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Swara-R u going to keep doing that??
Sanskar-Doing what???
Swara-Make references to our night together.
Sanskar-I thought that’s why we were here.?
Swara-You’r mistaken.We’re here to catch up,not talk about the past.
Sanskar-I don’t think we can have one without other.
Swara-You’re mistaken again.?


He fell quiet & his silent observation caused a curious sensation to settle in her stomatch.
Sammy made her feel on edge & she had a sudden urge to scoot her chair back.
The square table b/w them no longer seemed adequate.

Sanskar-R u telling me u don’t think about it?
Swara-What it was like that first night?

She’d thought about it offen & had unfairely compared all her first dates & every other man to him over the years.They invariably fell short.Hard to believe how one night changed her life so much.
She shrugged,pretending a nonchalance she was far from feeling.

Swara-Every now & again.
He leaned forward

Heat burned her cheeks,& he couldn’t see embarrassment.???

Swara-What do u want me to say?
Sanskar-I want u to admit that u think about it often,becoz I do.I have yet to meet a woman who measures up to u.The memory is as vivid as if it had been yesterday.I remember taking u to dinner & u wore that bluish coloured dress from work.??

Teal (small freshwater),she corrected in her head.She remembered what he wore,too.He’d dressed up to impress her.??

Sanskar-I remember the look on ur face when I pulled up in front of the restaurant.
Swara-It was a nice restaurant.& a very expensive one,too.
His unwavering gaze held hers?
Sanskar-U were worth every coin & more.??

Precap-Flashback continues.

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