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DECEPTIVE BEINGS……….(Twinj) Os – by Chruti

Girls POV
If thou must love me, let it be for nought
Except for love’s sake only. Do not say,
“I love her for her smile—her look—her way
Of speaking gently,—for a trick of thought
That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
A sense of pleasant ease on such a day”—
For these things in themselves, Belovèd, may
Be changed, or change for thee—and love, so wrought,
May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
Thine own dear pity’s wiping my cheeks dry:
A creature might forget to weep, who bore
Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
But love me for love’s sake, that evermore
Thou mayst love on, through love’s eternity.

I have been wondering to what depth the poet might have thought before writing this wonderful poem which is now forgotten
Elizabeth Barrett Browning the poet developed a lung ailment that plagued her for the rest of her life. Doctors began treating her with morphine, which she would take until her death. While saddling a pony when she was fifteen, Elizabeth also suffered a spinal injury.
Her life wasn’t neither easy and nor could it ever be But God has something else in store for her Mr.Robert Browning a man who fell for her poems indirectly her thoughts True love such is true love not the one where a person falls for the other at first sight I am not against Love at first sight but the point is Love at first sight can be deceptive too right?
“Twinkle come down for Dinner” These words of my Mom broke my thoughts “Coming Mom I replied “


Leela:Twinkle You remember my friend Usha
Twinkle:Yeh Mom Usha aunty who went to London right ?
Leela:Yes she is coming back Next week
Twinkle:Thats good mom you would find a good companion to talk with
Leela:Her son Kunj is also coming along so we could talk of your relationship
Twinkle:Mom please I don’t want to talk on this topic
Leela:Twinkle please all boys aren’t the same
Twinkle:Mom Love can happen only ones and it should not be out go greed or butter beauty
Leela:Twinkle…(Twinkle left the table )

In Her room :
Twinkle’s POV
Mom How can I love someone now when I have been Deceived Twice
Once Because
Flash back :
UV:Twinkle I Love you
Twinkle:I love you too UV
Days passed by and Twiraj were always seen Together spending time with one another when one day Twinkle meet with an accident by gods grace she was safe she kept on waiting for UV to come months passed by Now Twinkle was fit to resume back to college and what she found was a shock for her
UV:Alisha baby be ready by 8 I would pick you up
Alisha:Baby we would then go for a long drive
UV:Sure baby
Alisha:Love you
UV:Love you too
UV:Oh so Twinkle you are back meet Alisha my Girlfriend
Twinkle:Uv How could you ?(she slapped him)
Alisha:How dare you slap my bf
Twinkle:Shut up UV you loved me right? Then how could you ?
UV:Have you seen your face the scar It makes you look Ugly Twinkle I Loved you but not now
Flash back ends

and the other

Flash back :
Twinkle was proposed by a Guy named Aman He was an orphan Twinkle did not really love him but rather had a soft corner for him He Lost his parents at an early age and Twinkle was depressed because UV had left her but Aman had no problem with her scar she thought she had finally found one who loves her but …One day…
Aman:(On the call)Dad wait The fish is caught She thinks I love her such a fool How can someone love her after knowing she has a scar on her face I just want her property the sole heir of the Taneja industry I would be rich Take all her property and then Leave Dad decide the next target and please get a beautiful rich girl I feel embraced moving around with this scar girl
Twinkle:(was standing behind him heard everything)Aman
Twinkle:(cuts him)How could you Aman I thought you loved me
Aman:You are getting me wrong Twinkle Its just that I Love you not because of your face but..
Twinkle:(cuts him)But because of my money
Aman:Twinkle …
Twinkle;Leave me I said
Twinkle:(cuts him)Leave or I would call the police and you would be in jail don’t ever try coming infant of me ever
Flash back ends

These incidents made Twinkle shattered she could no longer take it Two times Two time she loved someone and the person betrayed her How could her mom even think of pushing her into a relationship
UV was right How could someone love a girl with a big scar on her face though the scar was being treated by one of the best doctor of the world It could never be cured completely
The other con man too Loved her for money and nothing else
Kunj my childhood friend would also start hating me if he sees my face so I would never meet him
I wish Someone could love me for being myself and not for my money ,face or out of pity
She slept crying on the floor. This scar had become a scar of her life. Nobody saw her heart. Her face was the only thing they saw.

A boy comes out of the Airport
Boy:Welcome back Kunj Sarna
Usha :Kunj stop shouting see people are looking at us
Mahi:Mom its called staring people are staring
Usha :Why would they
Mahi :why would they not they have never seen such a good looking man have they Bhai ?
Kunj:Mahi looks are deceptive they mislead you a person is beautiful from heart and not face come lets go we are late

Twinkle was busy in her study so Leela herself opened the door
Leela:Usha(she hugged Usha )
Kunj:Pari pora Aunty(He touched her feet )
Leela:God bless you Beta
Mahi :Nameste aunty (touches her feet)
Leela :God bless you beta Come in
Usha :Leela where is your daughter
Leela:(The smile on her face fades )Usha after her scar and breakup she does not like meeting people
Kunj: Aunty can I meet her
Usha:Leela let him

Leela:She is in her study may be going to her room now so you can meet her in her room
Kunj:Thanks Aunty (He leaves he stops in front of a room Its Twinkle’s room he opens the door )
Kunj:(thinks)Wow these paintings these poems and their explanation so well explained (Twinkle’s room is full of paintings and note books )
Twinkle:Excuse me
Twinkle:Kunj (she turns her face away)
Kunj:Twinkle turn towards me please
Twinkle:Kunj please leave if you see my face you would start hating me just Like UV
Kunj:Twinkle Uv is not the only person left on earth
Twinkle:Kunj please I don’t want to loose a friend like you You used to Love me but I did not You still did nit leave me and I left you I don’t deserve you please tell Usha Aunty that You cant marry me
Kunj:Why should I ?
Twinkle:Because I am not hot or gorgeous …
Kunj:(cuts her)You are beautiful
Twinkle:Kunj please..
Kunj:(cuts her)When some one calls you hot they look at your body when someone calls you gorgeous the person looks at your dress but when someone calls you beautiful they look at your heart And you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen
Twinkle: Kunj Do you still Love me I mean My scar
Kunj:(sits on his knees)Twinkle I fell in Love with you not your face I wont wipe your tears I would stop their source I would end all your sorrows Miss Twinkle Taneja would you Like to grow old with me Stay with me forever as Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna Will you marry me Twinkle
Twinkle:(with tears of joy in her eyes )Yes I would


A year later Twinj were blessed with a boy whom they named Ansh
People always says that love is all about face and body but only few people no the reality. Love is all about heart and soul. We should fall in love with heart and soul of a person. Falling for hear and soul is permanent but falling for face and body is temporary. Twinjs love was permanent thats y they lived with each other forever and ever.
Hope you liked the story rotten eggs and tomatoes are accepted We have written this story together hope you liked it If you wish we should continue please tell us We have planned many more stories One shorts Two shorts and even Few shorts
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