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CAS can’t go off air !!!!!

Hi friends!
I am back after my exams…… I hope u all r fine….. I am very happy after my exams, hope all of ur exams r finished…….
But for all the fans of CAS, I would like to inform u all a very sad news!!!

CAS will go off air!!!
It seems the low TRPs bothering the channel and the production house has been told to wind it up by mid-October. It’s not been decided that which show will replace it.
Many say the chemistry between Mohit sir and Soumya mam did not work at all, well I am one of them (not to hurt anyone). In fact, Pallavi mam was hugely loved for her sincere portrayal of the loving and idealistic Dharma.

It’s really very sad news for all of us. Though many of us hated the show for its illogical story and for dragging it, but still we all loved the show very much.
The actors were fab except some….
And it is a very bad thing that other shows like Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Badhu and Uddan were and are running though only a few saw and see. Whereas many people see CAS and those people really love the show very very much. My colony’s many people are its lover. And there will be many more families and colonies where people love CAS a lot…….
And 1 more thing is that CAS has only runned for 2 years whereas many other low TRP serials are and have run for many years.
And the most important thing, the main story of Ashoka’s life has only started now, the whole story is left…..Only a few days ago Ashoka grew up and became Chand-ashoka…… The serial should not go off air until and unless it covers at least its 3rd year and the whole story of Ashoka!!!!!
I hope all of u feel the same…….


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