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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ashoka makes Devi sit down next to him and turns to his mother. You worry that my marriage is loveless. It wont be like this now. I promise you. I accept Devi as my wife in every way. I will give her all the rights of a wife and will keep her happy. Dharma is touched. Ashoka requests her to have a little patience though. I am your son, Chand. I will take some time. It wont be possible for us to make our marriage successful in a night only. We will surely make it work as we have been friends for so long. Love finds its way where there is trust. Bindu looks proudly at his son.

Ashoka and Bindu bring Dharma where they will all eat food together. Dharma is relieved that Devi has taken her responsibility. I am not worried now. Devi will take care of you. Ashoka says no one can take

your place. In fact, no one can replace a mother ever in anyone’s life. You are my life after all. Promise me you will never leave me. She says I am not going anywhere. Your marriage does not mean I am done. I have to guide Devi on the rules of a royal family. I have to see Vit growing up and going to school. I have to see you fulfilling your Guru’s dream. I also have to see Vit and your kids and play with them. She feels pain and goes quiet. He asks her to get well first. I will do whatever you say. If you think your action ruined 3 lives then I will marry Kaurvaki. It will ease your guilt. Devi stops in her tracks in shock. Dharma is also taken aback. What are you saying? Ashoka says when father can marry many times then why cant me! Bindu makes him realise that Devi is also present in the room. Ashoka looks at her. Ashoka tells his mother to have food first. Devi leaves the plate of food and leaves. Ashoka feeds his mother with his hands. Devi sweetly looks at them. Bindu notices her thus. Let me take care of your mother too. Rest for a while. Your mother isn’t going anywhere. Devi goes. Bindu tells Ashoka to go after Devi. She has heard you. Dharma too tells him to go. She is your wife now. She will spend her life with you after all. Bindu agrees with her. You go to your life partner while I will look after mine. Ashoka nods. Let me know in case mother’s help worsens. Bindu promises him. Ashoka leaves. Bindu turns to Dharma. You have to be strong now as I have to punish Sushim, Charu and Siamak for their misdeeds. I would need your help for that. She keeps her hand over his.

Ashoka looks on as Kaurvaki’s convoy leaves. I cannot live with hatred for you in my heart. Look at me once. Kaurvaki tells herself not to look back even once or she wont be able to leave. Ashoka thinks I have no strength to hate you. Look at me once. I will take your words to be of a hurt heart and not of Kalinga’s Rajkumari. Kaurvaki thinks she is Kalinga’s Rajkumari and not the one who loved Ashoka. He forgot everything in a second. He is only Chand Ashoka. He does not have anything to do with me. Ashoka thinks she wants to forget everything. He removes the necklace from around his neck. I hadn’t imagined that you will become so heartless one day. Devi says why wont she be like this when she is leaving her heart behind. Ashoka turns in surprise. You heard me talking inside about Kaurvaki and dint react yet I know you are hurt. She sadly looks away. He says I just said it to make Ma happy. I am sorry. She replies that it isn’t wrong what he said. If you and Kaurvaki are together again then no one will be happier than me. I will go away. I may be your first wife but I very well know that Kaurvaki is and will always be your first love. Truth is I know I am not worth you. We are incompatible. You are sky and I am dirt. She turns and her expressions turn to pain as she walks away.

Sushim comes to his room. Chanda is sitting on the bed. He says I shouldn’t have come here drunk but it is my first night tonight. She looks down. He looks away so she reaches out for his hand. She keeps her hand slightly near his and he is surprised. He tries to remove her veil but she gets yup feeling shy. She serves him milk as it is the ritual. He gulps it down in one go. They look at each other. She touches his face and removes his turban. He pulls her to him afterwards. They are about to kiss when there is a knock on the door. She says there is someone. He replies that he does not want any interruption today. There is a knock again so he goes to check. He scolds Siamak for ruining his night.

Siamak tells Sushim it is their golden chance tonight. We have to do it tonight only. You will escape tomorrow in the name of Pag Phere. I want to go to Takshshila tonight. I want a royal letter as my entry to Takshshila. Sushim asks him why he wants to ruin his night then. What help of you want from me? Siamak says he wants royal stamp. I want to use it to get what I want. Sushim says I understand it is important but right now nothing is important for me than my wife. He closes the door on Siamak’s face and comes back to Chanda. They consummate their marriage.

Dharma is sleeping in her room. She asks for water. Bindu tells her to rest. I will ask servant to bring it. He goes out himself as there is no servant around. Siamak goes inside seeing Bindu leave. He enters stealthily. He looks at the almirah. He tries to open them by using the statue which will open it. Dharma wakes up startled by the noise of the vase.

Precap: Dharma notices Siamak trying to steal something from her room. What are you doing here? Why have you come here to steal this royal stamp? Sushim pulls her down from behind and begins to suffocate her. You can try as much as you want but you wont be able to tell anyone anything this time! Sushim tries to strangle her whereas Siamak holds her feet.

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