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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Sandhya thinks now there is chance to win. Leader asks whats this joke, why did you aim gun on me. PP says because you are a cheater, you want one of us to die, why don’t we kill you. Leader says we are one. PP says you want to sacrifice us. Leader says no, we are friends, don’t do this. PP asks Rocky to start countdown. Sandhya signs the men. The terrorists start laughing. Leader says not bad Sandhya, we wanted us to fight, you don’t know us, we can live and die for each other, why are you doing mistake, can’t you understand, do whats said to you, I will shoot you and Sooraj. Bhabho recalls her dream and shouts. She asks them not to shoot them.


Leader asks Bhabho to explain Sandhya. He asks Sandhya to do arrangements and take them out, stop going against us, our roots are strong, we are four and will die along four lakhs, we have many explosives, I can blow this city. Someone knocks the gate. He asks Meenakshi to check and not act smart.

Meenakshi asks who is it. Arpita says I m SP Arpita, open the door. PP asks Meenakshi to make Arpita leave, if you act smart, I will shoot your son. PP asks everyone to behave normal, else their children will die. Leader asks Sandhya to make Arpita go from here, she should not doubt, I m going to kids, if you do anything, I will die along with kids.

Arpita asks Meenakshi to open the door, why is she taking lots of time. Meenakshi says we have shut gate because of terrorists’ fear. Arpita asks about Sandhya. Meenakshi says she is at home. Arpita asks why is Hanuman Gali so lonely today, why are telephone lines cuts, its red alert and telephones should work, I will call and get man to fix this. Meenakshi says no, Sandhya has done already.

Arpita sees Rathi family sitting normal. Arpita greets Bhabho. Sandhya asks her to come. She asks how did you come, you may have some imp work come. Leader looks at video feed. Arpita observes. Sandhya thinks why did Arpita come here and asks did you have imp work. Arpita says yes, you left imp meeting midway and I came here to meet you. Sandhya says yes, I had to come home to do final rites of Ankur and Ankita. Arpita sees Vikram’s hand wound and asks how did you get wounded, did you meet with any accident. Meenakshi says he fell in bathroom. Babasa says he slipped in stairs.

Arpita asks what. Sandhya says Vikram fell in bathroom and slipped from stairs, its his accident day today. Arpita asks Vikram to take care. Sandhya says leave all this, it happens everyday, shall I get coffee for you. Arpita says no, where are kids, where is Vansh. She says we will take you in police van, Vansh will do final rites. She thinks why is Sandhya thinking so much.

Sandhya says Vansh is not at home, he has gone to play with neighbor kids, I want to keep Vansh away from all this, he is small and don’t know how he reacts, I have car, I will go, you can leave. Arpita says fine, I will leave, call me if there is any work. She starts leaving. Leader thinks its good Arpita did not get doubt. The kids cry. Arpita stops and thinks Sandhya lied to me that kids are in neighborhood, why is everyone so tensed here.

Leader asks Vansh not to say anything to Arpita, else he will kill other kids. Arpita asks about kids. Sooraj lies that Vansh and Kanak came back, and Sandhya does not know of it. Arpita says fine, call Vansh, I want to meet him, big incident happened with him. Sooraj goes to call Vansh. Bhabho thinks if Vansh says truth, it will be big problem. Sooraj tells leader that Arpita has doubt and is adamant to meet Vansh, Sandhya tried to send her, but what can we do, I guarantee Vansh will not tell anything. Leader says Vansh was angry on you. Sooraj says I will not let him say. Leader tells Vansh that he will kill his parents, siblings and family, don’t say truth. Sooraj takes Vansh to Arpita. Arpita asks Vansh what happened, why are you tensed. Vansh cries and says aunty…. Bhabho thinks Vansh can say truth that terrorists are hiding in our house.

Arpita tells commissioner that Sandhya is hiding something from us. Sandhya says I have to keep Id cards back in commissioner’s officer. Commissioner and Arpita go to his cabin, and see Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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