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DO YOU EVEN CARE? ( two shots by WS- PART 1)

Hello ppl..me here with my first two shots…hope u will like it..anjo i didnt know how to contact u…hope u will read it..nd all of u..hope u enjoy..I know everyone is busy wid exams but plz plz read it..nd comment…i will post d second part according to d response…nd what u ppl say…hope u like it…( P.S- its from shravan’s point of view.)

I wake up by the sound of someone’s anklets. I half open my eyes to take a look at who is it who is disturbing my sleep so early in the morning.
Then through my blurred lens I see a figure in yellow. That colour itself looks so refreshing like a dandelion. I see her move towards the dressing table. She sits in front of the mirror and applies vermilion in her partition. I don’t understand why she does this drama of being a wife to me. This relation doesn’t carry even an ounce of a meaning to me. I hate her. I hate her for what she did to me. I hate her for coming back in my life. And I hate her for not hating me or not showing it.
She probably sees me in the mirror and notices me staring at her for a long time. It was not intentional from my side.
She turns towards me and now I see her clearly. She is wearing a lemon yellow suit and a pair of small earrings adore her ears. Her hands have just one bangle in each of them which have been given to her by my mother. Although I don’t wish to say this, but she looks beautiful. And more than beautiful she looks refreshing.
She passes on a smile at me which I don’t return back. I think I see sadness in her eyes as she goes from there, leaving behind only the sound of her anklets echoing in my head. Why do you behave as if you care cause I know you really don’t. I curse myself for having wasted so much time thinking about her. I can’t sleep now. I glance at the clock hanging on the wall opposite to my bed, ” 8:00″, it says. I push myself out of the bed. I put on my slippers and move towards the bathroom to brush my teeth.
When I come back, I see her doing something with my cupboard open. Anger surges within me. How dare she touch my cupboard! In this one year of our so called marriage, I have told her so many times not to interfere in my work. But she just doesn’t listen. I move towards her and she turns towards me with a black tuxedo in her hand.
” Here, take this. Black suits you. Wear black today. ” she says smilingly. Why do you do so? I really wanted to ask her. What do you want to prove?
I move past her and take out a dark blue tuxedo. My favourite colour has always been black cause I know it suits me. But I will not wear it if that’s her choice.
” I have told you so many times, not to touch my things then why don’t you understand. ” I shout at her.
” Shravan, I just wanted to help you.” She says softly and I hear her voice breaking but I don’t see her crying.
” Suman, you can just help me in one thing, in staying away from you. Just stay away from me and my things. Please. ” I am just tired of her and her tactics. I fail to understand all of this.
I take my clothes and move to the bathroom.
As soon as the cold water touches my skin and I close my eyes, everything flashes in front of me all of a sudden.
We were friends from the college. We grew up to be close friends. Then we fell in love or let me say this is what I think. We were very famous in the whole college. I being the hottest guy there as told by others and she being that confident and sincere student whom professors were always happy with. Ours was what others told, a couple made in heaven and they said, people would die to find such partners for themselves.
Such a perfect story it was. A life which not everyone gets.
Then I proposed marriage to her in front of everyone at the prom night where she went with me. She looked gorgeous in that red dress with her hair open. I had worn a black tuxedo. We both together formed the another wonder of the world. So beautiful. It almost looked like a fantasy dream to me.
I went over the stage and announced on the mike for her to come on the stage. She came looking a bit tensed but smiling.
I kneeled down in front of her and took out a box containing a beautiful ring but not more beautiful than her.
” Ms. Suman Kashyap, will you marry me?” I said and the crowd cheered. It was one simple question and everybody knew what the answer would be. But she just made me stand up, took my hand and brought me in an isolated place where nobody was there.
” I can’t marry you now.” She said with tears in her eyes. My world came crashing down. My mind was filled with the endless memories we formed together. So it was all a lie. A big lie. She played with my emotions. She used me.
” Shravan listen.. ” she starts but I was in no mood to listen. I just walked away from there even though I heard her fall down. I left her.


