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Can’t u see me… I m the one u searching for – By Ritzi

Hi guys….just got freedom from my exams…yippeeeee
An fs was revolving in my mind since my first paper I thought to try it out donno how it is but pls do comment na

So lets start the roller coaster ride
The camera shows a view of a big and lavish college campus. It has a huge garden we can see sm love birds engrossd in their private talks where as sm are engrossed with their friends . We now move on to a classroom, no teacher can be seen , sm are busy in studies whereas sm are busy stalking their crush. In short all are busy in their own work .
“how dare you…you ugly pig” a girl’s voice is heard
“how dare me? How dare you …..you anaconda” another voice is heard this a tym the voice is gruff
Listening the word anaconda the girl’s mouth widens up
“you…you called me anaconda…wait i…”
“ye lo ab anaconda ko anaconda nhi bolenge toh kya chachundar (mouse) bolenge”
The whole class is getting disturbed by their talks but their expressions shows tht its their daily routine.
“oh mister u don’t know me…I m twinkle…twinkle taneja…punjabi patakha with beauty and brains” (missing ths dialouge yaar) said twinkle
“I don’t know u??? hahaha I very well know u miss chid chid….u knw tu kitni badi galat fehmi mei jeeti hai? “ said the boy
“kya…kya misunderstanding ?”
“look it’s an universal truth tht an anaconda cannot look beautiful” said the boy
“again? Again you called me tht….u knw wht ur a langoor (monkey)”
“oh hello miss…whatever I m kunj…kunj sarna the great okay…jispe pura college marta hai”kunj said
“haan haan….ekdum correct….ladkiyaan tumhari shakal dekhkar hi mar jati hogi..u ugly pig” said twinkle
“how dare you?” said kunj
Nd the very next moment the world war three started….twinkle pulling kunj’s hair whereas kunj pulling twinkle’s hair
“OH NO …NOT AGAIN” shouted the whole class just then chinki nd mihir came and started to pull twinj apart from eo who were still engrossed in pulling eachothers hair
“stop it…stop it u both” said chinki still making frantic efforts to free thm”
“no chinki aaj mai is langoor ko nhi chodungi” said twinkle


On the other hand mihir was trying too to free kunj “kunj chodd de yaar” he said “never…aaj toh ye anaconda maregi” said kunj
“kunjjjjj…stop calling me tht”
Nd they continued to fight
Its been 5 minutes ….now tht whole class is seen making efforts to separate them…all the girls are helping chinki nd all the boys are helping mihir.
“I cant take this anymore” thought an exhausted chinki
“STOPPPPPPPPP” said chinki shouting her lungs out
The whole class stopped bcus of her voice…expect the two angry birds..hehe
“nhi chinki I m not gonna leave hi..” said twinkle
“twinkle tujhe sidhant gupta ki kasam ruk ja” chinki made her final move
Without even thinking for a second twinkle stopped…now it was not a difficult task to stop kunj
“chinki yaar….i hate you” said twinkle feeling defeated
“oh just shut up twinkle…u knw half of the noise pollution is just bcus of u two”said chinki
“ya exactly….mr. kunj sarna nd ms.twinkle taneja…will u both be kind enough to tell us the reason for your fight” said mihir
“arre mihir…you know wht…” said twinj together
“I will tell” again at the same time
“kunj u shut up..i will say”
“no…he is my friend I will tell him” said kunj
“so wht…I will sa…”
“twinkle tujhe sidhant gupta ki kasam..now keep yr mouth shut” said kunj
Twinkle started giving death glares to chinki for exposing her one nd only weak point
Kunj smirked “accha so mihir…I was saying tht…” he stopped in the middle “oh shit..i forgot y were we fighting”he thought to himslef

A cheesy fake smile took over his lips “I was thinking tht….twinkle y don’t u only tell him the reason aftr all ladies first u know” said kunj to which twinkle smirked
“ab aaya na uth pahad ke niche…oh sorry sorry ab aaya na pig pahad ke niche” said twinkle with a victorious smile
“haan so mihir actually kya hua ki…..” “oh damn…I forgot y were we fighting” a similer thought ran in twinkle’s mind
“no no kunj…he is yr frnd…u only tell him” said twinkle with the same cheese on her smile as tht of kunj
“no u say” said kunj
“no u say” said twinkle
“ARRE I TOLD U NA U SAY” said twinkle banging her hands on the desk
“I ALSO TOLD NA…THT U SAY” said kunj repeating the actions of twinkle
“oh shut up guys” shouted chinki
“you know wht mihir they actually don’t know tht reason abt their fight…its just tht fighting is their cup of tea….nd they cannot stay without eachother” said chinki
“AYE” shouted twinj on chinki for her last lines
“accha sorry..autocorrect…they cannot stay without fighting with eachother” said chinki
“I cant srsly believe tht u guys were fighting bcus of no reason since past an half an hour” said mihir
To which twinj bowed down their their heads giving sign of their agreement
The whole class looked them with a daredevil types eyes for disturbing them nd tht too without any reason

To be continued….

So guys how was it uh? Fingers crossed
Pls drop down yr comments yaar…I really need them to continue

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