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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Devi notices a scorpion approaching Ashoka’s feet and is shocked. She shouts to alert him but he is too lost. The scorpion bits Ashoka. Devi throws it away and Ashoka falls down unconscious.


Bindu says you are right Charu. Life does not stop when we lose someone. You should go to Chanda’s place with the newly married couple as per the ritual. Sushim thinks I very well know which place you want to send us to but I will make sure your plan backfires on you only. Sushim touches his father’s feet after which he heads inside with his mother. Bindu thinks Ashoka may not be in a condition to punish you but I wont spare you. I couldn’t save his mother but I wont spare the enemies of our motherland.

Devi looks at Ashoka’s feet. His thumb has turned blue. She tears her

saree and ties it around his ankle to stop the poison from spreading. She once again tries to wake him up.

Siamak touches Bindu’s feet. I want to go away from here for forever. Bindu makes him stand. Siamak says I cannot see you in this pain. Bindu thinks I wish I could tell you not to shed these crocodile tears but unfortunately I cannot. Siamak requests him to allow him to leave for Takshshila again. Bindu tells him go if he wants to. I would need some time to give you the authority letter though. Siamak thinks I already knew about this which is why stole that stamp and got myself the authority letter already. He acts before Bindu. I don’t need the letter. I only need your permission. I want to go away from here. He wipes his fake tears as he walks away.

Acharya RG asks Bindu if this will be right without Ashoka. I believe we should postpone it till he recovers. Bindu says Ashoka will not let his grief take over his duty towards his motherland. It is true he is not in a condition to take charge right now. I will do it on his behalf. You will get a troop and stop Sushim on his way to Chanda’s place. I will stop Siamak from going to Takshshila with my troops. Nature has given us enough resources on the way to make our plan come true. We will have to use them properly. Acharya RG nods.

Sushim, Charu and Chanda are on their way to Chanda’s parents’ house with a convoy. Bindu and his group of men keep an eye on Siamak from a distance. A big log falls in Sushim’s way. The caravan gets stopped. Sushim looks around in confusion. Soldiers also through boulders in Siamak’s way.

Acharya RG attacks Sushim. Both the parties get into a fight. On the other hand, Bindu too says Jai Janani and they charge at Siamak. Suddenly, Unani soldiers appear from all around and cover Siamak. Bindu is astonished. How did they come here? He still fights with them. Lasendra looks on. Siamak smirks.

Charu and Chanda look on tensed as Sushim kills the soldiers. More people join Sushim. Sushim leaves the other soldiers behind to fight with Acharya RG and his men. He moves ahead with his mother and wife. He also sets the log on fire thereby blocking Acharya RG’s way. Acharya RG tries but in vain.

Soldiers ask Bindu to return as his safety is important. Bindu does not want to let Siamak escape. He is a traitor. Siamak and Bindu continue to fight. Unan’s king shoots an arrow at Bindu’s hand. He gets hurt. Siamak leaves with Lasendra and a few soldiers. Bindu finally leaves from there.

Ashoka sits blank. He keeps thinking about his mother. Acharya RG tells Bindu that they lost both Siamak and Sushim. It is very important to get Ashoka back in form. It will be impossible without him otherwise. Devi says it’s been 4 days already. Bindu says I understand what he is going through. He went through the same thing in childhood when he was told a lie that his mother is no more. He got hold of himself as he knew and believed that his mother was still alive. He was proved right. But this time his mother is not going to come back. He will be at peace only when he will pour the ashes of his mother on his own. Devi walks up to Ashoka looking all determined. She pours water on him asking him to get up. Enough already! You are insulting Kaki’s memories by sitting like this. Think about it. Kaki never turned her face away when it came to duties. She had tried to instil the same in you too. Kaki offered her whole life to make sure you follow dharma and the right path. Will it give peace to her? You have left everything. You are mad to think Ma is no more. Such people become immortal. They are always with us. Their teachings, thoughts, ideals, truth and light are enough to guide us. You forgot the motive for which Kaki lived and died. You are overlooking them. In one way, it is good that she isn’t alive to see the son, for whom she did so much, is sitting idle. Even an ordinary kid goes to Ganga to pour his mother’s ashes but you are here! Just think how she would feel upon knowing this? He gets upset with her but she tells him it is of no use. If you are brave enough then go and punish Magadh’s culprits. It was your mother’s last wish. If this is also impossible then atleast pour your mother’s ashes in Ganga. You can do this alteast? They stare at each other. She notices some movements in his hand and gets hopeful. She encourages him to get up. He finally gets up.

A guy gives a pot to Ashoka. Rani Dharma died as a married woman so you will find some ornaments in the ashes too. Keep them separately please. Ashoka takes the pot from him. He begins to collect his mother’s ashes when he finds a small jewel in them. This seems to be of some man. How come it is in father’s hands? He recalls meeting his father in the corridor looking for water and entire incident. Is it that the death we were thinking to be natural is actually a murder? He clutches onto the jewel in shock.

Precap for Wednesday: A man shows jewellery’s design to Ashoka. The jewel fits perfectly. Ashoka says it is from Unan. Tell me the name. The guy takes Siamak’s name all scared. Ashoka gets angry. Count your last breaths now Siamak. This time there wont be Chand Ashoka before you but your Kaal (death)!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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