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Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 19

Hello Frnds…Thnks fr the Valuable Comments I Bestowed on My Previous Part…It means alot.n Sprry fr nt Posting fr 2 Dyz..Was Really Bzy.Bt Finally Wrote Todyz Part in 2 to 3 Hours in a Hurry Only fr U All as U all were Waiting fr it Sincd 2 Dyz…..Hope U will Like it too..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below :)..


Previous Parts :
Previous Parts


Recap : Terrorists Torture Continues on Swara n Aryaan sees Sanskaar..



Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 19

The Part Strts wid Aryaan seeing n Shouting Sanskaar’s Name wid All Happiness n n Excitment wid Tears Continously Rolling frm His Eyes making Swara n others Shocked…

Aryaan : ( Happy n Exicted ) Paapaopaa.. ( To Swara Happily ) Mumma..Mumma..I saw Papa..jst nw..See ( Innocently ) Maine kaha tha na Papa aayege n dekha He Came ( Hugs Swara Happily wid Teary Eyes ) Nw He will Safe Us All ( Happy )

Ajay : ( Shocked ) Kya kaha ?? Papa ?? ( Goes towards Aryaan ) Kua Bakwaas karrahe ho ? Kaha hai Tumhare Papa ?? ( Angry ) Bolo..

Aryaan : ( Scared n Points towards da Sofa ) Wooh..Wwaahaa.. ( Cries n Hugs Swara Tightly )

Swara : ( Shocked n Hugs Bak Immediately n Angry ) Kya karrahe ho ? Baccha hai..Kuch toh Rahem karo ( Caresses Aryaan’s Hairs Lovingly n Concernly n Kisses His Hairs ) Sshh. Mera Baccha..Dnt Cry..Mumma hai na..Ssshh ( Calms Aryaan )

Aryaan : ( Release da Hug while Crying ) Bt Mumma..I Swear I saw Papa thr ( Points towards da Sofa ) He was Staring Us wid Teary Eyes..I ( Swear by Keeping His Hands on His Throat ) Swear Mumma I Saw ( Cries n Explains )

As Aryaan was Explaining Swara abt Sanskaar’s Presence,Terrorists who were Fuming in Anger Strtd Searching fr Sanskaar All Around da Room wid Full Anger n Frustration..While Terrorists where Searching fr Sanskaar Desperately,Swara who was all Confused n Worried was Shocked n Surprised seeing Sanskaar Hiding Behind A Curtain wid Fear of getting Caught.

Sabskaar : ( Fearfully ) Thnk God I Came in My Senses n Immediately Hided behind this Curtain after Hearing Aryaan’s Voice warma..Uff..Bahut badi Gadbas hojati ( Sighs in Relief ).

While Sanskaar was Lost in His Thots,His Eyes fell on His Beautiful Wife who was Staring Him Lovingly wid Tears Flowing frm Her Swollen n Red Eyes Continously Showing Her Pain n Torture She Suffered in this Few Hours.Seeing Swara Staring Him,Sanskaar too Stared Her Passionately Showing His Equal Pain n Fear He Suffered since Past Few Hours making Both Swara n Sanskaar to Stare Eachother More Passionately n Weakly wid Tears of Happiness n Pain Flowing frm their Eyes Continously making their Eyes More Red n Swollen..

Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaki thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Yeh lamha kahaan tha mera

Ab hai saamne
Ishe chhuu loon zara
Marr jaaun ya jee loon zaraaa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loon zara (indicine.com)
Marr jaaun ya jee loon zaraa

Hoo abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaki thodi si hai zindagi..

As Both were Staring Eachother Passionately,Swara in Happiness was abt To Shout Sanskaar’s Name bt was Stopped by Sanskaar Immediately through His Eyes n Shocked Expressions making Swara to Understand n Act Maturely..Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Broke their Eye Lock n Composes themselves seeing da Terrorists Coming towards Aryaan Angrily making Both Swara n Sanskaar n Aryaan
Shocked n Scared wid Tears of Fear Flowing frm their Eyes Continously them More Pale n Scared.

