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Destiny of PraBul – Chapter 16

Thnq sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much di, mukund bro, saro, priyanka, ritu, rabul’s girl n reshu……… ur cmnts really meant a lot to me…….. thnq so much again for cmnting in 15th epi…..n giving hope to me to write…… give constant support like this.

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Chapter 15


Episode starts with Abhi is very shock to see that letter. that letter is written by Pragya. thats her resignation letter.

Tanu also sees the letter and gets happy. at that time a boy comes to Abhi’s cabin. he wears a sport shoe and white T-shirt with pale blue jean. He gives a tight slap to Abhi. Abhi falls down. then Abhi sees the boy’s face. he is SANSKAR ( frm Swaragini) (he is the one who was on phone yesterday, n with whom u saw as caller in previous epis…..)
then both holds each others collar. Tanu scolds the boy (sanky). he removes his hand frm abhi’s collar. Abhi also leaves. the boy says look Mr. Abhishek Mehra once again u tried to hurt Pragya I wont leave u. if anything happens to her u’ll see who am i. don’t cross in her life again. stay out of her. this Sanskar Maheshwari always be there for her to protect.

sanky is abt to go he stops near Tanu and says u r the one….. yesterday girl ri8? i think u said prag will do anything for money? what do u know abt her? do u know how rich she is? but her DESTINY mades her work under u. she lost lot of money. but she always rich more than u by her pure heart. if u again tried to harm her i’ll kill u. if i don’t do that i’m not Sanskar maheshwari….. he leaves frm there.
Rag sees this all who stands near door. abhi was totally broken.
Rag : bhai… he hugs her nd cries. Rag sees Tanu and asks u r the reason for my bro’s this state.

Tanu: says no ..i just..
Rag : just shut ur mouth. i know abt u.
she brings abhi to home. she tries to console him. then Rabul also comes there. Rag says everything to them. bulbul’s heart beat starts raising. in mind god plz save pragya. now she needs ur help. this clearly shown in her face. purab holds her hand and nods nothing happened to her.
abhi : guys plz leave me alone. everyone left frm there.

Mitali : hey servant come here.
bul : mam.
Mit : my child is crying take care of him. bul goes.
purab stares at her angrily. Mitali remembers what he told yesterday. ” if u have any problem to obey my orders get out frm this house” (mitali is a lazy nd like to enjoy luxurious life. but her husband does not allow her to do that. so she decides don’t do anything to bulbul and njoy few days in this big mansion.)
bulbul comes there with child. Mitali says bul its ok this is my child my responsibility. so i’ll take care of her.
bul : its ok. i like child so i’ll take care.

mit : no swara..
purab: she told na go frm here.
child stopped crying.
bul : pur baby is in hungry. i’ll bring food. she feeds to baby. pur sees this nd holds baby in his hand. then bul feeds to pur too in the middle. the three r look like a cute family.
aliya sees this nd searches Mitali. bhabi what r u doing here?(in angry tone)
(actually mitali is near swimming pool she puts her one leg on another. wearing cooling glass. she holds juice glass in her hand) (that look is very funny)

aliya : bhabi they both becoming close more than b4 do something.
mitali thinks in mind this non sense won’t allow me to njoy this wealth
mitali : aliya leave it. everything will be alright. she leaves frm there.
aliya: i brought her to separate them but she is not caring abt this. this idiot DESTINY makes them always closer.

after two week

Pragya’s home at Lucknow

Pragya was so sad. Usually she never closes her mouth. she always talkative. but now she became very silent. sarala & sundar feels sad for Pragya’s this state.
Pragya is watching tv…..
U r watching coffee with Aastha season 2…… now we r going to see the romantic proposal…..abhigya propose scene telecast……uncontrollably tears escaped from her eyes…..
Sarala felt very bad…..suddenly sarala sees an invitation.
sarala : arey pragya sushmi’s marriage is day after tmrw u have to go na?

prag : haan maa. but marriage is at Mumbai. thats y I’m thinking.
sundar : so what? u just go to marriage attend it then come here. y r u thinking ?
prag : after few minutes says yes.
sarala : but sundar what is the need to force her?
sundar : she is going to meet her frnds. if frnds is near there sadness can’t survive. so she’ll be happy. if she stays here she thinks the past only.
sarala : ya u r right.

Nxt day prag reaches mumbai. she calls someone and informs that she had reached. she comes out frm railway station nd sees sanky.
prag : sanky what a pleasant surprise. what r u doing here? any meeting?
sanky : he gives a killer look and says hello madam do u know that am ur bestie? and i’m ur classmate too. sushmi is not only frnd to u she is frnd to me too. ok.
prag : meri bhagvan. can we leave frm here? they goes. on the way “how do u know that am coming to mumbai. i didn’t told u na?

sanky : abhi told to me. prag face goes small. hey i’m sry. i just kidding. actually dad said.
prag : ok stop the car at matarani temple.
sanky : u came to marriage na ? then y temple?
prag : plz don’t ask me anything. i’ve important work. plz.
Sanky in mind something she is hiding from me.

screen freezes with confusing face of Sanky

Precap : A man stabs Pragya by knife.

if u liked the epi then plz try to cmnt …… n i’m really sry for not replying to u……. by urs loving Aastha.

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