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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ashoka lights his arrow with fire and shoots it at the flag used by Siamak. It catches fire. He gets over the boundary with the help of his soldiers and throws the soldiers down. He sets his flag in place. He next shouts Siamak angrily. Unan soldiers attack Ashoka but he kills them all off. One Magadh soldier (with whom Ashoka chatted on the outskirts of Takshshila) tells other soldiers to break open the gate. They begin to hit at the gate when Unan army shoots arrows at them. Many of the soldiers die in the process. Ashoka thinks I cannot see my soldiers die like this. I will have to open the door from inside. Siamak announces attack just when Ashoka jumps down. Unan soldiers turn to look at Ashoka. They are about to engage in a fight when the commander orders his soldiers to stop.


He is my prey now. You will have to fight with me, defeat me in order to open the door, or you better run away like your father. Ashoka kills him within a second. Unan soldiers flee from there. Ashoka opens door for his soldiers. They all say Jai Janani in unison. Siamak cannot see Unani army anywhere near Takshshila. I should better flee from here.

Sushim is still hung upside down. Mahamatya and SIamak notice Siamak escaping. Mahamatya says sure Ashoka would have made them lose. It is easy to escape Siamak but not Ashoka. He has our name already in his list. I told you not to go to Takshshila but you dint listen to me. You think you
I feel for the first time today that Chanakya was right. I put my money on the wrong person. Ashoka was the winner since beginning. I too will lose life today because of you. There is no one to stop him today!

Ashoka kills all the soldiers that step in his way. He shouts. I am your Kaal, Siamak. No one can escape his Kaal. He recalls his Guru and mother’s death. People who do wrong always take help of dark. They don’t know even your shadow leaves yu in dark. Come out in open. No one can save you from your Kaal today. I will wait for you here only. He spends the night waiting. Siamak comes there by mistake. Ashoka remembers finding out about the jewel. Siamak runs to save himself but Ashoka chases him. They reach on the boundary and fight. Ashoka holds his throat. You will have to writh in pain just like Ma did. Siamak begs for mercy but Ashoka denies. That possibility is finished with Ma.

Antiocus orders his soldiers to shoot. They oblige. A giant arrow stabs Ashoka from behind. Ashoka’s soldier notices the same in shock. Siamak manages to somehow free himself from Ashoka’s grip. Ashoka falls down the boundary wall. Main soldier shouts that Ashka fell unconscious. Antiocus laughs seeing his soldiers pull Ashoka. The soldier tells his soldiers not to flee but in vain.

There is a blast just when Ashoka is about to reach Antiocus. Someone pulls Ashoka on the horse and runs away with Ashoka. Antiocus looks around in confusion.

The same person keeps hot dagger on Ashoka’s wound again and again to ward off the infection. Ashoka writhes in pain. Her veil comes off as he raises his hand in pain. It is Kaurvaki. He sees her and passes out.

Acharya RG tells his soldiers to wait. He notices the soldiers who had come with Ashoka fleeing from the spot. He asks them about Ashoka. The main soldier shares everything with Acharya RG. Acharya wants to know where Antiocus took Ashoka too but the soldier has no idea.

Kaurvaki puts herbs over Ashoka’s wounds. He is in very much pain. He says Ma. He was Ma’s murderer. Let me go. She stops him and keeps his head in her lap. He wants to punish his mother’s culprits. She cries seeing his condition. You will take revenge from Ma’s culprits. We will take revenge. He is in a semi conscious state. She goes to get lep for him.

Acharya RG says I failed Guru ji. I failed Ashoka. How do I even apologize to my motherland?

Siamak and Antiocus drink together. Siamak thanks him for his timely help. Antiocus praises him for what he did for Unan. Chandragupta and Chanakya closed this door and kept Unani’s away from Magadh. You opened it thereby giving us the access to Magadh. Unan’s will rule India. Unan will be indebted to you always. You did what Nicator and Helena couldn’t do. You are real Unani. You will become our King. You will sit on Magadh’s throne. Lasendra hears them. Ashoka lost. I lost my last hope. How to take revenge for my husband’s death? Antiocus brings her forward. It wouldn’t have been possible without her. She should be prized for that. She should get to spend some time with the one who will rule India in future. He goes with Lasendra. Siamak decides to make sure Sushim lives to see him sitting on Magadh’s throne. He might die because of that insult, just like Ashoka must be dying right now.

Jagannath angrily throws things away. why cannot she remember she is Kalinga’s queen? It is also a disrespect to Kalina and its citizens. Why she forgets that our actions set example for citizens? Is she setting the right example for citizens? Does she have no responsibility towards them? She still cannot understand this. She is making us look down time and again by helping or going after that Daasi-putra. I have no option left now. His wife tries to stop him but in vain.

Garud licks Ashoka’s hand.

Diya is about to blow off but Devi covers it. Is Ashoka in some problem? She chants Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for Ashoka’s well being.

Ashoka opens his eyes and notices Garud next to him. He looks at the holy thread in his hand and tries to sit up. On the other hand, Devi continues her prayers for Ashoka. Kaurvaki returns but does not see Ashoka. You are not in the condition! I will pray for your victory.

Ashoka is on his way to Takshshila.

Precap: Ashoka kills Siamak thinking about all the ways Siamak harmed his loved ones till date.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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