Ajay : ( Angry n Scolds Aryaan ) Aeyy..Kaha hai tere Papa ?? Saara Room dekhliya bt kahi bhi nhi hai tere Papa.. ( Holds Aryaan’s Hairs Tightly ) Maazak karraha tha humare saath..Hw Dare U ?? ( Raises Hands to Slap )

Swara : ( Shocked n Stopped ) Hw Dare U Slap My Son ?? Pagaal ho kya ?? ( Hugs Aryaan Protectively ) Baccha hai.. n Kitna Dara hua hai..cnt U See ? Abb Darr ke mare He delt His Papa is here..So wats Wrong in it..Insaan ho Ya Janwer ?? Arrey atleast Janwer kuch Rahem dhikhate hai wen they Feel they r Wrong..bt U Ppl.. ( Makes Disgusted Faces ) Chii..

Saurav : ( Angry ) Abbey..Bas kar..Nw tell Me did u See Ur Commisioner Husband Here ?? Or No ?

Swara : ( Fumbles ) Woh..No..Nnhii Dekha.. ( Acts Boldly ) Kaha na..Bacche ne Darr ke mare Sanskaar ko dekhliya hoga ..Nthing Else.. ( Avoids Eye Contact n Sweats )

Ajay : Hmm..Ok.. ( To Saurav ) Saurav Shayad She is Right..Bacche ka Wahem hi hoga..ki He Felt Sanskaar is Here..Abb Chal..Lets see Bahar kya Haal hai..

Saurav : Hm Ok..Chal.. ( To Vicky Slowly ) Nazer Rakh inpe..Pata nhi kyoun I Feel They r Lieing n Sanskaar is Somewhere Here Around.. ( Strictly )

Vicky : Ok Bhai..Dnt Worry..Will Keep an Eye on them..U n Ajay Bhai Go.. (.Assures )

Saurav : Ok..

Soon as Saurav n Ajay Left Swara n Sanskaar who were all Tensed n Worried took a Relieved Sigh n was Relaxed n Had a Emotional Eye Lock Secretly wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously..While Swara n Sanskaar were having an Emotional Eye lock Sanskaar Came in Reality n somehow Broke da Eye Lock n Composes Himself n Signals Swara Something through Eyes making Swara to Understand n Help Sanskaar in His Plan..

Swara : ( Wipes Her Tears n Acting )( To Vicky ) Wo..Wohh..Suniye Bhai Sahab..Woh..

Vicky : ( Makes Faces ) Bhai Sahab ?? ( Goes Near Swara n Flirts ) Do I Look Like Bhai Sahab to U ?? ( Smiles Flirty )

Swara : ( Uncomfortable ) Nhi..Woh..Actually.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Paani..Paani chahiye tha..

Vicky : ( Sniles n Moves Closer ) Ya Sure..Y Nt..bt B4 dat Cn I Ask U One Thing.. ( Smirks Flirtly ) Y did U Marry dat Serious Commisioner Haa ? I mean Look at U r Soo (Looks Top to Bottom ) Beautiful n Young..n He ( Makes Faces ) Soo Old n Boring..Didnt U Find any One Good Like ME ( Smiles Proudly )

Swara : ( Feels Angry ) Shut Up..Mind Ur Tongue..Main Kisse Shaadi karo n kisse nhi..Its None of Ur Business..Its My Life n My Decision..Who r U to Question Me on My Decision? ?. ( Feels Disgusted )

Vicky : ( Impressed ) Oh Wow..Itna Ghussa..Chill Beautiful..Was Jst Kidding..bt Srsly..I feel Pitty fr U fr Marrying dat Commisioner.. ( Keeps on Flirting )

As Vicky was Continously Flirting wid Swara,Swara was Feeling Lil Uncomfortable n Awkward Talking to Him where as Sanskaar who was Watching all these was Fuming in Anger n Immediately Implemented His Plan n Went Near Vicky frm Bak n Made Him Unconscious making Swara Feel Relaxed n Happy While Aryaan Shocked n Mouth Open seeing Sanskaar infront of Him..

