will miss u very much.

  21. start season 2 of chakravartin ashoka samrat

  22. dear producers and directors ashoka seriel is my life please start next season many people s wang to see season 2 please start show again

  23. sooryanshishukla

    I request that ashoka season 2 should appear. Please please!! Because I love this serial and since it has finished, I can’t stop my tears

  24. sooryanshishukla

    If the producers and directors can’t think a story, they can cunsult the internet for life of ashoka

  25. Pls the season 2 of ashoka must be started this is a very intersting show according to me many people will come to know about the contribution of emperor ashoka

  26. Pls start the season 2 of ashoka it’s very intresting and people watching this show may come to know about contribution of emperor ashoka

  27. Pls start a season 2 of ashoka

  28. sooryanshishukla

    But if you start ashoka 2 please don’t change the characters

  29. I loved this show I want to see next season in colours channel boring shows will come but why they removed this show answer my question

  30. Utsab Chakraborty

    Want part 2 of Ashoka serial

  31. Who is Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka without his reign? That part is the most important part of his life.

  32. Yes we want Ashoka part 2 plzz start again it was great story.much more story of Ashoka is not show

  33. loved watching samrat
    ashoka, but really upset to see it left in the midway. want Ashoka 2 desperately.. Hope his uncovered life in season 1 is to be covered in season 2..

  34. Please start CAS serial please we are love it

  35. i liked this ashoka samrat and i want it again to see the next story please bring the second part

  36. Yes ….we want season 2 ….

  37. Pilla Nageshwar rao

    The last week episode simply running the Story after the death of Dharma and Syamak. The story could have been increased with the rule of Ashoka and how he ruled the COUNTRY. But the story ran fast with Kalinga war and supposed transformation of Ashoka in to Buddhism. The story also has been changed from original and we got very much frustrated when it was announced 7th Oct is last Episode. The story has ended may be because
    TRP were down after the death of Dharma.Even season 2 also planned there is no use as the Serial lost charm.
    But really a good historical serial has been shown. We may expect even better serials in future

  38. please,please

  39. please start it fast

  40. Yes season two required in order to respect the greatest ruler and one of the biggest Buddhist in India. But expecting Siddharth Nigam as King Ashoka’s son as he was the one who brought the show to the audience. I’m a Sri Lankan and I wouldn’t have watched if Siddharth wasn’t there.

  41. Yes we want season 2 of ashoka.We want to see how ashoka became great by embracing buddhism.We want to know why is his lion emblem and dhamma chakra are adopted by Republic of India as a national symbol.We don’t want to see him as a mad lover of kaurwaki and a weak character.

  42. it is best show in the world

  43. Please continue Chakravatin ashoka samrat season 2!! I can’t wait to see. To much followers waiting ashoka season 2. Mohit raina and somya seth is the best partner!

  44. Yes of course please bring season 2 with these actors only i love this show verymuch please bring season 2??

  45. Yes me and my Family want Ashoka back.. plzz plzz plzz make season two of it.. with Siddhartha Nigam ,he is the best.We all are waiting for next season,not happy with the ending of 1st season.. it seems incomplete and in a hurry.We r eagerly waiting for next season.

  46. we want to see further developments in ashok’s period plzz bring it with new people and new excitement

  47. iam very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big fan of ashoka serial and the actor who is playing the role of ashoka every day iam continously watching but suddenly you stopped the telecast so i have enthusiasm to see the serial so please start season 2 as early as possible and iam BIG FAN of ASHOKA character

  48. I am a very very very very big fan of this serial ,,,
    So start season 2

  49. Zakia Nasrin Shilpi

    We want Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Seasone 2 but we also want that child actor actress too
    much more we expect for this show CAS ans That cutesst child actor actress they did really great job
    Young sushim and Young ashoka and young 2 fabulous actress Tunisha Sharma and Reem Sameer Shaikh they did really good job .. If in this season 2 if reem and tunisha will act role of 2 sisters it will be more great like sushim and ashoka I’mean Sumedh Mudgalkar and Siddharth Nigam it will be really great .. and Just beacause of this child actor actress will act on this CAS season 2 TRP will be more highest ..
    We ‘ve watched this Season 1 because that actor actress were AwSome ..
    Yeah We ‘re really Want ChakraVartin AshOka SamRat ..

  50. Please bring Chakrabartin Ashoka Samrat season 2.I want to see the Kalinga War, Dharmashok and Devi’s children.Pleaseeeeee bring it.

  51. Life without ashoka is like a house without roof so please bring the next season as quick as possible. Mohit raina looks real ashok.

  52. Please restart the serial once again by directing and producing CHAKRAVARTIN ASHOKA SAMRAT SEASON 2…We the Indian people are die-hard fans of this brilliant show which lights up the spirit of the magnificent ancient INDIAN CULTURE AND TRADITION…Hope the makers of the show reintroduce the serial to the Indian people,so that they can enjoy and witness the glory and prestige of our ancient INDIA(BHARAT OR ARYABHRAT)…

  53. This is only one episode which seen by me I am going to appset when you changed all the characters of show but the lot of part of Samrat Ashok’s life is pending i want that you have to make a another episode’s of this store and complete it and if it is possible so you have to make other show of this type and cast Sidharth Nigam, Tanisha,reem,sumedh and other please start it if you must do it so I am very thankful

  54. please start it very fast this is my request to you please show it into colours tv

  55. why i am not getting reply colours tv from one year

  56. Yes..we want King Ashoka Story After the Kalinga War plz.. Season 2 I want to see please.. it is a best story.


  58. We need ashok 2 give it to us quickly


  60. yes please make CHAKRAVARTHI ASHOK SAMRAT season 2

  61. yes please make CHAKRAVARTHI ASHOK SAMRAT season 2

  62. yes please make CHAKRAVARTHI ASHOK SAMRAT season 2

  63. please make CHAKRAVARTHI ASHOK SAMRAT season 2

  64. Pratyasha Mahapatra

    Please please please make CAS part2 as I am a due heart fan of it….ek hi tho serial tha jo main dekhti thi. Don’t think that this only one comment he pure 8 th class ki tarah se hai …. Ash ok House ke bachhe hain .. Ashoka nahin dekha tho raat mein mind nahi aati purane episodes dekh ke ratta ho Gaya hai…ab tho jeena mushjil hai….we the students of class 8 of of ARC Charbatia support CAS …The whole school supports please wapas banao CAS….

  65. Please show chakravartin ashoka samrat ka season 2 . I like this serial .

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