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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sushim and his troops are right outside the gates of Takshshila’s palace. SIamak looks at him from the boundary. Sushim compliments him on his victory. You left me surprised. Why do you stand behind closed doors though? I came from far to hug you, to meet you but you aren’t opening doors. Siamak refuses to fall in his fake love. I know you since childhood. Keep this act to yourself. You can fool Bindusar with it not me. It will be good if you return to where you have come from. Don’t you remember how you were about to lose out in the competition so you stabbed me in my back? Be assured. I am still good like that only. I wont stab you in the back like I did. Sushim smiles. You again proved me I think right about you. You do anything but will remain a kid always, a kid who


needs guidance at every step. You aren’t at fault though. It became your habit to hold someone’s hand and walk. First it was your mother, then your Uncle Justin, then Mir, Nictor, Rajmata, then Lasendra and now it is Antonio. But till when? Grow up and do something on your own. I trust you on that. I understand your potential finally. You did what I couldn’t do till date. I brought a proposal for you which is beneficial for both of us only. We should join hands to kill Ashoka. Afterwards, we will get hold of Magadh and divide Magadh in two parts. Enemy’s enemy is your friend. We are brothers after all. Siamak asks him how he should trust him. Sushim suggests entering inside without any of his weapons or soldiers. Neither you nor I will try to harm each other. Sushim steps down from the horse. Soldiers keep their swords down. Mahamatya walks next to Sushim till the main door.

Ashoka says I feel it will take time to reach Takshshila with such a big army. I guess I should take a handful of them and move ahead. Acharya RG nods.

Siamak and Sushim walk up to each other. Sushim asks him if he wont hug his brother. Such distance is not good for brothers. I agree that I shot an arrow at you in childhood but back then, our enemy was not same. Things will change only if we will hug and move ahead. They share a forced hug even though Mahamatya tries to stop Sushim. Unan army kills all the soldiers who had come with Sushim. Mahamatya runs away. Siamak attacks Sushim who holds the bare sword with his hand. Charu begins to bleed from her mouth. Chanda rushes to her in concern.

Sushim says you have got this streak of cheating from your mother. Now I wont have any issue in kill you! Siamak attack him. Sushim also finds a sword and they engage in sword fight. Sushim says I made a mistake by only cutting your fingers. I should have killed you instead. Siamak manages to hit him but his wounds heal up on their own. Sushim also hurts Siamak.

Ashoka tells Garud to speed up. Delay of every second is an insult to the sacrifice made by mother.

Soldiers surround Sushim upon Siamak’s instructions. All of Sushim’s soldiers get killed by the hands of Unan soldiers. Lasendra aims her sword at Mahamatya’s neck. Ashoka will be happy to find all his enemies at one place. Mahamatya looks at her in shock.

Sushim fights with Unan soldiers bravely. Siamak shoots an arrow on his leg. Sushim falls down because of the same and removes the arrow. By then, the soldiers throw ropes around his neck from all the sides. Sushim tries to fight but falls down eventually. Siamak stomps his foot at Sushim’s back and stabs at his hand twice using an arrow.

Ashoka is near Takshshila. He tells his soldiers to keep moving. We are near our destination.

Sushim is hung upside down. Mahamatya is also tied to a nearby pillar. Siamak says I want to see you die every moment like you used to torture me in childhood. You are a fool. You hurt not just me but everyone who was near you. With your every passing breath, you would want to die fast but I wont let it happen. I wont let you die an easy death. Mahamatya begs to be spared. I am not at fault here. Siamak reminds him how he is an equal partner in Sushim’s every sin. You chose him over me. every person has to pay the price for his choices. Unan commander come to inform Siamak that Ashoka is very near. Siamak goes out with him to check on Ashoka. Mahamatya remarks that Ashoka is coming here as their hope for the first time.

Commander gets a signal from one of the soldiers. I heard Bindu is a fool but this is his biggest mistake to send Ashoka here alone with such a small number of people. Siamak speaks of how Ashoka won Takshshila from Kichak in the age of 14 years. I allowed Sushim in but I cannot do the same with Ashoka. Tighten security. Get ready for war.

A soldier offers water to Ashoka. Ashoka talks to him about the fight. They stop on the outskirts of Takshshila. Ashoka recalls fighting Kichak 10 years ago. He touches the dirt to his head. I apologize for letting the enemies step their feet here even when he is alive. I assure you I will end everyone and establish dharma and justice once again.

Siamak and Unan’s commander look down at Ashoka.

Ashoka moves ahead with his troops. He notices the flag on the boundary and remembers the jewel incident. Siamak’s soldiers shoot arrows at Ashoka’s army. Ashoka and his soldiers ward them off.

Precap: Ashoka sets fire to the flag used by Siamak. He gets over the boundary and sets his flag in place. He next shouts Siamak angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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