Aryaan : ( Shocked ) PAPA !! ( Teary Eyes ) Aap yaha ?? ( To Swara Happily ) Mumma..Dekha..I told U na Papa is Here..I Saw Him..n See I was Right..Papa is Here ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly n Cries Bitterly ) to Save Us..Papa..Plzz Take Us all frm Here..U dnt knw Hw much Tortures they did on Mumma n Us..They Literally Beat Mumma n Tortured Our Lil Princess too ( Cries n Hugs More Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Bends n Hugs Bak Immediately n Consoles ) Sshh.Bas Mera Champ.Stop.Crying.See nw M Bak na.Ur Papa is Here na..Dnt Worry Me n Rahul Uncle will.Save U all..Bas thoda aur Wait Haa Champ..den We all will Go to Our Home wid Our Lil Princess..Ok ?? N Waise Bhi U r soo Brave na..See Hw U Protected Ur Mumma n Ur Lil.Sister..Jitna Hosakta tha U did frm.Ur Side..So No need to Be Sad or Scared Haa..We will Surely Go Bak..Dnt Worry ( Assures )

Aryaan : ( Happy n Release da Hug ) Pakka ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Pakka..

While Aryaan n Sanskaar were Having their Father n Son Bond,Swara was Really Happy n Overwhelmed seeing Her Sanskaar Bak infornt of Her after Long Hours of Tortures n Struggles..Tears of Happiness n Overwhelmness Flowed frm Her Eyes Continously making Her Feel More Happy n Overwhelmed..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Sanskaarr… ( Weakly n Tries to Walk bt Stumbles )

Sanskaar : ( Sees Swara n Happy too ) Swara.. ( Shocked n Immediately Goes n Holds Swara n Cups Her Face ) Princess..Rr Uu Fine ?? I mean Kuch Pain toh Nhi horaha ?? ( Worried n Angry ) Jst see Kya Haalat bana di in logo ne Tumhari..I Swear I will nt Leave them..I will make Sure ki they ( Intrerupted )

Swear : ( Smiles ) Ssh..M Fine..Nw U r Bak na..M Perfectly Fine..Bas Jaldi se Yaha se Hum sab ko lejao..Plzz ( Hugs Sanskaar ) n Teary Eyes ) Cnt Stay Here more Loner.. ( Hugs More Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Bak n Caresses Swara’s Bak Lovingly n Protectively ) Haa..Princess..I will..Dnt Worry.. ( Release da Hug ) bt ( Worried ) Hw is Our Lil Princess ?? Usee toh.. ( Worried )

Swara : ( Cries ) Sanskaar..Usse toh Tezz Bukhar Hai.Maine jitna hosakta tha I Begged n Took Medicines frm them..bt Iska Bukhar Kam hi nhi horaha..Maybe coz of Environment..Plzz Do Something..( Cries )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked bt Calm ) Ok.Ok.Finw dnt Worry..Lets do One thing n Plan..Lets Send Her To Other Hospital First Secretly..I will Inform Maa n Others abt Her..They will Take Care of Her..Ok ?

Swara : ( Agree bt Worried too ) Haa Ok Sanskaar.. Bbt What if .. ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Assures ) Uski Fikar tum mat karo..Will Handle those Ppl n will nt let them knw abt My Presence Here..n abt Missing of Our Lil Princess..bt uske liye U n ( Sees Aryaan ) Aryaan have to Control Ur Emotions n nt Let anyone Knw abt My Presence..U both shud be Really Carefull..Ok ?

