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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ashoka asks Jagannath what happened to Kaurvaki. Jagannath says it is ironic. You will celebrate your victory and I will mourn my daughter’s death. You are the reason of her death! Ashoka shakes his head. It cannot be! Jagannath says this is what happened. She jumped in gorge. She committed suicide. My soldiers tried to find her but they failed. How can someone survive after jumping from such height? Ashoka shakes his head. She cannot die. I will bring her back. He leaves from there followed by Devi.


Devi falls down while trying to chase Ashoka and gets hurt on her head. She still does not stop.

Charu comes in the palace looking for Sushim. She cries worried seeing all the dead bodies around her. She trips over one and falls down near blood. She sees her own image

in it and screams. She recalls her sacrifice to black powers. Do anything you want. I wont die before I find my son! Sushim!

Ashoka shouts Kaurvaki’s name near the gorge. Devi also joins him. There is no way to go down there. Ashoka remembers how Kaurvaki had saved him time and again. He jumps in the gorge. Devi shouts his name in shock. Jagannath watches it all from far. This was about to happen. Ashoka loved my daughter. He had to pay the price! Devi cries.

Charu keeps looking for Sushim. She is crying badly seeing soldiers carry dead bodies. She comes in the room where Sushim is. Everyone says you are no more but I have faith you are alive. I know you are alive. Hear your mother Sushim. She thinks of all the hard work and prayer that she and Sushim did together to get him all the black powers. She refuses to give up. I will search every corner of earth but I wont give up. She cloth gets stuck in some candle stand. She hears Sushim’s voice when she is trying to free herself.

Devi keeps shouting Ashoka’s name from above the gorge. She notices Ashoka pulling out Kaurvaki safely to a corner.

Charu tries to move the heavy boulders but they are heavy. She thinks to get help but then stops. Everyone thinks Sushim isn’t alive anymore. I should leave with him before truth comes out.

Ashoka tries to revive Kaurvaki. Her pulse is still there. He rubs her hands. You cannot punish me like this. You cannot leave me alone!

Charu gets Sushim safely out of the boulders. He gains conscious. I wont leave them alive. She nods and hugs him as she cries.

Devi joins Ashoka. She ties a cloth around Kaurvaki’s wish. Ashoka says if you (Kaurvaki) decide to give up your life then it is my decision to make sure nothing happens to you. Devi points out that it is important for water to get out of Kaurvaki’s system. He pushes her stomach but in vain. He gives her mouth to mouth seeing it as the last resort. Devi looks away. Kaurvaki coughs. Devi and Ashoka heave a sigh of relief. Ashoka hugs Kaurvaki. I cannot lose you. I have already lost too much. I cannot lose you after gaining you. All the flashbacks of their meetings are shown. She is still very much unconscious. Ashoka suggests taking Kaurvaki to Patliputra right away. Devi says she has lost lot of blood and her pulse is faint. Patliputra is very far. We cannot take this risk. We should get her treated nearby only. He wonders what help they can find here. They hear some bell and look up. There is a Buddhist Ashram.

Sushim passes out when Charu looks up. She panics and begins to hit at his chest. He coughs and revives. Sushim asks his mother to take him to Patliputra. I have a special weapon to kill that Bindursar. I wont spare him. Jagannath asks him how it will help him. Till the time you get Ashoka out of your way, your dream wont come true. I can help you if you will trust me. charu asks him why they should trust him. Why will you help us? Jagannath replies that enemy’s enemy is friend. This time I can pay any price to destroy my enemy. Trust me once. Charu says one gets cheated in the name of trust. Jagannath shares that he has just killed his daughter with his own hands for his revenge. Charu asks him about it. Jagannath shares that Magadh’s would be Samrat, Ashoka will be given death penalty for his lover’s death.

Ashoka and Devi pull Kaurvaki in a cart towards the Ashram. Kewalnath watches it from above. Impossible! Ashoka saved Kaurvaki. If she survives then she will tell Ashoka that Bhaiya tried to kill her. It will be dangerous. Come what may I wont let Ashoka reach this truth. I will finish Bhaiya’s incomplete task.

Ashoka requests monks to help them. She (Kaurvaki) has lost lot of blood. Help us please. Someone says I was sure you will return one day. He walks up to Ashoka and Kaurvaki. I dint know I will find you this way. Ashoka thinks of his journey to Takshshila for the first time. I remember meeting you when I was a kid. You saved my life. I need you today too. Please save Kaurvaki’s life. I request you. I know nothing is impossible for you. Please save her. The monk says life span is decided. It is called fate. Ashoka takes a step back. People who believe in karma don’t depend on fate and destiny. those are like me who trust on their karma. I request you to save her. if God has planned life and death then God has also given willpower to people. I know my Kaurvaki. She is alive. She will live till I am breathing. I request you to save her please. Monks agree to check Kaurvaki. Ashoka thanks them.

Monks treat Kaurvaki. Ashoka waits outside impatiently. Ashoka asks the monk if he can meet Kaurvaki now. She must be fine. Monk’s silence worries him.The monk tells Ashoka that there is no good news.

Precap: Sushim asks Bindu if he felt bad when Siamak died. Do you know why your blood dint boil when one of your sons killed the other? He wasn’t your blood! BIndu screams Ashoka and faints holding his chest. Ashoka stops in his track hearing his father’s voice.

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