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dabh season-2 (intro)

Guys I have decided the roles for ved and vansh . ved’s role will be played by rohan mehra and vansh’s role will be played by parth samthaan . thank u sarayumane and amina2000 for ur suggestions
Here is the character sketch of the characters
Kanak rathi (imagine deepika singh ): kanak is a very chirpy and sweet girl . loves her dadi and brothers a lot . she studies in college and is 20 years old . she looks exactly like her mom
Ved rathi ( imagine rohan mehra): ved is as always very sweet . he is very friendly to others and runs a big 5 star restaurant named vedansh . he has fulfilled his father’s dream of building vedansh . vedansh is one of the best hotels in rajasthan

Vansh rathi (imagine parth samthaan): he is a very quite person . loves his work a lot . he is the owner of aak industries .
Bhabo :late sooraj and sandhya’s mother . loves hergrand children to the core . is living her life only for them . she wears big glasses now . in this ff babasa is dead
Meenakshi : kanak’s chachi , loves kanak a lot . meenakshi has becomes matured now ,she handles the family very well . she has a daughter named mishri and a son called golu
Vikram : he is kanak’s chacha .he owns the same shop , but the shop is no more small . it is very big now and is very special for its sarees


mishri Mehta and pari Mehta(imagine avika gor and pragati chourasiya ) : mishri is now a fashion designer and elder bahu of Mehta family . pari is now a doctor and is the younger bahu of Mehta family . pari and mishri r cousins of kanak ved and vansh

chotu : chotu is wid bhabo and the whole family . he loves his family a lot . he runs sooraaj’s shop which quite big and famous . loves kanak a lot . as u all know he is the youngest son of the family who used to work for sooraj and later was accepted by the family as son

arzoo : she is chotu’s wife . loves him a lot . she is very innocent by nature .

piyali : she is the daughter of arzoo and chotu . she loves her kanak di a lot . she is 18 years old and is in the same college

please comment guys . hope u like the intro . I will be able to update the first episode only after some days because I busy wid my studies . will try my level best to update the first epi soon . thank u for reading this ff

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