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Swara pov :


Tomorrow is my marriage oh god I’m not interested in this relationship but due to parents wish and for their happiness I have taken this decision to marry him. I have no other option, I can’t betray my parents by eloping but still I’m not ready for this relationship too. She was crying and her brain was forcing her to elope but her mind was giving her solution, running away is not good option it may spoil yours and family reputation, so face the problem. Suddenly she heard knock on the door, I composed myself made small smile and peeped out. It was my mother, shona I know you’re not ready for these kinds of things but think about future beta, it’s time for you to get married and take responsibility. This society may talk bad about you and its responsibility of every girl to enter into new family and start your life there. You make think parents are forcing you emotionally but this the fact shona. As a mom I can help and guide you always in right path, don’t you have faith on me or on your papa?? No mom nothing like that, yet I haven’t made my mind to accept the relation and move on in life. Yeah beta I can understand your feeling, I have too undergone these problems your facing now, but slowly I started accepting the fact and now I’m happy with your papa. Marriage is not about spending life in marital bliss, then giving birth to children and growing up kids and die one day. Its start of new life where you are given time to prove yourself how good and caring you are, how your responsible, tackling the family problems, guiding the family members in correct path and tigress enough to uphold your reputation in society. Ok beta, its late sleep and we have to get up early morning for puja and think about what I said shona. And shomi gave her forehead kiss and left the room. Now swara was alone and thinking about her mom words but yet she was not convinced.

It was around 5.00 am, I can hear the mantras chanted by priest and whole house was busy in marriage preparation and my mom came to wake me and she made me ready for puja. The puja went for one hour and finally I was sent to my room for changing my bride costume. Aahshhh I was tired and my body was aching like anything and I slowing rested my body on the mattress.

Sanskar pov :

Arey lucky where are you donkey??? You were with me when I don’t need you but when I needed you the most, you have disappeared like goblin. sanskar was pacing in his room and murmuring I’m so young for marriage, what the need for this all. I want to enjoy my bachelor life and I’m not ready for being cage bird in this relationship. After marriage I have to confess her that I’m not ready for this relationship and convince her for DIVORCE. His thoughts were disturbed by his mom and she informed him to get ready for marriage. He said ok and left for changing.

sujatha and rp are sanskar parents and they knew he is not interested in this marriage but they liked swara and had a hope, she will change him and both with make charming couple.

Groom family arrived at bride’s house and they were welcomed heartily and some rituals were done. Groom was taken to mandap and he was performing rituals as said by priest and his heart was under agony and if he had chance he would run away from marriage.

Priest commanded to bring the bride and shomi went to pick her, but she was shocked to see the scenario. Few girls along with beautician and designer were standing out of shona room and banging the door. shomi ran and she finally opened swara room using spare key and all was shocked and kept their mouth open when they saw something on her bed.( hahaheheh don’t think she eloped and wrote letter)they saw shona sleeping peacefully cuddling her baby pillow. Shomi rushed and shook shona and yelled her for her carelessness. Soon swara was draped in red Mysore silk sari studded with stones and she was ready in her attire and was taken to mandap.

This side sanskar was happy becoz swara was getting late and he thought she eloped but unfortunately his happiness was broken into pieces when he saw her walking towards him. Swara was feeling like hitting everyone and stab the groom for accepting the proposal. She gave grim face to sanskar and sat next to him. Sanskar was annoyed for this marriage and he gave her kill you look. Soon mantras were chanted and sanskar tied the holy thread/ mangalsutra around swara’s neck. They took 7 vow and they were declared as husband and wife. Shekar and shomi were shedding happy tears and sad becoz they were sending their daughter to another house whom she doesn’t know and she was pampered kid.

All the rituals were done and swara was send to her in -laws house. On the way swasan gave cunning look to each other like you will rot in forth coming days.
Suji and ram were waiting eagerly to welcome swara and some rituals were done. Swara was pretending to be happy outside and she was cursing herself for this relationship. Whereas sanskar was giving glares to suji and ram.

Finally newly wedded couple were sent to their master room(sanskar room). Both were shocked to see the decorations in the room. Sanskar was shocked,becoz room was lit with few candles, flowers all over and bed was decorated with roses and few led lights giving dim glow. Swara was giving deadly glare to sanskar. Sanskar shook his head in no and cursed suji for these unwanted preparation and he felt embarrassed too. He said sorry to swara and both removed all the stuffs and they were very tired and changed into night suit and ready for bed. But their enmity starts here, both were fighting for sleeping on bed. Soon swara came with solution who ever runs first and touch the door and can sleep in bed other should sleep in couch. Sanskar said ok and he was getting ready for the game, whereas swara gave a sheepish smile and said ok ready one, two, and before three sanskar ran towards the door but swara jumped on bed and covered herself with blanket and yelled good night kiddo. Sanskar was stun by her action and he started fighting with her. Hey you cheated me it’s not fair and you pointing his finger at swara, calling me kiddo. How dare you???? Swara was not responding and he was yelling at her hey monkey, get up you cheated me. Swara was laughing inside for wining this time by making him angry. Soon she started dosing. but sanskar pulled her from legs and dragged her out from bed. Swara’s sleep was disturbed and she made herself strong by cling on to headboard. Some how sanskar managed to pull swara and as result she fell down from bed and sanskar climbed on bed and slept. Swara gave a disgusting look and climbed over sanskar and she pulled his hair and started fighting with him soon sanskar too joined with her and both were pulling others hair and almost after 30 minutes both were exhausted and their eyes turned heavy and slept in same bed side by side.

Tadda, first part got over. Tell me if you liked this part and since its arranged marriage I have given pov about their feelings, so you many understand their feeling.

Then how was swara in this chapie her act???

From next chapie you may find silly fighting btwn swasan like end of this part..

Thank you for reading this chapie… I hope you will encourage me always….

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