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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Daasi’s help Devi in getting ready. Devi smiles at her reflection.


Kaurvaki looks in the mirror. She hears someone asking servants to pack everything. We will leave in the morning. Kaurvaki picks up a dagger and touches it to her wrist. She cuts off something. Her parents rush to her but are confused to see her hand all fine. Kaurvaki shows the Raksha-Sutra. You have given birth to a brave woman. She shows the cut Raksha-Sutra. I was breaking my last ties with Ashoka. She throws it.

On the other hand, Ashoka too cuts the Raksha-Sutra and throws it on the floor. He notices Garud looking at him. He offers dry grass to Garud but he turns his face away. Ashoka pats at his hand and goes. Two servants are talking about the plight of Raj-vanshi’s. We atleast have a right

to take our own decisions. We dint get royal food but we can make use of this liquor. They apologize as soon as they notice Ashoka. Ashoka walks away after gulping down the pot of liquor.

Ashoka comes to his room. It is all decorated. Devi is sitting on the bed with her head / face covered with a veil. Ashoka smiles as he imagines Kaurvaki. He sits down near her feet and keeps
When I saw you for the first time I had no idea we will come to such a sweet end. We used to fight so much earlier. Devi smiles at the memory of their fights. Ashoka says I wasn’t sure if we will meet again when we parted ways. He removes the heavy necklace from around Devi’s neck. He lifts her veil but only sees Kaurvaki. Maybe it is fate only that Ashoka will make you his tonight. You only said that it will be after wedding. We are married now. Right, Kaurvaki? Shock registers on Devi’s face. Ashoka says you are my wife now. I have full right on you. He keeps his head on her shoulder. No one can stop us from becoming one now. Not even you Kaurvaki. My Kaurvaki! Devi walks aside and little and cries. Ashoka hugs her from behind and repeats. You are mine for forever, only mine. My Kaurvaki! She pushes him. Not Kaurvaki but Devi! Ashoka is jolted back to reality. Devi is in tears. Ashoka wears his cloth around him. Forgive me. No man is allowed to behave like this with a woman, no husband is allowed to do this with his wife. I am sorry. Devi thinks of Dharma’s words and calms down. Past cannot be changed. We cannot change the fact also that we were and will always be friends. I understand Kaurvaki is your first love and will always be. It isn’t easy to forget your first love. I have already told you, you don’t need to follow any formalities of this wedding. He thanks her and leaves,

Dharma sees Ashoka coming out of his room and walking absentmindedly / lost. She begins to go after him when Charu says one is punished for his or her deeds always. Dharma is confused. Charu says you would remember how much I love my husband. I had faith he will love me one day but then you came in between and ruined my home. You snatched the love which was mine. You snatched everything from me. You wont realise it. When a lover does not get love then he dies not once but many times. This time you will feel my pain through your beloved son’s pain. Your son Ashoka will never get the love of his life. You will yearn for it all your life. His love will be just a formality, a namesake. You are the culprit here. You will yearn for him for life. You ruined your son’s life with your own hands. Dharma shouts Ashoka and passes out holding her chest. Charu leaves from there. Ashoka comes running to his mother and lifts her up. Vit and Bindu come as well. Vit goes to call Raj Vaid. Bindu holds Dharma worried. Please open eyes. He takes Dharma in their room. Charu looks on from far. Samrat cares so much for this Dharma. Will Samrat be even a little worried for me when I am gone?

Raj Vaid tells that Dharma was stressed which is why she fell unconscious. She only needs rest and is better now. Dharma assures Vit she is fine. Take rest. He denies but Bindu tells him to go. Vit promises his mother he will never bother her. Dharma speaks well about him. You are braver than you think of yourself and smart than what you think. He tells her to take care of himself and leaves. Bindu sits down next to Dharma. I am sorry that you were so stressed because of me. Dharma denies. I am the one who is wrong here. Any father would have reciprocated in the same manner. I am only bearing the brunt of my deeds. Ashoka asks her what she is talking about. Dharma and BIndu go quiet. Dharma says I kept your name Ashoka. Since childhood you have lived up to it. You always kept me away from pain but I couldn’t give you anything but tears. I wasn’t Raj-vanshi so you were not with your father in childhood and not much changed as you grew up. And now this wedding without love! I am sorry. It must be sudden for you but it wasn’t the case for me. I knew it well that you and Kaurvaki can never be together and that you will marry Devi. People think Ashoka married Devi in his anger, revenge and when Kaurvaki instigated him. It isn’t the truth. It was already destined to happen. I had already started to make Devi understand. I only helped fate do its job. Ashoka is confused. What do you mean? She tells him Sage’s prophecy. Ashoka is surprised. So much happened and I get to know now? You were living with such a burden since so many days? Since when did I become such a stranger for you? What had to happen has happened. You only have taught me to fight every obstacle. Your strength, your blessing has helped me in every thing. My Guru’s death was the biggest jolt for me. This is nothing in front of it. You could have told me once. I would have even married stone for you! Devi walks inside and they all go quiet.

Precap: Siamak asks for the royal stamp from someone. I want to use it to get what I want. He comes in a room to steal it. Dharma notices Siamak trying to steal the royal stamp. What are you doing here? Sushim pulls her down from behind and begins to suffocate her. You can try as much as you want but you wont be able to tell anyone anything this time! Sushim tries to strangle her whereas Siamak holds her feet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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