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Broken heart:But still it beats for you my ladoo (raglak) epi-4

Sry guys I promised to back on Tuesday even. But what to do yesterday our clg bus met with accident but god grace no one got injured.
Thank u guys for d warm response. Plz wait sm more tym entire past will be unfold informs of u people. Its a short ff. Thanks for d silent readers also.

Let’s start our story


After few minutes ragini was in her Laksh room. Nothing has changed in a these 3 years. Everything was just perfect like as always hw wanted to be. Her eyes become moist to c d most important part of her life. Her laksh’s
room. Once she was supposed to live here as his wife his soulmate but everything got ruined in a blink of eyes. She still feels his presence nd fragrance in room. Everything here havesh d special LAKSH touch. She touch his photo right above his king size bed nd stood infront of it.

( ragini, with tears) where r u laksh? U r ladoo is dying to c u plz laksh at least give ur ladoo one chance to ask for ur forgiveness. I know I don’t deserve a second chance. Once I will meet u I promise I will never back to laksh. I betrayed u in d name of love. I couldn’t keep my promise. Sry laksh. I have failed as a over. I know u nd I will never be one. Am least cm back to papa. I had a reason for my silence on that nyt. But I know it’s lym excuses after I ran away from responsibility. I can’t even ask forgiveness from u laksh. Laksh ur ladoo is dying in guilt day by day. Plz forgive me if u can laksh

She cried her heart out nd fell on her knees. After she slowly stood up nd layer on d bed. She filled her soul with his presence nd closed her eyes. Beautiful memories of their love slowly hitted her head

Raglak were laying in each other’s embrace in his room. He whisked her away from family members after sanky’s most precious gift.

(ragini) laksh hw could u be able to kiss me infront of ma papa
(laksh) I couldn’t control cing ur shocked face.
( ragini) laksh this is my best gift ever in my life. I just want to be with u in my whole life.
Only death can
Before she could speak further she felt pair of rough lips on her rosy lips. She pressed her hard on d bed nd bite her lower lip. She gasped in pain nd he pressed her waist to calm her

(laksh) don’t dare to talk abt death.
He got up nd sat. She to got up nd holder his hand but her here off
( ragini) sry laksh.
He was not paying any heed to her.
She back hugged me nd kissed on his shoulder.
He didn’t move a bit. She made him turn nd kissed near his chest.
(ragini) sry
Laksh didn’t show any emotion. She slowly kissed near his lips. He grabbed d opertunity kissed her lips nd pressed her waist. Both fell on bed without breaking d kiss. He slowly started kiss her neck,then shoulder while ragini was clutching d sheet.
He slowly parted away nd looked at ragini who had tightly closed eyes. He smiled a bit nd lay dwn near her nd dragged her to chest

(laksh, whispered) sleep fast, I will not be saint man if u keep on blushing. I can’t hold more.

Ragini hits his chest nd hug him tightly.
( ragini) everything will be fine na laksh. I didn’t know why I am feeling like smthng bad is going to happen

(laksh) oh my drama queen. Nothing will happen until we r together

(ragini) I want to like this for eternity
(laksh) I think we will fit in a single room in a single bed under a single quilt hena ladooo
( ragini) chiiii.
Laksh laughs loud nd kisses her forehead

Its swasan haldi ceremony after cmptng haldi ritual nw everyone is playing with haldi. Laksh was sitting far as he doesn’t like any stain on his dress. He was looking Dam handsome in his white kurta nd pyjama. He was busy in his phone while ragini took this as chance nd applied haldi on his face nd runway.

(laksh) ragini ki bachi. Aj tho the khyre nahi.
He started to chase her. He throw sm haldi on her but it fell on dp’s face as she bend away. They were running like tom nd jerry in house. And all family was adoring their cute fight. Ragini ran upstairs. She got in to laksh room. Before she could close d door he too entered nd smirked at her.
He cm closer to her as she was moving backwards. She hitted d bed nd fell dwn by pulling laksh along with her. Laksh was on top her

(ragini, eye closed) laksh plz don’t do this. Am ur pyaari ragu na. Plz leave me
He was memorized to c her. He cm back to reality after hearing her voice. He smirked at her nd applied d haldi on his face which is in her hand.
The he slowly took of her pallu from her belly nd carresed her belly with his cheeks where as ragini clutched d bed sheet. He kissed her belly button nd slowly moved upward nd he applied haldi on her cheek nose tip by rubbing his cheek to her.
He slowly moved towards her nd captured her lips. Their trance were broke when some called out ragini’s name.

It was arunoday. Ragini decided to check on her lucky. She got In his room but couldn’t find
him. She peeped in d bathroom as d door was open.
As soon as she ended she shouted loudly
(ragini) ahhhhhhhhhh
She turned
(ragini) can’t u wear ur dress
Laksh grabbed d towel nd wrapped himself i with it as he was in birth suit. Ragini entered just when he was going to wear his dress

(laksh) r u gone nuts can’t u just knock d door
(ragini) don’t yell at me.
Can’t u close door while having bath
She was abt turn
(laksh) don’t u dare to turn. Get out right nw
(ragini) am going . Am not interested to watch u in ur
(laksh) stop right there. Don’t dare to make fun of me
Get out right nw
Ragini giggled nd we out were as laksh felt embraced he patted his head

(laksh) dump lucky. Can’t u just lock d door. Shaadi ke phase saari suspense khatam ho gayaa.
He smiled at him
********** flashback ends

After a long gap of 3 years ragini fell in deep sleep with out her regular sleeping pills. She felt his warmth nd she cuddled to her laksh in dreams.

Screen freeze on ragini’s peaceful sleeping face

Sry guyss for being little naughty today. Hope u people will like it. Plz sry for typos nd I will add laksh scene in next epi

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