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Destined to be yours!!! Episode 23

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I really missed you guys…. I am really glad that you remember me still. Thanks a lot…..

Let’s get into the story….

Episode starts with Abhi and Tanu talking about something. Pragya saw them discussing seriously and it looked like Tanu is telling something and Abhi listening to it. Abhi saw Pragya walking towards them and started talking about something else. Tanu didn’t get a clue of what Abhi is talking. Tanu asked him, ‘what are you talking about?’ Abhi gestured her that Pragya is coming. Tanu understood that and she acted as well. Pragya was sure that both hiding something from her but she doesn’t want to create a havoc by asking about that.

Pragya: Lunch is ready, I just came to ask you both to come.

Abhi: Pragya, you just go we will be coming.

Pragya: But Maams

Abhi: Just five minutes we will be there Pragya…

Pragya just nodded her head and walked away from them. She felt something is wrong….

Two days were passed… That two days went like this….

Abhi was behaving very lovely towards Pragya. He seems to be mostly lost in Pragya. Whenever he is around her Pragya is able to feel butterflies inside her…. Because he didn’t stopped just taking care of her…. He was mostly looking at her. If we say looking it’s just a word, but what Abhi did is more than that…. He kept on staring at her, mostly ogling her from top to bottom… He didn’t even miss a chance that will allow him to hold her.

For example, in the morning Pragya was cleaning their bed. Abhi say her and told her that he will help. Pragya said, ‘it’s ok. I will do it maams.’

Abhi: No Bujji, I will help you

Pragya: Ok, you just make the bed. I have something to do in the cupboard. I will do that

Saying that, Pragya tried to move. But Abhi stopped her by holding wrist….

Pragya: Maams, why you are stopping me.

Abhi: Where you are going?

Pragya: I told na I have other work

Abhi: Then who will help me in cleaning the bed…

Pragya: what? Maams seriously you need help in cleaning the bed? [she asked Abhi doubtfully]

Abhi: I have to spread the bed cover na. Help me.

Pragya: Is this the help you are doing to me.. I myself will do it. You just sit in the couch…

Abhi: No let’s do it together I will help you… [he asked her mischievously ]

Pragya knows he is up to something. But she liked it. She too wanted to spend all her time with Abhi…. So she agreed.

Abhi holded Pragya most of the time in the pretense of helping her. If she looks at him he just pretend to adjust pillow something to avoid her questions. But Pragya was very happy. Ultimately, while arranging the pillows Abhi unknowingly touched her waist. Pragya melted down with his mere touch and closed her eyes…. Abhi took his hands off from Pragya immediately. But seeing her small smile and her eyes being closed he holded her waist firmly by hugging her from back…. Pragya didn’t reacted as she was already not in her senses….

Abhi enjoyed them staying like that…. He enjoyed the moment. Happiness filled his heart as the content. He buried his face in her shoulder… Pragya was able to feel Abhi’s breath too close. She came back to her senses. She just pushed Abhi lightly and went out of the room immediately. She turned to shades of red and she was smiling while she moved out of the room. Abhi felt bad thinking maybe she didn’t love him as the way he did. But immediately he is in all smiles as he saw Pragya’s reaction while going out in the mirror. He jumped like anything. He felt he is the happiest person in the world as he came to know Pragya too have feelings for him and his mere touch has a lot of effect on his love of life.

This is how Abhi behaving with her for these two days. He is doing all the things that will make either happy or turn her to the complete shade of red. This is the reason for the butterfly reactions inside her. But also he didn’t failed to embarrass her as he didn’t stopped himself from doing all this to Pragya when they were alone. He played with her like anything even if his Paati or his Amma is around them. All his mischievous act will not be visible to them as he will do when they are not noticing. But poor Pragya her reactions to his play will be noticed by them. She suffered a lot to give explanations to them….. Abhi enjoyed all her antics…. even Pragya loved them too…..

This happiness is not 100 % for Pragya. Because nothing stopped Abhi from doing lovely things to Pragya whoever is around them or whatever the situation is!!! But, but he didn’t even talk properly to Pragya when Tanu is around them. This bothered Pragya a lot…. She don’t know what to do, as one moment she will feel Abhi truly loves her more than himself but when Tanu is there he behaved more like a third person to Pragya…..

What is Abhi and Tanu doing behind Pragya? Will that become a hurdle to their life? Now destiny have to play its cards….. Hope it will play it to the best for Abhi and Pragya……

The episode ends here…..

Thanks a lot for your support friends….. Please review today’s episode and let me know your comments…..

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