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Hola buddiesss…..   

Any one missed my SS   Ok lemme start…….


All gathered for having breakfast and they were eating silently, but you know right our swasan cannot stay quite. So swara started, mom do you know, yesterday I saw a thief …
Before swara could complete her sentence, suji started hey bhagwan then what happen swara did he harm you??? You could have called us right. I know this sleepy watch man would be partner for this crime, useless fellow. And another reason may be , this dumb head sanskar. He comes late and due to his carelessness may be he entered our house. Then what happen swara??
Simultaneously sanskar spit the food from his mouth and glared swara and gave her pleading look no…

Suji – Swara beti, tell what happen???
Swara – mom I told I saw thief but not in our house but in our neighborhood. but mom many wild cats are roaming this side so we should be careful with them. They are scary and can harm us anytime ,she said these words looking at sanskar.
Suji- ha swara beti, we should report them to blue cross..

Swara – was imagining sanskar chained to rope and he is kept in cage and he is meowing and she was laughing loudly..
Trio – what happen swara ???
Swara – nothing mom.

Sanskar – got angry and went to his room for picking document, soon he realized that things kept in his room were re-arranged and he found swara ‘s things along with his. Sanskar was scolding her and searching for file more than 10 minutes and he yelled swara…
Swara – hey thief what do you want???

Sanskar – was already in tension and swara’s attitude made him worse. he shouted, who the hell are you to change things in my room?? And where is my file and where did you change them???
Swara – hey thief, I have full rights in this room. If you want you can change the room.
Sanskar – got angry he twisted swara’s hand , shouted don’t raise your voice and stay away from me.

His eyes grew big and they turned red.
Swara- ahhh sanskar leave my arms its paining and she was trying to escape from his hand and she was not strong enough to fight over him. So she has to face the pain.
Sanskar – hey devil I will give you five minutes , find my file and when I’m returning at night the room should be normal as before. Ok !!!!!!!!!!!

Swara –was not able to bear the pain and tears brimmed through her almond eyes and all the while she was searching for file and finally she found and gave it to sanskar.
Sanskar – noticed, she was crying and he realized how harsh he was on her. Immediately he raised his hands to console her but something was disturbing him and left without talking to swara.
(sometimes situation turns human into devil – sanskar never did this intentionally)

At office :- sanskar was being restless, he was not able to concentrate on his work, all he could see was swara’s painful face with tears. He was wrenching in pain. He decided to seek forgiveness from swara.

Night in MM – all were sleeping and sanskar entered his room and found it empty. He searched for swara in his room and hall, garden and ever where but she went missing. Sanskar thought to ask his mom but later regretted becz she may shoot him with many questions. Soon sanskar dozed off in his bed , without his knowledge, while waiting for swara.

It was around 12.30 am, some one entered sanskar room and the person left the room by giving big thud to the door. Due to heavy bang, sanskar’s sleep got disturbed and he went to check for the person. He ran behind the shadow, due to pitch black darkness he was not able to see the table on his way and hit on them. He yelled in pain and sat on the floor holding his feet. Later he realized about the shadow, but he missed it. He slowly got up and left to his room. But on the way he saw a white figure with long open hairs and wearing payal and moving towards terrace.
Sanskar called who is that?? But no reponse. Again he shouted , but this time he heard a murmuring sound. Ding dong ding dong the clock struck 2.00 am. Sanskar got alarmed and it struck his mind may be its ghost. Yes it was ghost. He started to shiver and his legs were dancing like jelly.

Soon the ghost took a U turn came towards sanskar, he was closing his eyes and chanting hanuman chalisa   . Sanskar with half eyes opened saw the ghost approaching him and his legs were freezing slowly. The ghost face was half burned and it had dark circles and few blood droplets over her mouth, it had long pointed nails and blood was dropping from enamel. Her white dress had stains of blood and she wore chain made of skull and bones. Totally it was looking daunting. Soon sanskar fell on the floor , like fainting.

Then slowly ghost bent down toward him and its long flexible tongue licked sanskar face and made them red due to blood. This was enough for sanskar his heart was pounding and he skipped breathing. Ghost gave a smirk and laughed loudly heheehehhehheehhehahhhhhhhhhhhh and dug the nails in to his skin but not so deep to harm him. Sanskar yelled noooo……. And closed his eyes capturing the last view of the world………………………………………

Now the ghost was so happy and removed its mask.( if you would have been clever, u guessed it right, yes its our swara)and she was dancing dandanakka nakka nakka nakka, danakka ka…
She was laughing holding her stomach and remembered sanskar’s face how scary they were   
Soon she took many selfies to tease him. And somehow swara managed to drag sanskar and made him sleep on bed and swara recorded entire scenario in her video cam and she was enjoying them watching whole night. And she slept on couch.
Offscreen :-

Swara – I will only tell…
Sanskar – no me first, I will only tell…
Both were fighting…
Navi – ahhhhhhh ,stop fighting, even KG kids are better than U..
Swasan – embarrassed.

Navi – girls first, so swara you convey what you want share!!!!
Sanskar – this is bongu( not fair) why should always be girls first??
Navi – ok you tell sanskar what you wanna share..
Sanskar – arshaanya & maha thank you for liking me in last chapie <3
Swara- kakali & madhu love u girls for liking me in last chapie <3
Navi – oi hello wts this??? your insane what about others who liked ur combo?????
Swasan – aww, sorrieee….

Swasan – choco nive, shan, nive siso, mica, tani, afra, ani, rabi, vyshu, souj ,S, anu rathore, arunika, anu and silent readers love you all so much keep reading and supporting us <3 <3 <3
Swasanavi – shared group and bid bye too all…

Ok,how was today chapie??

I think it was quite boring, becz I was too feeling bored while writing this…..

Thank you for patiently reading this story……

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