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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Arpita getting commissioner to his cabin to show Sandhya. Sandhya hides and looks on. Commissioner opens the mailbox locker. He shows the confidential letter sealed and says your doubt is wrong, this letter is sealed. Sandhya thinks Arpita is keeping eye on me, I have to be alert. Arpita says I have seen Sandhya leaving from your cabin. Sandhya comes from front door and tells him about the scientists’ security, she needs the Id cards. He says its good you came, I was calling you, I had to give you the two ID cards of scientists. Arpita thinks Sir tricked Sandhya to know from Sandhya that its three ID cards, if she has seen the cards before. Sandhya says fine, I will check security. Commissioner looks at Arpita and says sorry, I did not see, its three IDs. Sandhya


says I will plan security level, I will be careful about scientists’ security. Arpita says I will come along. Sandhya says you check on city security to find that terrorists, I will manage this, if you need me, you give me a call. She goes. Commissioner asks Arpita how can she blame Sandhya without solid proof, this does not suit you.

Leader talks to everyone and says everyone underestimated me because of my height, you all maybe thinking you can overtake me , but I have a bomb which can blow up the city. Babasa gets unwell. Bhabho asks are you fine. He says yes. He holds his heart. Bhabho and everyone rush to Babasa. Om checks Babasa and says high BP is getting high, get his medicines. Bhabho asks Sooraj to get medicines from Babasa’s room. Sooraj rushes and leader stops him, asking is this your Nani’s house to play around, you all are hostage here. Sooraj says I need to get medicine for Babasa. Leader says I will let you get medicines, but first Sandhya has to get ID cards, pray your father stays fine till now. He locks the door.

The scientists land and Sandhya receives them. She thinks to keep them captured and then swap the terrorists. She takes them somewhere and says you can’t stay at circuit house for security reasons. Arpita follows Sandhya and says why did Sandhya get them here, whats going on in her mind. Arpita gets inside the house. The three terrorists who took scientists’ avatar walk downstairs. The scientists and Arpita get shocked. The terrorists aim gun at the scientists. The scientists asks Sandhya whats all this. Sandhya says sorry. Arpita thinks whats going on, who are these three. Sooraj says I will get medicine. Leader says I will shoot your dad and the medicine will not be useful. Sooraj stops and asks what do you want.

Leader says someone asked me this after a long time, I want to play cricket. Sooraj says I have to get medicine for Babasa. Leader says we will play 12 ball game, if you lose, your dad’s life will also lose. Om asks Sooraj to do as the terrorist says, Babasa needs medicine. Bhabho asks Sooraj to get medicine and cries. Leader says you don’t refuse to mother, come.

Rocky says we will answer, Sandhya was kept for your security, she has kidnapped you, you will tell us your bio data and behavior details. PP says till you cooperate with us, you will be alive, no one should doubt on us. The scientists ask why do you want to do this, are you those terrorists which Pushkar police is finding. PP says your identities are secret and no one knows you, so we made this plan, we will leave out of the city in helipcopter, as simple as that. Arpita gets shocked and thinks my doubt was not wrong, Sandhya is supporting these terrorists, I did not know she is playing such a big game.

Leader asks Sooraj to play well and score more than him, else Babasa will not get medicine. Sooraj gets in pressure. He wins the game. Leader says you won but my mood spoiled, I don’t like to lose. Sooraj gets angry. Leader says I was joking, Rocky messaged and said Sandhya has kidnapped scientists, take the keys. Sooraj rushes and gets the medicines. Babasa eats medicines. Bhabho says you will get fine now, don’t worry.

Sandhya shoots at Arpita, and takes the scientists in her car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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