Then after three years when I hadn’t moved on yet, her family came with her proposal for me and my dad accepted it. I was shocked. She told me she didn’t want to marry me. So what has changed now? She had become a successful lawyer. How did I not meet her? Of course, I was doing my internship in London. I accepted the proposal for my dad’s happiness. Then on the first day of pur marriage, I pinned her to the wall and took out my frustration. When I asked her why did she do this, she just turned her face away.” Fine” I said. ” we may be husband and wife for the world but I don’t accept this relation. You will stay away from me.”
Then when she came to sleep on my bed, I told, ” What makes you think that you have that right? I will not sleep with you. One of us will sleep on the couch and one on the bed.”
She still stood there waiting for me to move.
I laughed. ” I am not sleeping on the couch, it’s you. Don’t expect me to show any sympathy. Take your things and move.” I said with a kind of evilness in my voice.
Without another word, she took her things and went on the couch. I turned so that she could see only my back. I think I heard her cry. How hard she tried to suppress those sobs, they still managed to come out. I don’t care. I thought.
And after one year of marriage which will be completed tomorrow, the statement still remains the same. I don’t care.
My thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door.
” Dad is calling you for the breakfast, please come down soon.” I hear her familiar voice.
Before I can reply anything to her, I hear the sounds of anklets leaving. She went.
On the breakfast table, my mom informs me that Suman has decided to keep a fast tomorrow on our anniversary for my long life. I really wanted to say it then and there that I don’t want a life where I have to see her face. But I just let it be.

Next morning I wake up early and leave for my work. I don’t want to celebrate this day. And I don’t want to see her drama of being a wife to me.
I am in my meeting when I get a call from my dad.
” Hello son..?” I hear his husky voice speak from the other end.
” Yes dad.” I reply.
” Why are you at office today on your special day? You should be with your wife. Even she must be feeling bored. I hope that you have thought of a gift for her.” Dad says.
Gift? I think. I haven’t even thought about seeing her face today.
” Dad I am busy with the work today.” I say
” I don’t want to listen to any excuse, come home early in the evening.” Dad says and cuts the phone.
She must have done this, complained to dad.
Why can’t she let me live in peace?

Its already dark when I reach home. I enter my room and see her sitting near the window. She is wearing a black saree. My favourite colour. Her hair is left open. I see some bangles in her hand. I assume they must have been given to her by my mother. She doesn’t like to wear bangles, I know that. Why is she dressed up as if I am going to take her out? I am not.
She gets up to see me standing there with the blazer in my hand. She moves towards me and tries to take the blazer from me to keep it in my cupboard. She did it again. Why? Why can’t she just mind her own business? I throw the blazer on the bed and move from there.
After a while she comes there with a glass of water in her hands.
I don’t know why but anger surges within me and I just throw the glass down, breaking it into pieces. She bends down to pick those pieces as if it had no effect on her. I see her patiently picking up all the pieces. Then she goes to dispose them.
When she comes back in the room, its pretty late. She was busy with the dinner, though she didn’t have any. She looked tired and weak to me. This was bound to happen if she does this drama. Anyway I decide that I don’t give a damn about it.
” Do you need milk?” She asks as she enters.
I just move towards her and hold her by her shoulders and pin her to the wall with quite some force. She tries to push me but I hold her hands. She cries a bit in pain.
” What’s the need for all this ? Why do you do this drama ? I need an answer today.
I feel something hot in my hands. Then I see it. Blood is coming from her hands. I have broken her bangles and those glass pieces hurt her skin. Good. I feel so good seeing her in pain. So I hold her and pull her towards me, not leaving her bleeding hand. She can’t find her balance. She feels weak and dizzy. She doesn’t have the power to resist anymore. I look down at her.
” Do you even care ?” I nearly shout at her
” Shravan..” That’s all that manages to come out of her.
I show no sympathy and push her hard not caring about the consequences. I just wsnt to hurt her, that’s all. I turn and leave even though I hear her fall down with a thud.

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