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Part 8

Swara-How long u lived in Mumbai??

Sanskar-I moved here a few yrs ago.I’m a member of a few woidworking & custom furniture organizations.Someone in one of my networks heard about an owner selling his woodworking shop on the west end.It included the shop, the warehouse & all the tools & machinery.After living in Mumbai all my life,I wanted to leave & experience something different.I came to inspect the place & liked what I saw.The location was right,& the workers were anxious to please because they didn’t want to lose their jobs.I had a CPA inspect the books,& after the seller turned over his list of clients to me,I bought the place.

Swara-So u really did stay in custom furniture?
Sanskar-I was never cut out to sit in an office behind a desk.I need a scraper in my hand & a buzz of a power saw or sander in my head.The noise from the machines & the dust like heaven to me.(I know its really boring? but kya karein some people really like their work,same as our Sammy…Workoholic?)
Somethings r as enjoyable as building something from scratch.To consult with a client & take a product from concept & create a useable piece of furniture-well,there’s nothing else like it.Of course being in this kind of business wreaks havoc on ur hands.

He looked down at his palms.His hands had been lightly calloused in London from working on a farm most of his life & then as a woodworking apprentice.She’d never minded it,though.

Swara-Congratulations on ur success.☺
Sanskar-Congratulations r in order for u,too.Laksh told me u opened a boutique.?

(Journey of Swara’s life till now)
When she’d met Sammy,she’d finished school & worked at Saks Fifth Avenue,as she had every summer since her freshman year expert when she went to London.
It had been her last summer with the company & they’d wanted to hire her on permanently,but she’d had other plans.She learned everything she could from them,the entire time thinking about her dream of one day opening her own store.
Nursing the wounded heart but determined to succeed,she’d opened a boutique named ‘U r Beauty’ a little over a year after moving to Mumbai.She chose a village as location,a major commercial district un the city.The astronomical lease initially caused her concern,but she’d made the right decision becoz the location turned out to be perfect,bringing in the time of clientele she longed to worked with & who appreciated the designer clothing from New York & Paris.
Her success had even surprised her,but she probably wouldn’t have accomplished what she had so quickly if it weren’t for what had happened b/w her & Sammy.She’d put all her time & energy into the store,working hard to forget him & his lies,slicing in half her timetable to open the boutique.

(Back to the BLIND DATE?)
The waitress arrived with the drinks & the soups.
Swara-Thank u?
About to dig in when she felt Sammy’s gaze on her & saw the longings in his eyes.Her insides twisted painfully.?
Sanskar-Do u remember our first night together????

She moistened her lips with her tongue but regretted it when he zeroed on her mouth.Taking in a slow deep breath,she wiped her damp palms on the napkin in her lap.???

How was the part???
I know it’s a boring one but what to do it is needed to describe their professional life till now

When & where did they spent their first night together???
Why Swara was sad & crying thinking about that???
To know Wait for the next part,till then keep guessing??

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