Swara : ( Understands n Assures ) Haa Ok Sanskaar..We will Take Care of It..U bas ( Worried ) Take Care of Urself.Plzz Be Careful ( Teary Eyes n Scared )

Sanskaar : ( Understands n Hugs Bak Immediately ) Kuch nhi hoga mujhe..U Trust Me Na ?? ( Closes His Teary Eyes in Fear )

Swara : ( Hugs Tightly n Teary Eyes too ) More dan Myself..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Release da Hug ) Toh Bas..Have Faith on Ur Husband. Will Return Bak Soon..

Swara : ( Smiles Fakely ) Hmm ( Unknowingly Fears )

Sanskaar : ( Release da Hug ) Ok den M Going nw.. ( To Aryaan ) Champ..Take Care of Mumma Haa..M taking Lil Princess wid Me..m Remember dnt tell abt My Presence n Abt Missing of Lil Princess..Ok ?

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Ok Papa..Ur Champ will take care of Mumma..Dnt Worry.. ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Suddenly ) n U Plzz Come Bak Soon Papa..Take Care of Ur Self.. ( Cries Silently )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak Emotionally ) Haa Sure Champ..bt Nw U r da One after Me Who will Protect Mumma n Our Lil Princess..Incase if M nt Baa ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Shut Up Sanskaar..Dnt U Dare Say anyhting Rubbish like this..We r Nthing widout U ( Cries Bitterly n Hugs Immediately ) Plzz Aise mat bola karo Sanskaar..Mana ki U r A Commisioner n U have A V.Big Responsibility on U abt Our Country bt dnt Forget U gave Ur Own Family too..They also Need U.U have to Come Bak at any Cost Samjhe ?? ( Angry )

Aryaan : Haa Papa..Dnt Say Anything like this…( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok Baba..Sorry.. ( Cups Swara’s n Aryaan’s Face Affectionately ) Accha nw..m going..take care Haa..n haa if this ( Sees Vicky ) Vicky gets Up..den Make Him Understand ki He Fainted due to Weakness n Stress or Make anyother Reason.. Ok ??

Swara : Ok..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Bye ( Kisses Swara’s n Aryaan’s Forehead Lovingly n Affectionately wid Teary Eyes ) Take Care ( Pats their Faces Lovingly )

Swara/Aryaan : ( Teary Eyes n Keeps their Hands on Sanskaar’s Hands Emotionally ) Take Care..Bye..

Finally after A Long n Emotional Meeting of SwaSan n Aryaan,Sanskaar took da Lil Princess n Left da Room wid Heavy Heart fr Implenting His Plan Leaving Swara n Aryaan All Alone in Room wid Pain n An Unknown Fear in their Heart wid Tears Continously Rolling frm their Eyes making The Trio More Pale n Weak..As Sanskaar Left da Room,Ajay n Saurav Enters da Room n was Shocked seeing Vicky Unconscious n Whereas Swara n Aryaan Lying Unconscious too..

Saurav : ( Shocked ) Vicky … ( Runs towards Vicky n Pats His Cheeks ) Vicky..Vicky..Get Up… ( To Ajay ) Kya hua yaaha Achanak ki Vicky n ( Sees Swara n Aryaan ) they Fainted ??

Ajay : Pata nhi..Lets Call Doctor nw Fast..

Saurav : Haa..Chalo ( Leaves )

Soon Ajay Left fr Calling Doctor while Saurav Stayed Bak Worriedly thinking abt the Sudden Unconsciousness of Swara,Aryaan n Vicky nwas Lost in His Deep Thots..As Saurav was Lost in His Own Thots Doctor Arrived n Checked the Trio n Smiled at Swara n Aryaan Secretly Unnoticed by Ajay n Saurav naking SwaSan’s Plan Successfull n Succeed..


As soon as Sanskaar Left the Room Secretly widout being Noticed by Terrorists,Sanskaar Met A Doctor in a Corner n Instructed da Doctor His Plan Carefully making Doctor to Understand n Help Sanskaar..

Sanskaar : ( Sees Doctor ) Hello Doctor ..I knw U r nt in a Situation to Help Us..Bt to Save U N All Others Here..I need ur Help..Will U Help Me ?

