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Did you find Vatsal Seth’s show Baazigar impressive?

Vatsal Seth’s last show Ek Haseena Thi was very much promising and kept the suspense, mystery and drama till the very end with major focus on the negative character Shaurya Goenka. Vatsal’s role of a bad guy was much new for his fans, but his talent was much appreciated in that show. Vatsal came in the list of hotties and adorable actors by his portrayal of Shaurya. After a long break, Vatsal chose Life Ok’s Baazigar for his comeback. The show got Vatsal in grey shade. Though the actor claimed his character Aarav is not negative, the track has Aarav doing all sort of crimes. Aarav is seen negative and heartless, but a secret lies in his past. Baazigar was much hyped for Vatsal’s return.

Vatsal stars opposite Ishita Dutta in the show. Their chemistry was good in the beginning, when the show focused on their romance and love story. After their split, the revenge drama took the track long before showing Aarav’s cruel and criminal side. Aarav is hiding a big truth about his childhood, which his wife Arundhati wants to bring out. She hopes to change Aarav with the secrets surfacing and reconnecting the entire truth. Vatsal’s role is not much entertaining and got dull. Did you find Vatsal Seth’s show Baazigar impressive? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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