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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bindu breathes heavily. Such a big truth! He holds his chest and falls down. Ashoka says father and realises he has been dreaming. It cannot be. Bindu asks him what he wants to say. Ashoka replies that Siamak cannot join hands with Unani’s. I wont let Magadh go in their hands. Bindu says I understand what you are saying but cannot understand why Unani’s have agreed to support him. Ashoka reasons that it maybe because Rajmata used to support Unani too. Maybe it is because of her that the Unani’s have joined hands with Siamak. Acharya RG shares that Antonio has reached already. He can open the doors anytime. We should attack asap. Ashoka tells them against it. If I am right then Sushim would have become alert hearing this message. We will plan our next move


Sushim is surprised

as to how Siamak got Antonio support him. Charu says maybe it is because of Helena. He learnt something from her after all. Sushim feels there is something more than what are able to see here. I want to find out that reason. Mahamatya suggests Sushim not to go to Takshshila. Your aim is Patliputra. You should ready your army in the jungle and then head to Takshshila. Sushim reprimands him for not thinking of Ashoka and Samrat. Think how beneficial it would be for me to get the support of Siamak’s army, Unan and the army at Chanda’s place. Mahamatya still talks against this idea. Why do you want to risk your life by going to Takshshila? It might be Samrat and Ashoka’s plan to trap you. Sushim angrily says your words wont change my decision. I haven’t seen a coward like you. This is why you have lost to Chanakya always. I will have to join hands with Siamak.

Acharya RG tells Ashoka that he was right. The news has reached Sushim and he is about to leave for Takshshila anytime now. Bindu asks if they should let the brothers unite. It can create problem for us. Ashoka knows they can never be together. If Siamak wanted Sushim’s support then he would
I am sure they will end up fighting with each other. We have to make use of the same. we have to instigate Sushim by sending him an official letter. He will be upset after reading the letter and go to meet Siamak. We will get time to ready our army. Bindu finds this plan risky. I wont let you go. I have lost Dharma. I cannot lose you. Ashoka says I failed in saving my mother but I will do anything and everything that I have to do to save my motherland. Be assured. This time even death will have to wait! He walks away.

Sushim reads a letter from Bindu. You have the last chance to repent. Siamak has opened doors for Unani to enter inside Magadh. If you succeed in bringing Siamak back here then I will forgive you for all your past misdeeds. Mahamatya is sure it is Samrat and Ashoka’s plan to trap you. We shouldn’t do this. We don’t even know who our real enemy is. Sushim says I know what I have to do. I have made Siamak dance to my tunes since childhood. Mahamatya tries to object but Sushim does not let him. Make preps to go to Takshshila. Mahamatya thinks he has lost his mind and is only heading to their destruction.

The Craftsman shows a jewellery design to Ashoka. The diamond fits perfectly in the design. It is from Unan. Ashoka demands to know the name. The guy takes Siamak’s name all scared. Ashoka thinks of the situation ten years ago and now. He dismisses the craftsman. Count your last breaths now Siamak. This time there wont be Chand Ashoka before you but your Kaal (death)!

Ashoka addresses his army and boosts their morale for the upcoming fight. We don’t know how many problems, enemies we will have to face. We don’t even know if we will get to live afterwards. We know that enemies have disrespected our motherland. They want to snatch it from us. We wont let it happen. We will prove ourselves to them. The cheers of Jai Janani echo everywhere.

Sushim reaches Takshshila with Mahamatya and his troop. They see the dead bodies lying everywhere. Mahamatya says if a few handful Unani’s can do this much destruction then think what will happen when entire Unani army will be here. Sushim does not find that necessary. You only need emotions to strike a deal with Siamak.

Ashoka offers flowers to his the imprint of his mother’s feet. He ties a ribbon on his hand. I will surely punish your culprit mother. I will give him such a painful death that history wont forget his pain ever. He tugs at the close tight to seek her blessings. He hears his mother calling out for him and looks around. Tears well up in his eyes as he touches the cloth to his head. He turns and notices Devi standing with the puja thaal in her hand. She does his tilak and aarti. I will pray that you win. She looks down. He takes aarti and then keeps his hand before turning to go. She stops him and hugs him. Ashoka holds her too. She tells him to succeed and come back soon. He agrees and wipes her tears as they part.

Bindu and Vit also come in. Ashoka says I want to tell you something before I leave. I had a doubt on that since long but I wanted to clear all my doubts before telling you. Bindu tells him not to talk in riddles. Ashoka shares that Ma dint die naturally. She was killed. BIndu and Vit are shocked. He narrates everything to them in mute. This diamond from Unan belongs to Siamak. Bindu says Siamak can fall so low! His low acts hint at the fact that he does not have my blood in his veins. Ashoka seeks his blessings so he can avenge for his mother’s death. Bindu blesses him. Don’t leave the culprits of your mother alive. Ashoka nods. He hugs Vit next. Remember what I told you? Vit nods. I remember you said that when you are not with us then I have to look after motherland and Ma. He points out that Bhabhi is also like mother. Don’t worry. I will take care of Ma, motherland and father. Be victorious. Ashoka nods. He picks up his sword and heads out.

Precap: Unan soldiers catch Sushim. Charu begins to bleed from her mouth as Siamak hurts SUshim. Ashoka is near Takshshila. Siamak looks at him from the boundary wall.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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