Doctor : Sure Mr Maheshwari..I will..Being A Doctor its doesnt mean ki only Police Officers r Responsible to Help n Save Our Country bt Mine too to Help Our Police..After All Doctors r also Imp Part of Each Country ( Determined ) Tell Me.Kya karna hoga Mr Maheshwari..

Sanskaar : Thats Good..Doctor..Nw Listen..Once I Leave frm Here..U will be Called Inside da Room whr Vicky..One of the Member of these Terrorists will be Unconscious n along wid that My Wife n Son will be Unconscious too..All U have to do is..jusr give An Unconscious Injection to da Member of Terrorist n give An Energy Injection to My Wife n Son..My Wife n Son will be Acting as if they r Unconscious..to make da Situation Real..n So dat Terrorists dont get any Doubt..I have alrdy Told My Wife n Son abt this Plan..Nw Its All On U Doctor..Plzz Jst Help Us..den Only We cn Save U All.. ( Waiting fr Answer )

Doctor : ( Smiles n Assures ) Dnt Worry. I Will Surely Help..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnks alot Doctor..n Haa Make Sure U give Correct Injection to the Trio ( Swara..Aryaan n Vicky )..My Wife n r Really Stressed Out..Do give them Sleeping Pills in their Injection so dat they dnt get any Tension by seeing My Further Plan..Its all Risky n Dangerous n they alrdy really Worried abt Me n R Stressed Out..So Plzz give them A Low Dosage of Unconscious Injection widout their Knowledge so that they will be Unaware abt their Happenings around dem.. ..Hope U r getting My Point Doctor? ? ( Worried )

Doctor : ( Assures ) Dnt Worry Mr Maheshwari..Will give Mrs Maheshwari n Ur Son a Low Dosage Unconscious Injection along wid Energy One..They will be Sleeping fr 2 Hours Atleast n it will Release all their Tensions n Stress..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnks alot..

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome.. ( Hears Ajay Calling ) It Seems One of da Member is Calling Me according to Our Plan..U Go Mr Maheshwari..I will Handle da Rest.. ( Assures )

Sanskaar : Haa Ok Doctor..All The Best..

Doctor : Thnks n Dnt Worry.. ( Smiles n Leaves )

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Sorry Princess..Bt i have to make U n Aryaan Unconscious..bt kya karu..Its all fr Ur Safety..i knw U both will be Angry wid Me nw..bt I have No Other Option..Meri Life ka I have No Guarantee nw coz this Mission is really Risky n Dangerous m I knw If U both r Awake U both will Come in b/w n will.Risk Ur Lives fr Me..wich i dnt want..so.have to do this..Plzz Maaf Kardena Princess n Champ.. ( Teary Eyes )

********FlashBack Ends********

Doctor : ( Acts ) Fikar mat karo..Bas Stress n Weakness ke wajeh se the Trio Fainted..Nthing to Worry..Maine Injection dediya hai..in Some Hours they will be Fine..

Ajay : ( Relieved ) Thnk God.. ( Stern ) Ok Nw U maye Leave..

Doctor : ( Acts Fearfully ) Ok ( Leaves )

As soon as Doctor Left Ajay n Saurav took A Relieved Sigh n Sat on their Places Implenting their Further Plan Unaware abt the Upcoming Storm n Disaster Proceeding towards them whereas Swara n Aryaan Fell Unconscious Immediately Making both Swara n Aryaan Confused n Shocked n Sanskaar Guilty n Bad fr Cheating His Wife n Son fr da Sake of His Mission wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm His Eyes Non Stop making Him More Weak n Helpless..


Precap : Finally Sanskaar Plan in Action..


Finally .Done..Hope U all will Like it..Do Forgive if thr is any Mistake or if its Boring..Tried Level Best to Entertain U all bt if its nt Upto Ur Expections..Then Do Forgive..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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